Paris in March 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do!
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Paris in March 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do! 

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Last updated by Lena on 13th of September 2022


Everything you need to know if you plan to spend this March in Paris 

If you are lucky enough to visit Paris in March, you will be granted the first nice days of spring and a slowly awakening city from hibernation. Trees are slowly filling with buds and blossoms, and so are the terraces and parks. It is the beginning of springtime in Paris.

With Easter being late this year, March 2023 will be the calm before the storm in Paris. Don’t expect empty streets and no queues at attractions, either, but the usual Easter vacation buzz won’t be happening until April.


Good reads for your next trip to Paris:

traveling to Paris in March
March in Paris - the Seine is a popular spot to enjoy the first warm sun rays

March is the first month when you have a very good chance for milder days and warm sun rays. And there are always plenty of things to do in Paris, and it surely won’t be boring.

Chances are that you have more plans and ideas than time. Hence, from a sightseeing and activity standpoint, March is a wonderful time to visit Paris, and this year it will be slightly lesser crowded than in other years.

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How’s the March weather in Paris?

One thing that you have to know about your trip in March is that it is the most unreliable month of all: You can have sun, clouds, wind, showers, and even snow and hail in one day.

But unlike the previous winter months, you can expect milder and even a bit longer days in March. Especially in the 2nd half of the month, when it is officially springtime in Paris. The days are getting noticeable longer, and the temperature in Paris in March is rising to 11.8°C (53.2°F) on average high.

If you are traveling to Paris in March, you can expect a tad more rainfall than in February, but the good news is: you are granted more sunshine as well. And: the sun starts to be warm. It is no longer a problem to venture for a picnic along the Seine or enjoy a glass on a terrace on a sunny day.

Just keep in mind that the weather in Paris in March can change quickly and you better enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts.

Paris in early spring, the Eiffel Tower and Cherry Blossoms

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Paris in weather - it can be mild already in Paris
Early spring in Paris, in 2021.

What to wear in Paris in March 2023

For your trip to Paris in March, you don’t need your warm winter coat anymore. To be ready for the challenges of ever-changing weather, dress in layers.

The evenings and mornings can be cold. A good down jacket (like this one) is perfect: It keeps you warm when required, but is lightweight and packable enough for you to carry it around in your bag without that it takes up much space.

Invest in quality Merino socks, (I have this pair, and what a difference it makes!) and bring a little travel umbrella. This one is tiny and fits in every bag.

Even though you are granted warmer weather in Paris in March, you’ll spend much time indoors. Keep in mind that it’s usually very heated in stores, museums, and restaurants. For this reason, I carry around a tote bag, in which I can quickly cram my jacket when needed.

When packing for your trip to Paris this March, make sure you pack the following items to defy the ever-changing March weather.


An umbrella or rain jacket 

It can be very wet in Paris in March, with showers, and even hail.  Hence, you certainly require something to dry.  Be it an umbrella, a poncho (practically, but admittedly unusual in Paris), or simply a rain jacket.

What to pack for Paris in MarchA small travel umbrella is a good choice for a getaway to Paris in March. Due to its small size, it fits easily in your bag. It might be less practical than a rain jacket, but easier to pack away when the sky brightens up.



Waterproof Shoes

March is on average warmer than the previous months, but it is still far from summer and showers are frequent.  Make sure your feet are dry and warm, so you can enjoy the Parisian cityscape without being troubled by cold or wet feet.
What to wear in Paris in March
Your most stylish and weather appropriate option is a pair of waterproof Chelsea boots. They look not only great, but they also keep you warm and dry. If you need more inspiration for good walking shoes for Paris, check our guide!



A good and lightweight Down Jacket

Personally, I think a down jacket is one of the most important travel items. When exploring a city, you often leave your room early in the morning and get back only late at night.

Down Jacket - What to wear in Paris in March

Being well-equipped for all sorts of weather is essential, but you, of course, can’t carry a heavy backpack with you all day.

The temperatures in Paris in March are changing a lot, especially between day and night. A lightweight down jacket like this one fits even in a small bag! It is truly indispensable.

what to wear in Paris in March
me in Paris (and Reims) in 2018, 2020 and 2021 – chill but not freezing cold

I am adding these pictures just to give you a better idea. This is me in Paris (and Reims) in March and as you can see, I am not dressed overly warm.

Best things to do in Paris in March 2023

When traveling to Paris this March, don’t worry about surprise closures. With Easter happening only in April, March 2023 has no bank holidays that would interfere with your travel plans. This being said, keep in mind that:

  • March is still low considered low season in Paris and activities, museums and landmarks are running on a winter schedule with reduced opening times.


Visit the best Parisian museums 

Save time and money and get the Paris Museums Pass here 

Whether you are traveling to Paris in a group or set off for a solo trip to Paris, the museums of Paris are nothing you want to miss. March is furthermore a great month to marvel at some of the world’s most impressive masterpieces.

Of course, museums are a wonderful shelter to save you from showers and cold, but March is also great because you have the best chances to visit Paris museums without massive crowds. 

If you did not book it already, I recommend considering getting the Paris Museums Pass, which grants you free admission to more than 60 most remarkable Museums of Paris and is financially very intriguing. It already pays off if you’d only visited these 5 Paris highlights, but check the benefits here for yourself.

Visit the museums of Paris in March
The Louvre, the world’s famous museum, can’t be missing on your Paris bucket list


Stroll the beautiful parks of Paris and look for the first spring blossoms

Paris has more than 400 parks and gardens, and March is an astounding time to visit some of them. March is the beginning of spring and the perfect time to witness how the first blooms and buds appear.

Of course, cherry blossoms receive the most fame and if you are lucky, you get to see some of these beauties towards the end of March. But far more spectacular are actually Magnolias! The pink and rose blossoms are thick and rather large, and you can see them in March all over Paris.

what to do in PAris during March? Visit the parks
When the sun gets warmer in March, the Parisian parks are a wonderful place to relax

One of the most iconic spots to see Magnolias is by the Eiffel Tower, but also in the Jardin du Palais Royal, the Tuileries, and many more. See our post about the most beautiful parks in Paris to know where to head to!


Take a Cheese, Wine, and Pastry tour through Montmartre

Click here to know about schedules, prices, and bookings

Montmartre is hands down one of the nicest quarters of Paris. Even though you will already enjoy strolling on your own, you will miss half of its magic. Montmartre has so many secret corners and anecdotes that it is absolutely worth it to spend the extra penny and join a guided walking tour.  

visit Montmartre in March - Paris in the spring
The Maison Rose – a location that you might recognize from Emily in Paris

To make absolutely the most of your Montmartre adventure and also don’t miss the occasion to indulge in local specialties and devices, consider this tour. You will not only discover the well-known artist district but also sample cold cuts, cheese, pastries, chocolates, and of course wine.


Enjoy the view from the Eiffel Tower

Book your refundable tickets to the Eiffel Tower here.

A trip to Paris is incomplete without enjoying the magnificent views from the iconic Eiffel Tower. Don’t lose time and book your ticket to the summit here.

Good to know: The cheapest ticket option to reach the visitors’ platform on the 2nd floor is by taking the stairs. If you are keen on saving some money, just keep in mind that it’s 674 stairs to the 2nd floor and that it might be icy and blustery in the open staircase.


Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris in March
Magnolias by the Eiffel Tower


Visit the Château de Versailles and get free entry to the beautiful gardens

Click here to save time and purchase your admission in advance

Most Paris visitors are taking a day trip from Paris, and many are deciding to venture to Versailles, a town just a few miles outside the capital. And it is a solid choice, especially in March.

The Castle is of course breathtaking, but so are the famous castle gardens. If you are visiting Versailles in March, you came at a perfect time. Not only are the castle grounds still free to visit during the week time (before the Fountain and Musical Shows starting in April), but they also slowly start to bloom!

I recommend booking your tickets here in advance to save a lot of time when you are on-site.

Visit Versailles in March
The impressive Palace of Versailles

What is going on in Paris in March 2023?

You’ll never get bored when in Paris. From exhibitions, concerts, and seasonal events to holidays and traditional festivities—the Paris event calendar is not letting you catch your breath.


until 05. March – Salon de l’Agriculture

The French Agriculture Fair is one of the most important events in Paris regarding conventions and trade fairs. The agriculture exhibition lasts 10 days, until the 5th of March, and is a great opportunity to get to know France, and its agriculture and regional heritage better.

The event showcases products from all over France: From typical dairy products from the  Normandy region and delicious dry-cured sausages from the French Alps to quality Rum distilled in the French overseas departments. The diversity and range of the Salon d’Agriculture are spectacular. And the best: you can sample the French specialties on many occasions.


05. Mar – Paris Semi Marathon

The sign-ups for this semi-Marathon are still open, so if running from Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes (and back) is something you could do, save the date!


08. Mar – Jour de la Femme

The French own the reputation to express their opinion without hesitation and very often in form of strikes and manifestations. Hence, not surprisingly, the 8th of March is a meaningful day for everyone.


24. Mar – International Documentary Film Festival

Until the 2nd of April 2023, the Centre Pompidou hosts the 45th International Documentary Film Festival. Get more information here.


More activities for you to spend a great time in Paris


17. Mar – St. Patricks Day

Like in many other cities, Paris celebrates as well St. Patrick’s Day! For the full Irish immersion, head to one of the many Irish pubs in Paris. But even if you are not up for a pint or three, four, five…. it’s hard to miss the Irish national day even in Paris: Many Monuments are illuminated green on this day!

St. Patrick's Day in Paris
Celebrate St.Patricks Day in one of the many Irish Pubs in Paris


18. Mar – Saut Hermès 2023

If you love a spectacular event in a stunning setting and have a thing for horses, the Saut Hermès is for you. Over 3 days, the beautiful Grand Palais in the heart of Paris transforms into a showjumping and equestrian ballet arena. It is one of the most prestigious competitions and an event to remember.


20. Mar – Macaron Day

Light and tender Macarons are delicious every day, but of course, knowing that the 20th of March is actually Macaron Day ads an extra reason to eat a couple of these little devices.

Or Maybe celebrate this day even by joining a Macaron workshop in the Galeries Lafayette? Click here for more information on pricing and schedules. 

Macaron making in Paris
Learn how to bake delicious Macarons from a Parisian Chef


27. Mar – National Cheese Day

It would be weird if there wasn’t a Cheese Day in France, wouldn’t it? Look out for posters in shop windows of cheese stores to know who is participating – they often offer a cheese platter for a little price to sample their finest products.

Paris in March

If you have further questions or need some help, click the link to join the free Salut from Paris community on Facebook!