25 reasons why you should visit Paris in Winter 2022

25 reasons why you should visit Paris in Winter 2022 

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If you wonder if you should visit Paris in Winter, the answer is YES, absolutely!


I know that traveling to Paris in winter may not sound like the most obvious thing to do at first. But I assure you that winter opens up an entirely new set of awesome activities in Paris, and you will have the most wonderful time.

After reading this article, you’ll be perfectly set up for your winter trip to Paris. You’ll know what shouldn’t be missing in your luggage, what to expect from Paris during wintertime and most important, you will learn about the best things to do in Paris in winter.


Key Take Aways for your Paris Trip in Winter

❄️  cold and humid, but rarely freezing. Expect short showers, but as well sun.

🎟️  Book your tickets in advance. Even if it’s shoulder season, most sights sell out quickly! Especially these:

🛍️  With Christmas sales, Black Friday, and the general January sales, and Fashion Week in Mars, winter is fantastic for shopping!


Don’t get me wrong, winter does have its downsides, though. Undeniably, it’s rather cold, often rainy, and night sets in early. However, this means as well, that you have plenty of occasions to enjoy the illuminated city, spend time in restaurants and cozy cafés, stroll through museums and browse the shops.

You are traveling to Paris in December? Make sure not to miss our Post about Paris in December to get lots of Christmas-themed inspiration for your next trip.


Café de Flore in Winter - The Cafés are open in Paris in Winter
The Café de Flore in Paris – a unique and iconic place, as well in Winter


And there are a few more reasons to visit Paris in Winter: It’s less crowded, you are more likely to find cheaper hotel deals and most important: the Christmas season in Paris is magical. Some even consider winter the best time to visit Paris. 



Paris is Winter – A quick guide to your winter trip to Paris!

When is winter in Paris? Winter starts officially on the 21st of December. However, usually, when traveling to Paris during wintertime, consider November as well. Not without reason – the cold season has already started, and so has the Christmas season. Christmas starts in Paris in November! The city is beautifully illuminated in Christmas lights, and Christmas markets are open as well.


Just keep in mind that Christmas holiday time as well for the French – schools close shortly before Christmas and don’t open again until early January. While winter is generally shoulder season in Paris, Christmas is the high season!

Good reads for your next trip to Paris:


Average temperatures and rainfall in Paris during winter

It can get chilly in Paris, without a question. However, December is usually milder than January and February, even though more humid. Temperatures in winter are on average between 3°- 9°C  (37°- 48°F). But, I already experienced temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F)  and as high as 15°C (59°F)! If you are visiting Paris in March, you can expect milder temperatures.


Can you expect snow in Paris in winter? No, I am sorry! Snow in Paris is extremely rare, even in Paris in the winter time. It is simply rarely cold enough, so even if it snows, it won’t stay but transforms into gray mud within minutes. Within the past 15 years, I remember only 3 times when we were granted snow that actually stayed – one time was at Easter!

beautiful Paris in winter: Paris in the snow - Paris in winter. Will there be snow in Paris in Winter?
This picture was taken a few years ago, and it was one of the VERY few times that I’ve witnessed snows in Paris


What do you need to pack for your Winter trip to Paris? Keeping in mind that the temperatures mentioned above are averages, you absolutely need to pack winter gear! A hat, scarf, fleece jacket, and even potentially long undergarments if you plan to stay longer outside: temperatures can fall far under 0°C (32°F). However, try to dress in layers, though – it’s often hot inside.


Winter days are short in Paris! On the shortest days, the sun is not rising before 8:45 am, and it can be dark well before 5 pm.


But even though Paris’ winter will be cold, and probably often gray, wet, and windy, don’t worry! There are so many things to do in Paris, that whether you travel to Paris during the Winter or Summer, you will never run out of activities.

Check the following 33 ideas to know the best things to do in Paris during winter


Don’t Travel to Paris without Insurance!

Before traveling to Paris, make sure that you have Travel Insurance! I recommend getting a FREE quote from World Nomads. They are my go-to travel insurance and cover as well many COVID-19-related events.

What are the best things to do in Paris in winter?

Traveling to Paris is always a fantastic experience, and winter is especially magical! We collected the best ideas for your trip to Paris, that are perfect for your winter adventure. Know exactly about the best things to do in France in Winter!


Luxory shopping in Paris - Paris in Winter, decorations at Place Vendome,
Place Vendôme in Paris – a good address if you want to spend serious money


Plan ahead for the top sights!

Before you dive in and get inspired, I want to stress that it is almost mandatory for many activities in Paris to purchase your admission in advance. I know, it kills a bit the spontaneous, easy-going holiday vibe. But there are a few reasons why you should book your tickets in advance

  1. Popular sights like the Eiffel Tower or the Catacombs book out weeks in advance
  2. Covid-19 and social distancing measurements limit visitor numbers. To comply, most sights require prebooking.
  3. Some ticket booths on site are closed or require you to queue for hours

Hence, I strongly recommend reserving your entrance tickets in advance to avoid disappointment and /or wasting time queuing.

Below, you find the sights that you definitely need to book in advance. For your convenience, I added a link to my most trusted ticket provider:


You also can purchase tickets directly on the sights homepages. However, the downside is that they usually don’t have a cancellation policy. While reserving your Paris tickets with get your guide grants you a 24h cancel and refund policy.



33 Ideas for your trip to Paris in the winter

Now that you are covered with everything you need to know when traveling to France in winter, let’s move on to the most interesting question: What are the best things to do in Paris in Winter?

The indispensables that belong on every winter bucket list: 


Put the skates on! – Go ice skating at the most famous locations in Paris

During the winter season, some ice skating rinks are installed all around town, and it’s one of the best winter activities in Paris during winter.

The ice skating rink at the Christmas Market at the Tuileries Garden is open from the 20th of November, and so is the little rink up the Galeries Lafayette. The latter is free of charge; however, it is not the usual ice but a kind of artificial surface you slide on.


ice skating rink in Paris - Grand Palais, things to do in Paris in the winter
Le Grand Palais des Glaces Crédit photo Didier Lefèvre – Groupe Ludéric Patinoire – unfortunately it doesn’t seem to happen in 2021


Take a Seine River Cruise: a great way to stay warm and to enjoy Paris during Winter

Click here directly to see all available tours and prices for the Seine River Cruise

Despite all the clichés, a cruise on the Seine is a VERY nice thing to do and probably one of the most romantic things to do in Paris during the cold season. The view on the illuminated city by night will take away your breath!

I lived in Paris for years when I took finally a Bateau Mouche and the change of perspective was simply wonderful. Plus, you can sit comfy and warm inside. You could even have dinner there! (click here to know more about our own River Seine Cruise experience)


Take a Macaron baking class

Click here to see all the available baking classes in Paris

Winter is the best time for baking, and there is no place better than Paris for you to learn how to bake delicious and tender Macarons. There are many cooking schools in Paris that are offering this skill, but you find the best here:



Visit all the museums in Paris

For convenient visits and free entrances to most of the Parisian museums, the Paris Museums Pass is your best choice. Click here for more information. Or check which of the best art galleries in Paris you want to visit to see if the Museums Pass is worth it. 

Visiting a museum is an obvious activity when the weather isn’t great. Luckily, there are plenty of great museums in Paris. So many, that you will have a hard time choosing: The Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Picasso Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Panthéon, the Pinault Collection..  just to name a few.

However, you should purchase your tickets in advance, especially for the Louvre. The ticket queues can be a real-time taker, or depending on the Covid situation even closed! Click here for tickets and rates and reserve your spot.

Tip for visiting the Louvre: Don’t take the outside entrance at the glass pyramid – the waiting times are always longer. Head instead to the underground entrance at the Carrousel du Louvre.  It will be warmer as well while waiting for the security check!  (If you wonder though if it’s cold in the Louvre during winter.. it isn’t!)

The Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay are obvious choices when looking for museums in Paris, but did you hear about those?


Louvre in Winter - the Tuileries are open during Winter in Paris and are a great place for a walk if you are looking for things to do in Paris in Winter
The Tuileries Garden in Paris – The weather can be so sunny, but you see that it’s actually freezing. A lovely day!


If you’re on a budget, don’t miss our guide on free museums in Paris!

I recommend to look into the 2-day Paris Museum Pass that grants you “Skip the Line” access to more than 60 Parisian Museums and activities (Louvre and Musée d’Orsay included) – it’s paying off as soon as you visit 2 museums with priority access: it’s a really good value for money and time, especially if you are only a few days in town! Check here for rates or check out Kasey’s review on the Museums Pass.


≡ take some “me time” at a Spa

There is really nothing better on a cold and rainy Parisian winter day than spending a few relaxing hours in a Spa. Personally, I have been a few times to the Lush Spa and I liked it a lot. You need to book quite in advance though and, well, you need to like the scents of the cosmetic manufacture Lush.

For everyone else and also for the more spontaneous traveler, I can recommend Massage Concept.  It’s not as fancy but good value for money. I have been there once and I enjoyed it. The massage was good, the ambiance nice and the location very convenient in the very center of Paris.

For an authentic Hammam experience, you can also take a look at La Grande Mosquée in Paris.


see a cabaret show 

Visiting a cabaret show is one of the big 5 of Paris – a classic “must do” in Paris, especially in winter! Enjoy a show while having dinner and of course: Drink Champagne! Read our post about the best cabarets in Paris to know which one to visit!

Especially The Dinner Shows at the Moulin Rouge are very popular. Did you know that the more than 125 years old theater is the world’s biggest single buyer of Champagne?



take a sightseeing tour in a vintage Citroën 2CV!

Winter is not the best season for a classic hop on hop off tour with an open-roof bus (to be fair, there are closed ones though) but why not take advantage of the weather and opt into something special?

Take a private sightseeing tour in a vintage car! ! Click here for more info, rates, and options!


Winter in paris -



see the parades for the Chinese new year

The Asian quarter in Paris is the largest Chinatown in Europe. So obviously, there are parades for the Chinese new year. The biggest one takes place near Place d’Italie, be there early to get a good spot! Good to know: It’s one of the free things to do in Paris in winter.


Get enchanted at Disneyland Paris!

Get your Disneyland tickets right here

Winter in Disneyland Paris is just magical, and it comes two MASSIVE advantages when visiting in Winter: Beautiful Christmas decorations in December and shorter queues in January and February!  Plus, it is only a short 40-minute ride away from Paris, by direct train, of course! Click here for tickets.



explore the covered galleries during winter in Paris

Escape the rain and the cold with a stroll through the covered passages. Most of them are close by, so it’s really a good-themed walk through Paris on a wet day. (I found this excellent map a while back and did not find anything better since!)


indoor activity for Paris during winter time - visit the Galerie Vivienne, good if it's a cold winter paris
The Galerie Vivienne is a covered passage in the center of Paris and a good activity for rainy days in Paris


attend a reading at “Shakespeare and Company”

There are quite a few American book stores in Paris and most of them are hosting regular events like concerts or readings. Look into the programs of Shakespeare and Company,  there is always something going on. Even if your visit is not matching one of their sessions, the stores are well worth a visit!

Attend a reading in a bookstore - winter activities for Paris. The reading sessions are happening as well during winters in Paris
The bookstore Shakespeare & Company hosts readings and other events.


see a concert

it can be overtaxing to find a good gig, especially in a city like Paris with an uncountable number of venues, bars, and open mic sessions. Browse through the list of Parisian Venues and find the right place for you. Also have a look at the concert calendar, fnac.fr, or Ticketmaster 


have fun at a Pub Quiz

Are you wondering what to do in Paris at night when picnics at the Seine are not an option? Go to the Quiz!!! It’s a well-established tradition in Paris and you find Quiz Nights in basically all Irish, English, and Scottish pubs, but also in a handful of “not the UK themed” Bars. For example, at The Highlander on Sundays.



put on your coat and have a walk – a classic activity when visiting Paris in the winter season

Winter time in Paris is cold, but it’s not really crazy freezing. Put on a winter coat, a scarf, and maybe a bonnet, and you’re good to go outside to enjoy the humidity that will crawl up your legs and bones. Nah, don’t worry haha 🙂 Having a walk-in Paris along the Seine, the Bois de Boulogne, or Bois de Vincennes is always nice. Or just walk around Montmartre, the Père Lachaise cemetery, or the Marais. Just get outside, it’s worth it!


things to do in paris winter: a walk along the Seine in Winter in Paris. Just know that Paris winter night falls early and gets pretty chill
A cold winter walk along the Seine. I took this picture in February 2021 – one of the few occasions when we had snow


go shopping

Saying’ Paris is decent for shopping is a vast understatement. If the weather is not on your side, check out Les HallesLa Beaugrenelle, or Le 4 Temps at La Defense. Those are the big shopping malls in and around Paris. If you are at La Defense, you can also visit the Grand Arch!


sign up for an Escape Game

It’s not super cheap, and you have to book in advance, but it’s a great activity, and you have quite some choice in Paris. From Maya Temples, Haunted Manors, Submarines, Japan, Catacombs… you name it. You escape!

(Personally, I am a massive fan of escape rooms and I loved the Assassin’s Creed escape room and the Japan-themed one!)


take a swim at Aquaboulevard

Paris’ Number 1 water park:  artificial waves, 11 waterslides (some are outside though), wakeboard, and a Caribbean feeling. Aquaboulevard is a good way to spend a day in the warmth, especially if you are traveling to Paris with kids.


Floods in Paris - Floods in Paris in Winter
Floods are common in Paris in January or February.


have a hot Chocolate at Angelina

Hot chocolate is a remedy for many to counter the cold season. Enjoy it at Angelina; a classic Parisian tearoom. They are running a few tearooms in Paris, but usually, it’s quite popular. Think about reserving a table in advance.



visit an Aquarium

The Aquarium of Paris, just in front of the Eiffel Tower, is the largest in Paris. Apart from fish and more fish (in 43 fish tanks) you get the full program: workshops, movies, animations, shows, you can even pair your visit with a Sunday brunch. However, If this is blowing up your budget, you can visit as well the Aquarium Tropical in the Palais de la Porte Dorée. It’s maybe not as spectacular, but it offers everything that the Aquarium of Paris does; just on a smaller scale. For a fraction of the entrance fee (€8 and free admission for everyone under 26). Kill two birds with one stone: the Palais de la Porte Dorée hosts as well the National Immigration Museum (closed for works until fall 2022)


Enjoy a wine tasting 

France is  THE wine country (there is no need to argue about this with any French person!) and Paris is a great place to enjoy a wine tasting. Especially if it’s all cold and gray outside!

Click here to know which are the most popular wine tasting sessions in Paris and know more about their availabilities and rates.


Attend a wine tasting course in Paris - a perfect idea if you wonder what to do in Paris when it rains
Paris is a good place to attend a wine tasting, especially when it’s cold and rainy outside!


go wild on Paris’ winter sales in mid-January

No matter if you are preparing your shopping tour or just randomly checking out stores; Paris is THE city to hunt for good deals. Check your favorite stores a few days before the Sales begin. They are already prepped for the big day, and you will find all items that will be on sale hanging/laying together. Just get back there early on sales day and buy it at a reduced price 🙂


play Arcade Games at “La Tête dans les Nuages”

No matter if you are 5 or 50, everyone likes to play a pinball game from time to time, right? “La Tête dans les Nuages” is with more than 100 gaming terminals one of the biggest Arcade Center in Paris and a fun way to spend a (rainy) afternoon in Paris. Not only in winter 🙂 and not only for kids and teenagers!


Do you need more tips on how to entertain your children in Paris? Don’t miss my first-hand tips! Check out  my top 10 activities for kids 


take a cooking or pastry class in Paris!

What about a new skill as a souvenir from your Paris trip? Learn how to make Croissants, prepare a Magret de Canard, a Filet Mignon or know how to bake an authentic Baguette!

The countless Parisian cooking classes have for sure something for your taste (and to impress your friends back home!) How about a 3-course Lunch including wine and a market visit? Or maybe you are more up for learning how to bake Macarons?

For more Pastry Classes in Paris, you can check out this post or click here


Macaron making class in Paris
Learn how to bake delicious Macarons from a Parisian Chef


Play some board games at the “Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde”

Rainy days and board games are just a perfect match. Just head over to the Bar at the End of the Universe, have a Mario Bruschetta, a Death Star Cocktail, and pick a board game from their library. Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture on the Iron Throne or a Selfie with R2D2!


Go to the Movies

Yes, you could do that at home. But there is more to it than the big and modern cinemas like UGC, Cinema Gaumont or MK2. Paris has a variety of small and/or old movie theatres, that are worth experiencing. Have a look at the Cinema Luxor, Le Grand Rex or La Filmothèque du Quartier Latin. If you are not up for a French movie, check for VOST or VO to see a movie in the original language. Or what about a rather artistic approach to the cinema? Then you should not miss La Peniche Cinema.



Do you need more ideas for your upcoming winter trip to Paris? Or maybe ideas about how to spend those sunny, clear, and cold winter days? Browse through our 80 insider tips to explore Paris as a local would. Don’t miss our seasonal Paris guides, either, if you are unsure when it’s best to travel to Paris.


If you need any clarification about Paris or need some advice and how to plan your trip, don’t hesitate to reach out!  I created a Facebook group for this matter, and I am available to help you out! Click here to join the Salut from Paris Facebook group!


Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. This means – at no additional cost to you – I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. I am independent, and the opinions expressed here are my own.


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