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You like Rock? And Festivals and your Kids? At Mini Rock en Seine you can combine all and have an awesome time! We have been there with the kids several times and had each and every time a blast!

Before I had kids, I thought: life as I know it will be over and everything I liked so far has to pause for at least 18 years or 10, being less dramatic: Restaurant, Backpacking, Roadtrips, Citytrips, Festivals, Concerts, Nights Out, Parties .. an endless list of stuff that is gone and that will only be available again once I am too old to enjoy it.
I still got kids, 2 of them, and I have to admit that I rarely was so wrong. Yes, “freedom” is more a question of organisation than of spontaneity and is mainly depending on the effort one is willing to invest but it’s still out there, somewhere, waiting for you to go for it.

And then there are events where no effort is needed, maybe a compromise but no organisation, no sacrifice and no surrender. In 3 words: Mini Rock en Seine. and 2 more words: in Paris.

Mini Rock en Seine - Rock Music and Kids does fit well!
The big scene of Rock en Seine! And a nice spot to play between concerts or before heading to the Kids festival Mini Rock en Seine

Rock en Seine is – big surprise- a rock inspired festival with quite some electro/pop influence, The festival is happening end of august at Parc de St.Cloud, close to Paris. In another life I would have set up my tent at the camp ground. Now I am happy to sleep and shower at home, do my groceries and laundry, cook lunch, do things and casually go to the festival area in the afternoon, WITH MY KIDS! YES! You can do that, you can bring them, and it´s awesome!

I am *seriously* very hyped about how welcome children are at Rock en Seine; hyped in like: I don’t know where to start because it´s just so damn awesome and I am sending out much love with butterflies and rainbows to everyone who is involved and makes it possible.

First things first

kids under 11 are not paying entrance (I know, right???) but need to be with a legal guarding who is holding a ticket . It is  not recommended to bring under 6 to the festival area (you need to sign a weaver if you still wanna rock) and the it’s not allowed to bring kids  under 3. In any case, you need to go to the Box Office at the very right side, which – as another positive side effect – allows you to queue jump :p

and: don’t worry too much about ear protection. They are having some hearing protection headphones that you can borrow at the box office for free  (I know, right??) (bring your ID) but they are selling them as well on site.

1st Scenario

The Parc de St.Cloud is as the name suggests originally and on all other days of the year a parc in the first place. A parc has greens and trees and shadows and place. It can be full at times, especially around the scenes but you don’t need to fear your kid gets squeezed or pushed; there is more than enough space to hang out, sit in the grass, have a pint/lemonade and just enjoy the music.

Mini Rock en Seine - Rock and Kids does fit well!
a place where you can’t play with cars? There is no such place – We love Mini Rock en Seine

2nd Scenario

Yes, there is another scenario. Assuming your child is between 6 and 11, you are planning your Festival Journey a little bit ahead. You are not against taking your kid with you but not that much up for hanging out with him/her all the time. (and now there are the butterflies and rainbows and unicorn with much much love for everyone who is involved in organizing Rock en Seine) They are having a FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN!!!

They are having  a festival on festival, for children! !!!! YES!!! *shriek* They are taking care for your kid while you are drinking (a) beer and listening to music. (order is not reflecting on priorities). (I KNOW!!!)

“Taking care” sounds a bit stiff… it´s rather an adventure in an area that looks like a mix between Circus, Pippi Longstockings House and something that my son would describe as paradise, hours full of activities, workshops, games and most important: FUN and Music!

The kids are associated to an animateur who is welcoming them and showing them around. Tey will get introducing by them to new friends and being their Point of Contact for the entire time. Besides they are free to do whatever they like within the secured Mini Rock en Seine festival area. They can sign up for plenty of workshops; to give you an idea: Anton did lightpainting and drumming this year, while he was more into the DJing last year. The kids are creating their own TV show with interviews, cooking shows and weather forecast. Classy: the evening ends with the obligatory “boum” (aka party), concerts and finally stories to calm down and chill out.

The obligatory good by photo... see you next year Mini Rock en Seine
The obligatory good by photo… see you next year Mini Rock en Seine


–  you need to sign up your kids beforehand on
– Mini Rock en Seine is for kids from 6-11 years
– 3 days, from around 4pm – 10pm
– it’s FREE! (free means they don’t even need to purchase a concert ticket. They can just enter with you (you need a ticket though)

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