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50+ Paris inspired gift ideas 

Updated June 2019 “There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.” Ernest Hemingway We all have this one friend. The one that is all about Paris, that will correct your poor attempt to pronounce Croissant…

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Montmartre – all you need to know! 

If you ask around, many Parisians will probably say that Montmartre is not what it used to be – and that’s probably true. It was probably already true 30 years ago and yet, the village around the hilltop of Montmartre is one of the most…

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Revealed: The best hotel location in Paris! 

Even though Paris is not as gigantesque as New York or Bangkok, it’s almost an equal challenge to find the best area to stay in. The struggle is real, there is just too much choice and it’s not getting better if you don’t know Paris,…

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Paris Mistakes
Paris Mistakes, what not to do in Paris

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