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Insider tips, Paris

The Paris Bucket List 

Paris has a trillion cool places to visit and a high velocity of amazing art and culture. Paris also has endless shopping and entertainment options, plenty of local gourmandise and just SO much to discover and explore .. but you’re probably not having several months…

Insider tips, Paris

Paris Plage – Summer in the City 

If you’re spending summer in Paris, it can get hot. Very hot. Well.. we’re not in the south or anywhere near the tropics but temperatures beyond 30°Celsius aren’t rare. As Paris isn’t famous for it’s air condition, you’re boiling and sweating in transports, in restaurants,…

Insider tips, Paris

Coulée Verte – Paris high line 

Coulée Verte – Paris high line You probably heard about the high line in New York – it’s quite a popular spot for locals and visitor to simply hang out or more interestingly, to get an unique glimpse on Manhattan from an elevated level. But…

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For Couples: best affordable hotels Paris 

Updated June 2019 When traveling to Paris as a couple, you can choose approximately between 2000 hotels – and countless Airbnbs. The choice is H.U.G.E. and you’ll most likely will suffer on one point from decision paralysis on your hunt to find the best of…

Insider tips, Paris

Monceau and Batignolles – Paris’ hidden gem 

Paris off the beaten path: Monceau and Batignolles Well, Monceau and Batignolles ARE totally offbeat and non touristy neighbourhoods of Paris. And yet, this Paris walking itinerary starts at one of the most popular landmarks of Paris: The Arc de Triomphe. This landmark qualifies as…

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