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If you’re spending summer in Paris, it can get hot. Very hot. Well.. we’re not in the south or anywhere near the tropics but temperatures beyond 30°Celsius aren’t rare. As Paris isn’t famous for it’s air condition, you’re boiling and sweating in transports, in restaurants, while climbing up the Eiffel Tower ( don’t miss our tips and tricks to get up the iron lady! ) and even while having a cold drink on a patio.

Luckily, there’s Paris Plage!

Each year during the summer months parts of the quais are getting transformed to Paris Plage, complete with palm trees, deck chairs and umbrellas. While a few years back this meant that the traffic stuck street along the Seine was given temporarily to pedestrians, this isn’t required anymore. The Quais are all year around a pedestrian zone.

Since a few years Paris Plage is not only happening along the Seine, but also the Canal St. Martin joined in the summer party! On both locations you find picnic areas, fountains and events that are free to participate: concerts, gym session, self defence classes, dance evenings and many more.It won’t cool you down – but it makes the summer heat bearable

If you’re heading to Paris’ north to check the Paris Plage site at the Canal de l’Ourcq, don’t forget your bathing suit! In 3 bassins on the canal you can take a swim, different depths are great for swimmers and non-swimmers.

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