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Preparing a trip to Paris can be a mammoth job – Paris has insanely many sights and museums, many interesting activities and so many nice quarters and corners, that it’s can feel tough to gain an overview!

But it doesn’t have to be that tough really 🙂 Traveling to Paris is an amazing experience and even if you won’t check off each and every item on your list, you will definitely have a great time.

To help you plan your trip, I assembled quite some information about what you can do in Paris and how you can make the very most out of your trip.


The Paris Classics

Visiting the Eiffel Tower and enjoying a Seine River Cruise are belonging definitely on every bucket list, but there is more!

Check our Paris Bucket List AND the our popular list of top things to do and what you could do instead list! 

If you have little time to prepare your trip, have a look at our 4 days Paris itinerary and be sure not to miss anything! .. and if you are in Paris only for one day, I’ve got you covered as well: How to see Paris in 1 day!


For the budget traveler: there are many sights and activities in Paris for free!  For example a huge range of interesting museums are admission free!


Paris Classic - Seine River Cruise

Hidden gems and unusual things to do in Paris

If you have been already to Paris or you have enough time to discover also some hidden gems, the following posts are exactly what you’re looking for!


Day trips from Paris

If you have enough time in Paris for exploring more, check out the 10 best day trips from Paris or read the extensive guide on the following day trip destinations:


And if you are traveling to Paris with Kids and Teenagers those are for you!




Blog Posts

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  Paris is food heaven, that’s for sure! You find tons of amazing restaurants that will guarantee you the ultimate food experience. But what if sitting down in a fancy restaurant is not really what you’re looking for? Especially if you’re traveling to Paris…


Covid-19 – How is Paris after the lockdown got lifted? 

Oh, dear… I typed around 16 different opening lines for this blog post about Paris after the Covid-19 lockdown, but one sounded worse than the other. I just couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t sound super dramatic in a “we survived the apocalypse”…