These are the cutest streets in Paris!
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These are the cutest streets in Paris! 

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Last updated by Lena on the 8th of April 2022


Thinking about the Parisian streets, you think about 2 scenes: magnificent and imposing Haussmann architecture, broad illuminated boulevards, and fancy storefronts, but also about narrow, cobblestone alleys with cute sidewalks cafés and a small-town charm that is hard to beat.

While it’s easy to find yourself amidst the impressive Haussmann buildings as the Baron left his architectural fingerprint all over Paris, it requires a bit of research to know where to discover the cutest streets of Paris.

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There are plenty of beautiful small streets in Paris. In fact, you will surely bump into one or two while strolling through Paris. However, while you could leave it to chance, it’s always better to know what you’re looking for. Hence, he is my personal list of the most beautiful small streets of Paris.


Rue Crémieux

One can simply not name Rue Crémieux when looking for the prettiest streets of Paris. Well, just look at it!

It’s one of the most Instagrammable places in Paris, and that is justifiably so! The colorful houses lined up on a pedestrian street, the plants, the cobblestones, and even though they are only 2 or 3-floor houses, they still adopt the Mansard roofs that are so typical of Paris!

You might think that Rue Crémieux is located in a calm part of Paris, but not at all! It’s just next to busy Gare du Lyon and Bastille!

Pretty streets in Paris - Rue Crémieux
Pretty streets in Paris – Rue Crémieux


Rue des Thermopyles

Honestly, Rue des Thermopyles is my personal favorite when it comes to pretty small alleys in Paris. Maybe because it’s in the 14th arrondissement, an area that is under the radar of most Paris visitors, or maybe because it is very close to my flat. Either way, if you are on a quest to find Paris’ cutest streets, Rue des Thermopyles is a must! Especially when you are traveling to Paris in Spring! From April on, the street is in bloom.

But don’t turn around when you arrived at the end of this lane!  Turn right and then left, and you will find yourself in front of one of the most beautiful portals of Paris! It’s an Art-Nouveau-inspired gate made of wood and iron, designed by Alexandre Mezei! The Hungarian artist lived there back in the days and installed the portal in 1959.

Read more about the 14th arrondissement here

Rue des Thermopyles hidden in the 14th arrondissement - cute streets in Paris
my favorite little street in Paris: Rue des Thermopyles


Square des Peupliers

I would be surprised if you’d find the Square des Peupliers accidentally. Firstly, it is well hidden between characterless apartment buildings, but it’s also buried deep in the 13th arrondissement, a pretty non-touristic area of Paris, where almost no Paris visitor ever goes.

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And that’s really a pity if you’d ask me. Already, the Butte-aux-Cailles is worth a trip. The hilltop neighborhood it’s somewhat of an insider tip if you are not from Paris, it has plenty of nice bars and loads of interesting street art. The 13th is as well known to be the Asian quarter of Paris and if you are craving some authentic Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai food, here’s where you find it.

Tip: Try the Banh-Mi at Tang Gourmet at Place d’Italie. You won’t find any better!

Square de Peupliers - beautiful streets in Paris
Square de Peupliers in the 13th

Square de Montsouris

On the left hand of the Parc Montsouris are a few streets that definitely should be on your agenda if you are looking for the cutest streets in Paris. All parallel to each other, they are easily visited in a bundle, but the Square de Montsouris is undoubtedly the prettiest one. Most trees and rose bushes, the nicest houses, and of course, the cobblestones … I heard at one point that Scarlet Johansson lived in the area when she had her residence in Paris. No proof, just rumors, but given the beauty of the area, it wouldn’t surprise me.

When you are around, have also a walk in the Parc Montsouris and watch out for the wild parrots!

Square de Montsouris - instagrammable streets in ParisSquare de Montsouris

Rue de l’Abreuvoir

Maybe you’ve never heard of the Rue de l’Abreuvoir, but if you did a bit of research for your upcoming Paris trip, I am sure you saw it. Or maybe you watched the Netflix Series “Emily in Paris”? If yes, the Rue de l’Abreuvoir definitely will look familiar. (click here for more filming locations of “Emily in Paris”).

Anyway – this street beneath Montmartre is known to be the prettiest street in Paris.  Thus, if you set off to look for the prettiest streets of Paris, the Rue de l’Abreuvoir is the bare minimum you should cover.  But the convenient location in Montmartre, and the proximity to popular tourist sites like the Sacre Coeur and the Maison Rose (both in the picture below), are making this street very accessible in any case.

Read my post about Montmartre to get your perfect Montmartre itinerary, or look for a hotel in Montmartre to experience this beautiful hilltop village like a local!

Rue de l'Abreuvoir
Rue de l’Abreuvoir is said to be the prettiest street in Paris – you find it just behind the Sacre Coeur


Rue de l’Université

Ok, to be fair, the street is not really one of the prettiest streets in Paris. But it has one of the nicest views of the Eiffel Tower and provides you with a great photo spot for gorgeous Eiffel Tower pictures. Therefore, it’s well worth the visit and deserves to be on this list.

Most pictures of the Eiffel Tower are taken from the Trocadero and show the spacious Champs de Mars with the tower in the middle. You easily get the impression that Paris’  – or France’s really – most important landmark stands in the middle of nowhere, isolated from the rest of the city. While in fact, the Eiffel Tower is standing basically in the backyard of apartment buildings. Expensive ones, though.

the nicest view on the Eiffel Tower - Cute streets in Paris, rue de l'université
Cute Parisian street with a view: Rue de l’Université


Rue Galande

This street is hard to miss as it is literally in the center of Paris – just a few meters away from Notre Dame, St. Michel, and the beautiful bookstore Shakespeare & Company.

Odette, the Pâtisserie that you can see below in the picture, has not only a very appealing storefront, but it’s also a great address to taste the famous “choux”. A puff pastry filled with all sorts of different flavored creams and really yummy.

By the way, you find the “Choux” and many more must-try food items in our Paris food guide!

However, the Rue Galande is a typical street within the Latin Quarter. An area was mainly untouched by Baron Haussmann who more or less rebuilt big parts of Paris in the 18th century. Hence, I am proposing to take a walk and discover more of this rather old part of Paris.

I know this is probably very niche but if you like the Rocky Horror Picture Show – the Studio Galande in this very street has animated screenings every week, and it’s pretty fun! Don’t forget to bring the rice! (and an umbrella)

Rue Galande and the famous patisserie "Odette"Rue Galande and the famous pâtisserie “Odette”


Cour Damoye

The beautiful Cour Damoye is once again a dreamy and remote-looking alley that in fact lays in the middle of all the buzz. This time: Bastille. Literally. The entrance to this hidden gem lies between two restaurants just facing the Bastille, a little passage that you easily overlook if you don’t know it’s there.

Cour Damoye near Bastille
Cour Damoye near Bastille


Are there more cute streets that you think are worth visiting? Leave a comment below!


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