Visiting Disneyland Paris is on the bucket list of many Paris lovers and Disney fans alike. Whether you are in Paris and intend to include a day trip from Paris to Disneyland or even plan to spend a few days in Disneyland – be certain it will be a magical experience.


How to plan a getaway from Paris to Disneyland in 3 steps

Visiting Disneyland Paris from Paris is insanely easy.  Read on to plan your stay in 3 easy to follow steps:


Book your ticket to Disneyland in advance

Even though you can buy your tickets on site when arriving at the park, I strongly recommend booking your billet in advance. The ticket queues can be huge, and purchasing your entrance beforehand saves you lots of valuable time that you could spend in the park enjoying yourself.  The cheapest option is choosing a dated ticket. Click here to see the rates.


Organize transportation from Paris to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is just 43 km outside Paris, and you’re there in no time. You can easily hop on a train or – if you are keen on a bit more comfort – book a private transfer (we use Welcome Pick-ups for not breaking the bank). I listed all transfer options from Paris to Disneyland in this article to help you decide what fits best to you.


Book your hotel, if you plan to stay overnight

If you plan to visit both parks (yes, there are two) or want to take your time exploring the Disney kingdom, you can easily spend a night in one of the many hotels that are located around Disneyland Paris. For the full experience and some extra perks, the Disneyland Hotel is of course the most wonderful option. Check here to see if they have free rooms on your travel dates

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