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Finding the best neighborhood to stay in Paris.. that’s the challenge most Paris visitors are facing. And the struggle is real.

Even though Paris is not as gigantesque as New York or Bangkok, it’s almost as equally difficult to figure out in which arrondissement to stay in Paris. There is just too much choice and it’s not helping if you are a first-time Paris visitor and don’t know Paris geographically, yet. The excellent Metro system grants, of course, a maximum on mobility, however, there are of course neighborhoods that are more convenient than others when searching for the best location to stay in Paris.

So let’s answer the most important question for everyone who’s traveling to Paris:


What is the best hotel location in Paris? Where to stay in Paris?? 

I put together a top 3 list of areas to stay in Paris. The main criteria for this selection are the proximity to sights, transportation, and restaurants and bars within walking distance. But of course, all suggestions are safe areas to stay in in Paris and very important: they have a lot of flairs!


  • Montmartre
  • Marais
  • Quartier Latin


3. Montmartre


Montmartre is a hill in the 18th arrondissement of Paris that is mainly known for its artistic history. During the Belle Époche, many artists had studios in the area, including big names like Monet, Renoir, or Van Gogh!

Check our Montmartre guide to know more about this wonderful area!


Is Montmartre a good place to stay?

Is Montmartre one of the best hotel locations in Paris?

Definitely. Montmartre is one of those places in Paris, that really looks like… Paris. The Paris you know from romantic movies and posters. The Paris of Amélie. A Paris with tiny alleys, cobbled stoned streets, romantic squares, stairs, and a beautiful view. A part of Paris that did not change much during the last century and if you’re searching for the flair of past times, you’ll find it here.


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When you wonder where to stay in Paris France, Montmartre is an excellent choice!
Montmartre is one of the best areas to stay in Paris.

Why you should stay in Montmartre

  • It’s an iconic and authentic neighborhood
  • you are close to some of the most visited sights of Paris, including the Basilica Sacre Coeur and the Place de Tertre
  • Hotels are not as expensive as in many other districts of Paris
  • you’ll experience Montmartre in the morning and evening without the crowds
  • you are surrounded by many good restaurants and nice bars


Of course, Montmartre has a few downsides as well. It can become very crowded, especially on the weekends and it can be a bit rough around the edges. However, don’t worry about the latter, the hotels I am recommending are totally safe.


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What are the best hotels in Montmartre?


If you want to stay in Montmartre, the hotels below are your best options considering value for money, location safety, sights, and access to public transportation:


Luxury Option Maison Souquet

Maison Souquet - Paris MontmartreThe luxury hotel is set in a Parisian townhouse at the foot of Montmartre. It’s beautifully decorated in the Belle Époche style. However, the best features are the pool and the spa area, the latter is included in the price (1h)

The Maison Souquet also serves breakfast and you can enjoy drinks at the inhouse bar.


Upscale Option Hôtel des Arts Montmartre

Hotel des Arts Montmartre

The hotel is located greatly in the heart of Montmartre, close to the Sacre Coeur and with many restaurants and shops in direct proximity. Some rooms are providing you with a beautiful view over the roofs of Paris and Montmartre.
The next Metro is just a few minutes away and connects you with the rest of town.



Midrange Option Hôtel Littéraire Marcel Aymé

Best Western Plus Hôtel Littéraire Marcel Aymé, Paris, France

This hotel is conveniently located just a few minutes away from the Metro and the beautiful Sacre Coeur. The neighborhood is known for its high variety of restaurants, cafés, and shops. The superior king room has an especially beautiful view over Paris, including the Eiffel Tower! It’s a very popular hotel and often booked out!



Budget Option Regyn’s Montmartre

Hotel Regyn's Montmartre, Paris, France

This hotel is excellent located – right at the Metro station Abbesses and the “I love you wall”. The Sacre Coeur is just a quick walk away and the Hotel is surrounded by local restaurants and cafés. Some rooms come with a stunning city view. It’s the Montmartre budget option but guests are very satisfied with the value for money.



There are many areas to stay in Paris and Montmartre is one of them! Things to do in Montmartre
The best neighborhood to stay in Paris? Montmartre is definitely in the top 3

2. Marais


Le Marais on the right banks of the Seine (Rive Droite) is a historic area that was for long the aristocratic district of Pairs. But don’t expect massive monuments, it’s mainly rather a busy and cute neighborhood with a medieval flair, cobbled stone streets, and askew buildings. After the french revolution, the Marais became a popular commercial area and home to the main Jewish community. The Marais is also the center of the Parisian LGBT culture.


Is the Marais a good place to stay?

Is the Marais a good place to stay?

Yes, it is. The Marais is indeed a pretty cool place to stay and a very convenient base when visiting Paris. It’s perfect for everyone in search of a Hotel in the center of Paris.  The Marais is in direct proximity to many major sights like Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame de Paris, or St. Michel. It’s also very well connected to public transportation. You will feel comfortable in the Marais if you enjoy an energetic neighborhood, appreciate a huge variety of restaurants, bars, and shops.


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The best district to stay in Paris? Think about the Marais! If you are searching for a safe hotel location in Paris, check out the Marais. It's one of the best areas in Paris to stay, the best location for hotel in Paris
The Marais is one of the best areas to stay in Paris.

Why you should stay in the Marais!

  • the Marais is in the center of Paris
  • the district is within walking distance of Notre Dame, Picasso Museum, St.Michel, and many others
  • it’s a very lively district of Paris with many bars and pubs
  • the Marais is easy to get to from airports and train stations
  • It’s a very pretty and old neighborhood
  • it’s a safe neighborhood
  • the Marais lays directly at the Seine, great for evening walks or picnics
  • it has great flair, a mix of cultures, and loads of positive vibes

Like everywhere, staying in the Marais has, of course, a few drawbacks. As the location is very lively, it can be also a bit noisy at night (many hotels claim to be soundproof though) and packed on the weekends.


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What are the best hotels in the Marais?


If you want to stay in the Marais when traveling to Paris, check out the Hotels below! As the Marais is a pretty busy district, all hotels below are soundproof! (except the budget option). And of course close to public transportation, good value for money and located in a safe location.


Luxury Option 9Confidentiel

9confidential hotel in the Marais

The location of the 9Confidentiel is stellar. Right in the Marais, just a few meters from the Parisian town hall, Notre Dame and Rue de Rivoli – you can’t sleep more central.  The hotel is very popular and guests are extremely satisfied with the provided service and staff. Some rooms come with a great view of the roofs of Paris.


Upscale Option Roi de Sicile – Rivoli

Roi de Sicile - Rivoli

This spacious aparthotel lays right in between the beautiful Place des Vosges and the town hall of Paris, directly on Rue de Rivoli. Perfect for sightseeing, shopping, and dining out. Most rooms are granting a great city view of Paris and some even have a balcony – there’s no better place for enjoying a glass of wine!



Midrange Option Hôtel Marais Hôme

Hôtel Marais Hôme

The Hôtel Marais Hôme lays in the north of the Marais, close to République. The hotel is very popular amongst visitors and ratings are the best in this price class.





Budget Option Le Compostelle

This hotel is one of the best rated within the Marais within its price class – it’s still no bargain, but the area is absolutely worth it. It’s right by the town hall, in the heart of Paris and the Marais.




Place des Vosges is one of the aristocratic remaining within the Marais. The Marais is one of the best Paris hotel locations!


1. The Quartier Latin – The best arrondissement to stay in Paris


The Quartier Latin is just a bridge crossing away from the Marais, on the left banks of the Seine. It’s the university district of Paris and the location of the famous university La Sorbonne, but also countless other colleges and research centers. That strong educational background even served as a name-giver: the language of universities during the middle age was Latin – hence, the Latin Quarter. However, the district is heavily influenced by students and it’s also one of the most lively areas in Paris.


Is the Latin Quarter a good place to stay?


Is the Latin Quarter the best neighborhood to stay in Paris?


Yes, absolutely yes! Get ready for a very open and welcoming area of Paris, a vivid nightlife, a high variety of restaurants, and great shopping options. The Latin Quarter is equally popular amongst tourists, students, and Parisians – no matter if for shopping, having a beer with friends, or eating out. Like the Marais, the Quartier Latin comes with medieval flair and cobbled stoned streets. It’s the best place to stay in Paris.


Latin Quarter Paris Hotels: Check our suggestions for this best arrondissement to stay in Paris! Hotels for every budget!
cobbled stoned and narrow alleys within the Latin Quarter – a really beautiful and iconic area to stay when visiting Paris

Why you should stay in the Latin Quarter!

  • it’s centrally located and very “Paris-like”
  • it has nevertheless a lot of flair due to the little alleys and pedestrian streets
  • one of the nicest streets, Rue Mouffetard is in the Latin Quarter
  • You have a direct train from both airports and most train stations
  • it’s close to St. Michel, the Jardin Luxembourg, Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Company, the Panthéon
  • It’s full of great bars and restaurants
  • it’s very safe
  • The Seine is just right there, waiting for picnics, walks, and the real obligatory Seine Cruise

Thinking about the downsides of the Latin Quarter… I can’t actually think of any other than that it’s a quite pricy area, and you won’t too many cheap hotels in the Paris city center, but that’s about it! 🙂


What are the best hotels in the Latin Quarter?

Here you go, what’s the best area to stay in in Paris? The Latin Quarter! It’s super central, it’s the best place to stay in Paris close to everything.  You have also great access to airports, the area is safe, beautiful, and full of activities. When searching for a hotel, have a look at the accommodations below, they are the best value for money!


Luxury Accomodation Hotel D’Aubusson

Luxury Option Hotel D'Aubusson

This hotel has everything that you need to spend the most amazing time in Paris – a spa and pool to relax after a full sightseeing day, a jazz bar, and a nice city view. It’s located in the best area in Paris – close the Notre Dame and the Pont Neuf, right in the heart of St. Germain. A perfect district for amazing dining and shopping experiences.



Upscale Option Hotel La Villa Saint Germain Des Prés

villa saint germain

Just a few meters off the Boulevard Saint-German and within walking distance of some of the major sights of Paris – the Villa Saint Germain is truly in a good spot. The rooms are very cozy. You can book massages or use their in-house fitness center if you need some relaxation. The hotel is in direct proximity to many bars and restaurants.


Midrange Option Hotel Parc Saint Severin

Hotel Parc Saint Severin

If you are searching for a place right in the middle of everything, you found it! The hotel is surrounded by bars and restaurants, and the famous Notre Dame Cathedral is just a few meters away. Some rooms are featuring a private terrace – a great place to end a day, with a glass of wine of course.


Budget Option Hotel De Suez

Hotel de Suez

From this hotel, it’s just a short walk to both: the Jardin du Luxembourg and Saint Michel and Notre Dame. The location is very convenient for dining, shopping, sightseeing as you are within walking distance of many points of interest. The hotel is very popular and the ratings are the best in this price class.



Hotels outside the center of Paris

Do you fancy a more quiet and low-key hotel location, but still with plenty of food options and shopping? Or are you searching for the best places to stay in Paris with your family? The 15th or 14th arrondissement is your hood! There isn’t much tourism going on – ok, there are the Catacombs and Montparnasse but it’s mainly the Parisian daily life. Little bars and restaurants, cheese stores and delis, parks, and markets.

Don’t worry about the – not in the center of everything – location. Paris is rather small and you will be within 20 minutes (or less) with public transportation at Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower. Don’t imagine a residential-only neighborhood either: you have plenty of choice around your hotel if you want to have drinks, go to the restaurant or buy a few groceries. There is also the Metro very close by and you don’t need to worry about safety either.

I suggest you have a look at the hotels below – as it’s not in the hyped center, you’ll get definitely more for your money, and a very authentic Paris vibe!


MidrangeOption Niepce Paris, Curio Collection By Hilton

Niepce Paris, Curio Collection By Hilto

The hotel in the south of Paris is located in a very authentic neighborhood. The metro is just 100m away and connects you quickly with the rest of Paris – the area is still very lively with bars, restaurants, and local delis – perfect for foodies! it’s the best example of how much more you get for your money if you stay a bit off the center.


Midrange Option Hôtel Mistral
Hôtel Mistral

The Hôtel Mistral lays in a district that is known for theatres, bars, and restaurants. It’s also very close to the Montparnasse Tower and also the Catacombs. The Metro is just 100m away. A nice feature of this hotel is the green courtyard. Fun Fact: Simon de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Satre lived there for a while!


If you need more inspiration for your upcoming Paris vacation, look around this blog 🙂 I have plenty of secret tips and travel planning advice to share! Don’t miss our neighborhood and hotel guides to plan your trip.


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