Paris in April 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do!
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Paris in April 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do! 

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Everything you need to know if you plan to spend this April in Paris

You are lucky if you get to travel to Paris this April! Spring is not only just a shy idea of milder days. The terraces are full and trees are full of buds. Some are even already in full bloom. It is undeniable springtime in Paris.

With Easter being late in 2022, the high season only starts slowly this April in Paris. But by the 2nd half of the month, the busy season certainly rings in. Paris is slowly getting fuller, especially from Easter on, but it is of course not at its peak. Read on to know what to expect.

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Shakespeare & Company and Cherry Blossom Trees blooming in April
Paris most famous bookstore: Shakespeare & Company. In April it's especially pretty due to the Cherry Blossoms that are blooming just in front

April is the first month when it’s likely that you’ll be spoiled with mild days. The temperatures are rising, and the days are becoming longer. And most important: the attractions and museums are no longer running on a winter schedule.

There is always plenty to do and see in Paris, and in April, you will have more time to fill your schedule. Either way, you probably have more plans and ideas than time anyway, but from a sightseeing perspective, April is a fantastic time to visit Paris.

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Dancers By the Seine in Sunshine
As soon as the weather gets milder, public dancing events are happening along the Seine (Picture taken in April)


How’s the April weather in Paris?

April is the first month of the year when you have a good chance of nice spring weather.

Temperatures are mild, with a max high of 17 °C  (ca. 62° degree Fahrenheit) and usually not less than 8 °C (ca. 46° degree Fahrenheit). However, You might get into some showers and drizzles, on average, there are 10 days with some rain in April in Paris.

However, don’t worry too much about it: it rarely rains an entire day in Paris, and April is especially known for frequent weather changes throughout the day. Hence, even if you get showers, chances are good that the sun shines soon after, or at least that it stops quickly.

What was just a lucky event in March becomes a frequent happening in April: Outdoor picnics and apéros by the Seine. The sun is noticeably warm by now, and you even might want to think about bringing sunscreen. (if you are pale like me, you certainly should)

Just keep in mind that the weather in Paris in April can change quickly, and you better enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts.

Paris in Spring with Cherry Blossoms and the Parisian Cityscape

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What to wear in Paris in April 2022

For your trip to Paris in April, it’s finally a safe bet to leave your heavy winter clothes at home. To be ready for the challenges of ever-changing early spring weather, it is best to dress in layers. Bring a few sweaters, a light scarf, and a jacket – and adapt.

Even though the sun is warming already, the evenings and mornings can be still cold. A good lightweight down jacket (like this one) is a great item to have: It keeps you nicely warm when needed, but is small and light enough for you to carry it around all day in your bag without that it takes up much space.

Parc Monceau in April
The beautiful Venetian bridge in Parc Monceau. I took this picture last April


I advise you to check the weather forecast closely before leaving. It is likely that you experience temperatures around 13 degrees on average, but there is also a chance that you are granted warmer weather.

You also should think about bringing either a rain jacket or a little travel umbrella. This one is tiny and fits in every bag. Alternatively, you can as well bring a stylish raincoat like this one, it has a fantastic name, don’t you think!?

When packing for your trip to Paris this April, make sure you pack the following items to be ready for the sometimes capricious April weather.


An umbrella or rain jacket 

Rarely cold, but relatively often wet. That’s a brief sum-up of the April weather in Paris. It can be very wet in Paris in April, with showers, and sometimes even hail.  Thus, you certainly need something to stay dry.  Be it an umbrella, a poncho (practically, but admittedly very unusual in Paris), or simply a rain jacket. I like this stylish rain trench coat.


What to wear in Paris in April? Rainjacket is a mustA small travel umbrella (this one is great!) is a good thing to pack for a trip to Paris in early spring. It is small enough to fit easily in your bag. To be fair, it might not be as practical as a rain jacket, but an umbrella is easier to tuck away when the sky clears up.



Waterproof Shoes

April may be warmer than the previous months, but it is still not summer and showers are frequent.  You should certainly pack a pair of sneakers, but also a pair of waterproof boots are great to have. Nothing disturbs a sightseeing trip more than wet and cold feet. Hence, make sure to stay dry and warm.
waterproof shoes
Your most stylish and as well weatherproof option for jeans and skirts is a pair of waterproof Chelsea boots. They look not only great, but they also keep you warm and dry. If you need more ideas for good walking shoes for Paris, check our guide!



A good and lightweight Down Jacket

Personally, I think a down jacket is one of the most important travel items if you are traveling in any other season than summer. A city trip usually means, that you leave your room early and come back late.

A down jacke for early spring is good to haveBeing well-equipped for all sorts of weathers you might encounter during the day is a requirement for city escapes. But you obviously can’t carry a heavy backpack with you all day.

The temperatures in Paris in April are fickle, with significant differences between day and night. A good lightweight down jacket like this one fits even in your small day pack or purse! It is truly indispensable for unsteady weather.

Best things to do in Paris in April 2022

When traveling to Paris this April, you have to keep in mind that it’s Easter on the weekend of the 17th of April and this means not only a short period of high season but also school holidays.

I strongly advise planning ahead and booking as much as you can in advance. Here’s why:

  1. Paris is getting crowded around Easter. Attractions are in high demand and spots are selling out quickly.
  2. Popular sights like the Eiffel Tower or the Catacombs book out weeks in advance, especially in high season!
  3. Covid-19 and social distancing measurements limit visitor numbers. Hence, most sights require prebooking.
  4. Some ticket booths on site are closed or require you to queue for hours

You see now, why I am insisting that you book your entrance tickets in advance to avoid disappointment or wasting time queuing.

To make it easier for you and save you time, you find in the following a list of sights that you absolutely need to book before you arrive in Paris. For your convenience, I added links to my most trusted ticket provider:


Eiffel Tower with Chery Blossoms in Spring
There are many Cherry Blossom Trees around the Eiffel Tower


Of course, you also can purchase tickets directly on the sights homepages. However, the downside is that they usually don’t have a cancellation policy. While reserving your Paris tickets with get your guide grants you a 24h cancellation and full refund policy.

A strong point in times like these, but it also puts you on a safe spot when booking in advance: you remain flexible if your plans change.


Stroll the beautiful parks of Paris and look for Cherry Blossoms

Paris has more than 400 parks and gardens, and they are in almost full bloom in April. Especially if you are keen on enjoying the sight of Cherry Blossoms, April is an astounding time to visit the Parisian Parks. See our post about the most beautiful parks in Paris to know where to head to!

A classical Parisian Park scene with the iconic green metal chairs
When the sun gets warmer in April, the Parisian parks are a wonderful place to relax


Visit the best Parisian museums 

Save time and money and get the Paris Museums Pass here 

The Parisian museums are not just outstanding and world-famous, they are also a good escape on a rainy or cold day. As nice as the weather can be in April, you are almost certainly will have some showers as well. But either way, visiting a few museums in Paris is almost obligatory. Especially when you are traveling in Paris in April, except Easter, they won’t be completely crowded yet.

Should you not have booked it already, I recommend looking into purchasing the Paris Museums Pass.  This all-on-one pass provides you with free entrance to more than 50 of THE most remarkable Museums and Monuments of Paris and is beneficial already as soon as you visit these 5 Paris highlights:

You can see the complete list of benefits here.

Visit the museums of Paris in March
The Louvre, the world’s famous museum, can’t be missing on your Paris bucket list


Explore Montmartre with a local guide

Click here to know about schedules, prices, and bookings

Montmartre is hands down one of the nicest and also most unique quarters of Paris. Back in the days, Montmartre was just a village outside the city gates. But even though it’s part of Paris since 1860 already, it preserved its village charm and strong identity until today.

You probably knew that Montmartre is a hill, and the views from up there are something you likely don’t want to miss. Hence, strolling around the cobbled stones alleys is a must when visiting Paris.

Admittedly, exploring Montmartre on your own isn’t too bad, but you will after all miss half of the magic that lays hidden in the anecdotes and stories. Montmartre has so many secrets that it is absolutely worth it to spend the extra penny and join a guided walking tour.


visit Montmartre in March - Paris in the spring
The Maison Rose – a location that you might recognize from Emily in Paris

To make the most out of your time in Montmartre and also to not miss the occasion to indulge in local specialties and treats, consider this tour. You will not only discover the well-known artist district off the beaten paths, but also sample cold cuts, cheese, pastries, chocolates, and of course wine.

If you are traveling to Paris on a budget, check out this tour. It is the most budget-friendly but also the most popular walking tour in Montmartre.


Take a Day Trip to the D-Day beaches in Normandy

click here to see which of the landing beaches you can easily visit from Paris

The landing beaches on the coast of Normandy are a historical site of immense significance.  It’s on Juno, Omaha, Gold, Sword, and Utah beach where the allies landed on the continent, and which marks the beginning of the end of WW2 and the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

Today, Normandy is known for its remembrance tourism and many museums and landmark are honoring the events in June 1944.

Visiting the D-Day beaches is a popular day trip from Paris

Take this tour, and you will get the best value for money:

• Transportation from Paris to Normandy

• Entrance to the Utah Beach Museums

• Lunch with Cider and Calvados tasting

Pointe du Hoc

• American Cemetery visit

The Normandy region lies by the channel and is known for drizzles, wind, and clouds. Hence, visiting from spring on is something I’d recommend.

Also, take a look at our article about the best and easiest day trips from Paris by train to get more ideas.


Head up the Eiffel Tower

Click here for Eiffel Tower tickets and options

Surely, THE most popular activity in Paris and Number 1 on everyone’s bucket list. Thus, when you visit Paris in April, the Eiffel Tower is a no-brainer.

You should book your tickets in advance, though. The Eiffel Tower is always booked out, especially if you want to take the lift to the summit. I suggest checking with a ticket provider like GetYourGuide.

Their page is straightforward to navigate, you will be going to the top with a tour guide to learn all about the Eiffel Tower, and most important: The tickets are refundable up to 24h before the activity.

Paris in early spring, the Eiffel Tower and Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms by the Eiffel Tower in spring

You can also purchase your tickets at the official online sales page just know that those tickets are not refundable and booked out most of the time. But it’s definitely worth checking as they tend to be a bit cheaper.



Seine Cruise

Click here to see all offers and option for Seine Cruises

When planning your day by the Eiffel Tower, think about adding a river cruise on the Seine! Most cruises’ departure point is right by the Eiffel Tower, which comes in very handy when planning your Paris itinerary.

Apart from the Eiffel Tower, a Seine river cruise is one of the nicest activities in Paris. Sure, it is touristy, but you are granted fantastic views of Paris and the complete change of perspective is simply breathtaking.

River Seine in Paris with Eiffel Tower in the Back ground. Picture during night and with boats on the Seine
A cruise on the Seine is wonderful at day and night

As a little plus: a boat tour is nicely relaxing and if you are lucky and get a mild spring day when visiting Paris in April, it is as well warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Below, you find a little overview of the most popular Seine Cruises: 

• Seine Cruise & Eiffel Tower bundle
• Seine Cruise & Crêpe Tasting
• 1h Seine Sightseeing Cruise



Learn how to bake delicious Macarons with a Parisian Chef

follow this link to see the most popular (and affordable!) Macaron Baking Class in Paris.

Macarons are somewhat the signature pastries of Paris, and you absolutely need to try them. The little delicate bites are creamy, crunchy, and incredibly delicious, and who would have guessed, not too difficult to bake. Especially not when you are having a Parisian Pâtissier or Pâtissière by your side who is willing to fill you in!

What is going on in Paris in April 2022?

You’ll never get bored when in Paris. From exhibitions, concerts, seasonal events to holidays and traditional festivities—the Paris event calendar is not letting you catch your breath.


01 April – Poisson d’Avril

It’s April’s Fool’s Day, of course! Pranks and jokes everywhere!


01 April – Foire du Trône

The popular and massive springtime funfair has a more than 1000 (yes, a thousand) year-long tradition. Until the 29th of May, you find it near the Bois de Vincennes, where you can enjoy more than 350 attractions and as well food stalls selling candies, churros, and many other treats.


FunFair in Paris
The Foire te Trône has a more than a 1000 year tradition in Paris

02 April – Rhum Fest Paris

If you are visiting the Park Floral on the weekend from the 2nd to the 4th of April, you might notice a faint odor of Rum – that’s because it’s Rhum Fest Time! Get ready to sample rums from more than 60 countries at Europe’s biggest Rum Expo!


03 April – Paris Marathon

The 2022 edition of the Paris Marathon starts on the Champs Élysée, heading east through the Bois de Vincennes and back along the Seine until the Bois de Boulogne. Even if you are not keen on exploring Paris running, expect disruptions and road closures on the day of the event.


16 April – Macchu Picchu and the Treasures of Peru 

From the 16th of April on, head to the Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimione to see the outstanding exposition of 3000 years of Inca culture and ancient Peruvian history. The immersive display shows not only original pieces but also videos, 3D animations of objects that help you put together the pieces of this mystic civilization. (This is not included in the museums pass, you need to purchase specified tickets.)


17 April – Easter Sunday (Pâques)

Sunday, and as well Monday, are Easter. Both days are bank holidays, and you can expect most stores to be closed. But don’t worry if your vacation falls during this time: all sights and attractions are open, Easter is a high season! Make sure to secure your tickets in advance!

Oh, did you actually know that in France it’s not the rabbit that brings chocolates but the cloches, the bells?

Easter in Paris, Easter decoration
Easter in Paris is high season

22 April – Paris Book Fair

A must-visit for every fan of the written word. The Paris Book Fair is a perfect occasion to buy books from your favorite authors, but also to meet your favorite author and have your copy signed. The 2022 book fair goes until the 24th of April and takes place just in front of the Eiffel Tower, in the Grand Palais Ephémère.


25 April – Tour Auto Optic 2000

More than 200 teams are participating in this historic car race. In 5 days, the racing drivers are crossing France, from the starting line at the Grand Palais in Paris until Andorra, the little country south of France. But don’t expect fancy sports cars, only cars from 1951 to 1973 are eligible to compete at the Tour Auto Optic 2000!

28 April – Foire de Paris, The Grand Paris Expo

The fair that happens yearly at the Convention Center at Porte de Versailles is the largest general-purpose fair in Europe. It’s a great place to check out new products, clever inventions or just to buy retail goods, often at a reduced price.

If you have further questions or need some help, click the link to join the free Salut from Paris community on Facebook!