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Mabel, unfortunately, closed in 2020 🙁 


Secret Bars are a thing these days, and Paris is no exception, luckily! Most secret bars are not only cool because they are well hidden, but they are usually serving high-quality drinks. Mabel is for example one of the top bars of the world!

You’d easily pass by Mabel if not knowing it’s there or if not by chance being up for a grilled cheese sandwich. What’s the link you might ask? Well, this prohibition-style bar lays hidden behind a grilled cheese sandwich store, without any sign on the shopfront that hints at the excellent drinks you can have in the back.

Mabel Paris – Cocktails and outstanding Rums

Mabel’s is primarily a place to drink Rum and a perfect place to bring your date or to spend a quiet evening. The selection of Rum is outstanding but far more interesting are the cocktails. You won’t find any of the commons like Mojito or Pina Colada but instead, ingredients that you might have hardly ever heard of or would associate with a cocktail (Togarashi? Patchouli? Barrel-Aged Coffee Bitters? Fenugreek? What?). Their compositions are really opening a whole new spectrum of taste without being too odd! And that’s not only my humble opinion; Mabel is one of the top bars of the world!

Mabel Paris - hidden bar - one of the best bars of the world
Lonesome Shuboy – one of their yummy cocktails!

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich cover is not only a funny idea, they actually do sell them, and they are pretty good! But everything with pulled pork, cheese, bread, and a good portion of butter can only be good, right? (unless you’re a vegetarian, but contrary to many places in Paris, they do have a veggie option)

Tip: if you are interested in Rum, check out my husband’s blog les rhums de l’homme a la poussette; he writes in French, but the translation function is quite alright.

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