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3 days in Paris – the complete guide! 

3 days in Paris… true, that does not sound like much time to explore an exciting metropole like Paris. But good news is: 3 days in Paris are enough to see the highlights, to check out some hidden gems and to try the quintessence of…

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Rice and Fish – best Sushi in Paris 

The “Rice and Fish” is my first restaurant discovery of 2018 and a great place for everyone that enjoys verities of raw fish in a jazzy ambience. I am not exaggerating when saying that this Japanese restaurant serves one of the best Sushi in Paris…

Highlights, Paris

The top 10 day tours from Paris 

Updated June 2019 Paris is the hot spot for everyone who likes culture, food, fashion.. or life in general. On the list of the most popular cities of the world Paris ranks on place 3, but did you actually know that France is the most…