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Whether you are looking for an elegant and contemporary Fragrance Lampe for your home or you are searching for a gift for a loved one: with a Lampe Berger, you simply can’t go wrong.

Lampe Berger lamps are the ideal item if you are seeking a high-quality home accessory with a sumptuous feel and a lovely French flair.

Smart Choice: Lampe Berger Starter Set

Lampe Berger Starter Kit contains everything you need and explains how to use Lampe BergerThe Starter Set contains:

  • An elegant Lampe Berger
  • 2 Fragrances
  • Wick with catalytic burner
  • funnel

If you are still unsure though whether a Lampe Berger is the perfect match for your loved one, read on and find out more.

What is a Lampe Berger?

The idea behind a Lampe Berger is basically to eradicate odor and purify indoor air. However, contrary to ordinary room spray and diffusers, a Lampe Berger is not overlaying unpleasant smells but eradicates them on a molecular level.

The Lampe Berger is not only an effective and safe way of diffusing a pleasant scent, but it’s also a beautiful and exquisite home accessory. The Lampe itself comes in many lovely designs to match the interior of any home.

Personally, I own a Lamp Berger for years and can highly recommend it. It’s just perfect to remove food smell and other unwanted odors in no time and to have a fresh and pleasant atmosphere at home. It feels like spring-cleaning every time.

What are the benefits of a Lampe Berger?

The Lampe Berger History goes back to 1898. The Fragrance Lamp was invented by Frenchman Maurice Berger and intended for hospitals and mortuaries to disinfect and clean the air and eliminate germs. It did not take long until the catalytic lamp also became popular in private French households, and until scents and the first Lampe Berger fragrances were added.

Then, as of now, the Lampe Berger is very popular. Especially among those who value quality and an elegant lifestyle. The more than 100 different Lampe Berger scents are assuring a scent for every taste.

Due to its lovely design and the practical functionality, the Lampe Berger is an object that everyone can use and a gift idea with a Parisian touch, that can’t be wrong.


10 reasons why a Lampe Berger is great to have

  • eliminates unwelcome odors within a few minutes, for example, secondhand smoke, pet, or food smell
  • it is not overlaying smells but eradicates them
  • purifies indoor air
  • makes your home smell fresh and clean
  • the Lampe Berger is a very decorative and esthetic item for your home
  • It is safe to use around children and pets
  • exists as well with a neutral scent
  • Fragrances and accessories, like the Lampe Berger wick, are easy to purchase online
  • it can reduce airborne bacteria and viruses
  • a very thoughtful gift that comes with all accessories and cute nice box

Lampe Berger Gift Boxes

How does a Lampe Berger work?

The Lamp Berger is a catalytic lamp that diffuses scented isopropyl alcohol, which is then destroying malodorous molecules. This process was developed and patented by Maurice Berger.

Even though the catalytic process might sound complicated, a Lampe Berger diffuser is straightforward to use.

Step 1: Fill the flask 2/3 with Lampe Berger Fragrance

Step 2: Let the wick sit for a bit with the stopper cap on, so it can soak up the fragrance. If it’s a first-time use, let the wick soak for about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Light up the wick on the Catalytic Burner and let it burn for 2-3 minutes for the burner to get hot. Know that the flame will be large in the beginning and will settle down.

Step 4: Blow the flame off and put the diffuser cap

Step 5: Let the Lampe Berger diffuse its Fragrance for up to 60 minutes depending on the room size. If you want to stop, remove the diffuser cap and replace it with the stopper cap.

This Starter Set contains:

  • An elegant Lampe Berger
  • Sparkling Zest Fragrance
  • Wick with catalytic burner
  • funnel

What accessories do you need to use a Lampe Berger?

To start with your Lampe Berger experience at your home, you only need a Lampe Berger Starter Pack. It contains everything you need to remove your house or office from unwanted smells or to spread a pleasant scent.

A Maison Berger Starter Pack includes:

  • An elegant Lampe Berger
  • one or two fragrances
  • the wick with burner
  • a funnel
  • the stopper and diffuser cap


Lampe Berger Fragrances

see all Fragrances available here

While the lamp itself is a beautiful object and a nice addition to your home decor, the Lampe Berger oils are making of course the real difference. You can choose from more than 100 different oils;  Lavender fields, Lemon, Ocean Breeze, and Rose, just to name a few, and you even can combine them to create your own personalized signature.

There are no limits regarding combinations, and you can mix and pick whatever pleases your senses. Just take care to only use original Lampe Berger oil, as the Lampe Berger will not work correctly otherwise.

To fill the Fragrance Lamp, it’s advised you use a funnel, that is delivered with most of the starter packs.


Wick and Catalytic Burner

The Catalytic Burner consists of a naturally porous stone that has the wick attached to it. To make the Lampe Berger work, you place the wick in the bottle and clip the burner on. To ensure the correct functioning of the diffuser, replace the wick and the burner from time to time, best after 200 usages or one year.

Fragrance Trio Refill

Lavender Fields – 1l Refill

Lampe Berger Wicks

What is the life span of a Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamp?

If you purchase a Lampe Berger for yourself or offer it as a gift, you can be sure to have bought a durable, quality item.

The Lamp is made of glass and if you don’t drop it, it can last forever.

The part of the lamp that needs to be replaced from time to time is the Lampe Berger burner. The burner of the Fragrance Lamp is made of a naturally porous stone that gets used after some time. But this being said, this catalytic burner lasts 200 uses or one-year minimum.

Lampe Berger
The selection of Lampe Berger Oils in a home decor store in Paris

Are there other air purifying products from Maison Berger available?

If the renowned Lampe Berger is not what you are looking for or not within your budget, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t have to compromise on quality. Have a look at these air purifiers and diffusers to keep your house or office smelling fresh and inviting!

Maison Berger: Refillable Car Vent Clip

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