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When traveling to Paris, it won’t be long until you lay eyes on the river Seine. The river that runs through Paris separates the city to left banks (rive gauche) and right banks (rive droite). The Seine connects most major sights of Paris: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and more than 35 bridges.

The Seine is also a very popular picnic spot for Parisians during the warmer days and a lovely place for a stroll during winter. But that’s being said, the real magic happens when you are ON the Seine. A Seine river cruise a must do for everyone visiting Paris!


Why you should take a Seine river cruise when visiting Paris!


  • you see many of Paris’ major sights
  • you can relax and recover from jetlag while seeing the best of Paris
  • it’s an activity that can be done in any season as the boats are having outdoor and indoor seating
  • you get a completely new perspective on Paris
  • It’s not very expensive
  • .. but you can add features like romantic dinners or Champagne tastings
  • a cruise on the Seine is stunning by day and by night
  • a Seine river cruise is included already in many tours
  • the Seine river boats are leaving so frequently that you are super flexible
  • Cruises in Paris are barrier free (wheel chair accessible)


Paris boat tour itinerary and what you gonna see

Several companies in Paris are offering a Seine Cruise and they are all covering more or less the same itinerary: from the landing stage the Paris cruises are sailing left banks down until after the Île Saint-Louis. Then, they turn around and sail right banks back until the Eiffel Tower before heading back to their landing stage.

The Pont des Arts is one of the bridges you will underride when taking a Cruise on the Seine in Paris. A Paris boat tour is one of the best things to do in Paris to change perspective and to relax while seeing most of Paris' sights
The Pont des Arts is one of the bridges you will sail through when taking a Seine river cruise


Sights along the way

You are probably wondering what you gonna see during your Seine boat tour and if it’s worth it. I can tell you, it is! Not only because it’s a scenic way to see a lot of Paris in a short time, but also because you will pass by most of Paris major sights:

  • the Tour Eiffel
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Musée de Louvre
  • Notre Dame
  • Île de la Cité
  • Grand Palais
  • Petit Palais

Your Seine river cruise will also pass through more than 20 bridges – amongst others the Pont Neuf, Pont Alexandre III and the Pont des Arts.


Find the best Seine river cruises in Paris!

There is only one Seine but quite some options for taking a Seine River Cruise! What is right for you heavily depends on your time and your budget. You can opt in to the  budget River Seine Cruise for just as few as 10€ or treat yourself with a romantic cruise through the illuminated Paris while enjoying french haut-cuisine – or anything in between! Check out the different options below and pick the one that suits you best!

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Find the best Seine river cruises in Paris and enjoy Paris sights from the comfort of a boat. No matter if you chose to take a Seine river dinner cruise or a night cruise, you sure have a great time!
Enjoy Paris from the comfort of a boat – find the best Seine river cruises for you – a sightseeing cruise, a lunch or dinner cruise or even a private boat tour?


Classic 1h Cruise on the Seine

The classic sightseeing cruise on the Seine in Paris is definitely an option where you simply can not go wrong. You’ll get to enjoy a one hour cruise on Seine, seeing Paris’ most iconic sights from the comfort of your seat and you can be sure not get bankrupt while doing so. It’s a great option also for everyone that is not having much time at hand and need some flexibility: most Seine cruises are leaving every 30-60 minutes throughout the day.

The most popular Seine river cruise leaves directly at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and can be booked here. The tour includes an audioguide that covers 14 languages and the Seine tour operator accepts – very conveniently – mobile voucher – so no need do stress out about printing your ticket!


Editors Tip:  The Paris City Pass grants you free access to more than 60 museums and activities (priority entrance to the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, a wine tasting, access to the Versailles castle, walking tours, shopping discounts …), free usage of public transportation AND a free Boat Tour on the Seine! Check here for rates and availabilities. 


Do you feel your 1h Seine river cruise is missing the little extra? No problem, you easily can spice it up.. check the add-ons below:



Cruise on the Seine and the Canal St.Martin

Reading this post, you probably are well aware that there is a river called Seine flowing through Paris, right? But did you know that Paris has also has a channel called Canal St.Martin? This lesser known water connects the Canal de Ourcq in the north of Paris with the Seine and is running partially subsurface.


Insider Tip
Insider Tip: spend an evening along the Canal St. Martin – the streets along the are location of many nice bars and restaurants and the banks are a popular picnic spot for locals. .. Do you want more insider tips? Check our post about hidden gems in Paris!


The cruise that combines a Seine river cruise with a cruise down the Canal St.Martin is our special tip. During the 2.5h tour you’ll discover two very different, but equally enchanting parts of Paris. The ride includes the navigation through a lock and a 1 mile ride under the Bastille vault until the Canal St. Martin meets the Seine.

Click here to book this tour and to get more information


Lunch Cruise on the Seine

Image.. you are on board of a river boat, and while you are taking in the most beautiful sights like the Eiffel Tower or the Île de la Cité, you are also feasting on delicious french food and sipping some wine…  It sounds too good to be true but this 2 hours Seine cruise offers exactly this: it includes an all-inclusive french 3-course à-la-carte menu!

It is very popular and tables are limited – check here for rates and availabilities!

All Seine river cruises are sailing along the Notre Dame Cathedral, that got heavily damaged by a fire in April 2019.
All Seine river cruises are sailing along the Notre Dame Cathedral, that got heavily damaged by a fire in April 2019.


Seine Dinner Cruise and Paris by night

Paris by night is just magical. As simple at that. Sailing through Paris by night is one of a life time experience, … as is french food!  If you are coming to Paris and you plan at least one romantic dinner, you should definitely look into combining a cruise on the Seine with a french 3-course dinner.

During this  2.5h evening illumination cruise through Paris you come to enjoy a french dinner menu including wine (obviously, it’s France!). Note that the dress code is smart casual – no shorts, no trainers! Click here to get more info and know more about rates and booking conditions


Combined Cruises and Packages

If you visit Paris, there are tons of activities to choose from – and chances are high that you will be doing more than just one. It’s definitely worth to look into combined tickets (or better: get the Paris City Pass) . It’s cheaper than buying each ticket as a stand alone and it saves also time as you just have to go through the reservation process once.

Popular combined tickets are the following. (Click on the button to get more info on rates and booking conditions)


Paris river cruiseEiffel Tower priority access to 2nd floor see prices
Paris river cruise by nightEiffel Tower priority access to 2nd floorSightseeing tour by bus see prices
Paris river cruiserevue show at Moulin Rougecomplementary Champagne see prices
Paris river cruisevintage 2CV city tour see prices
find the best seine river cruise
Taking a cruise in Paris grants you a spectacular view on the city. You’ll see many of Paris’ most important sights from the comfort of the boat

Seine River Cruise – practical info


  • don’t underestimate the weather: bring sunscreen or an umbrella/raincoat. Consider as well that you might need to queue a little before boarding and a those areas are not necessarily covered (you can check an up to date weather forecast here)
  • check if you the tour accepts mobile vouchers. Not all tours do and it can be a hassle to get the voucher printed
  • if you booked a dinner or lunch tour, check carefully the required dress code to avoid being turned down when boarding
  • before booking, check if the Paris City Pass is not a better option! The Paris City Pass covers more than 60 activities, free transportation usage and includes also a cruise on the Seine. As soon as you do a few activities, it usually pays off! Click here to see all the tours and activities that are included to the Paris City Pass


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