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Updated: January 2020

Paris is the city of monumental architecture and imposing buildings. But also a city with hidden gems and secret attractions just as numerous as it’s cobbled stone alleys and narrow corners.

If you are traveling to Paris for the first time, it’s rather easy to go for a straight forward been-there-done-that city escape. Please do take time to do so; visit the Eiffel Tower (don’t miss our guide!) and climb up the stairs to Sacré Coeur. Even have a stroll on the Champs Elysées! It’s lovely and despite all the hype, you haven’t been to Paris if you didn’t see this part of the city.


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And then, once you’ve seen all the obvious, go and look for the secret Paris attractions. Search for the hidden gems of Paris. To make it a bit easier, I assembled a wide list of unusual things to do in Paris for you. Don’t miss the best unique places in Paris!

PS: This list comes free of charge and I hope it helps you to have the best Paris trip possible. It contains some affiliate links though. This means, if you book something over a link I shared (a hotel, a flight, a tour…), I might earn – at no extra cost for you – a little commission. It’s not much but it helps to keep this page up and running.


Paris hidden gems – discover the secret places in Paris

Best hidden gems in Paris – Parks, and Gardens

Ξ Visit the Parc de Bercy

The Parc de Bercy is a rather small park just next to the Cours Saint Emilion. It has different areas and combines a variety of concepts if you want to see a tourist-free part of Paris, that’s your place to be.


Ξ Have a walk in the Jardins du Luxembourg

The garden in the very center of Paris is one of the biggest gardens in Paris. It’s a classical french park with water basins, statues and plenty of free to use chairs to relax, have lunch or watch people.

hidden treasures Paris: luxembourg garden paris in the center of Paris - secret tip: get your lunch in a nearby bakery. Read more about Paris hidden gems and Paris secret tips on our Blog
The Jardin Luxembourg in the center of Paris – grab your lunch in a bakery and take a seat – or just come around to read a book, you’ll always find a free chair

Ξ Visit the Gardens of Albert Kahn

The 4 hectares garden is especially nice if you are visiting Paris in the Spring – it’s a patchwork of different garden and architecture styles and you find Japanese, French and English gardens, but also roseries, orchards, and forests. The Albert Kahn Gardens are truly a hidden spot in Paris. 


Ξ Visit the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

The Buttes-Chaumont is the 5th biggest park in Paris and comes with some interesting features: a waterfall, an extension bridge, a temple and due to the immense difference in levels a fantastic view parts of Paris.


Ξ Have a picnic at Champ de Mars

Probably not the most secret place but a priceless view: the Champ de Mars is just in front of the Eiffel Tower


Ξ See the Rodin sculptures in the Tuileries 

The Tuileries is another big park in Paris but apart from its convenient location between the Champs Elysées and the Louvre, the Rodin sculptures should not be missed.


Ξ Have a picnic at Parc Montsouris and look out for the wild parrots 

Montsouris is just next to the Cité Universitaire, the big student residence in the south of Paris. Hence, the easy-going ambiance. Also, there are parrots. (and nice private alleys nearby to take great pics for Instagram (check out the area around Rue Nansouty)


Hidden Gems – Shows and Concerts

Ξ See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Studio Galande

Just next to St. Michel you can see Brad and Janet! Know that there is no advance sale at the Studio Galande ! Be there 45 minutes early and queue to get admission tickets


Ξ See a movie at Cinema Harlequin

The cinema plays mainly classic movies but also foreign pieces in the original version. Check here to see their recent schedule


Ξ Attend an open-air concert in Parc Floral

Throughout summer plenty of concerts are happening in Parc Floral, mainly Jazz and Classic. Many of them are free, however, the park charges a small admission fee.


Ξ Enjoy live music at Fête de la Musique

every year on the 21 of June, Paris becomes one big stage. You basically have concerts everywhere: in Parks, bars, venues or simply on the streets. Most of them are free.


Ξ See the parade for Chinese new year at Place d’Italie

The Asian community in Paris is quite big and so are the festivities for the Chinese New Year. The most significant is the parade that leads through China Town and starts around Place d’Italie. Get there a bit early to get a good place.

Unusual things to do in Paris - visit Chinatown and see the new years parades! great idea if you're up for some offbeat things to do in Paris. If you are searching for hidden gems in Paris, you shouldn't miss this Parade -hidden gems paris
The Parisian Chinatown lays in the 13th arrondissement and if you’re there around the new year, don’t miss the parades for the Chinese new year – meeting point: place d’Italie!

Ξ See free concerts at the Fnac Summer festival


Ξ Enjoy a free open-air cinema session at Parc la Villette

Grab a picnic cover and a bottle of wine and enjoy a warm summer night at Parc la Villette. The cinema sessions are usually taking place around August.


Ξ Attend a free reading session at Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and Company is one of the most iconic and famous bookstore in Paris and they are hosting free reading sessions on most Mondays. Be there early to get a seat inside and stay a bit late to share a glass of wine with the author.


Food and Drinks – secret tips

Interested in Food? Check our food guide and know which treat not to miss in Paris!

Ξ Eat a Falafel at L’As du Falafel

This restaurant in the heart of the Marais is the favorite Falafel place of Lenny Kravitz. You can either try to get a seat inside or you simply get a Falafel Sandwich as take away. Don’t get put off by the queue though, they are pretty fast.


Ξ Have a drink or join an event at La REcyclerie

La REcyclerie in the north of Paris is a Bar, Restaurant, Shop and eco project that uses parts of the old railway ring around Paris for their projects. It’s a pretty cool and inspiring place.


Ξ Eat some melon bread or matcha brioche from Aki

Aki is a Japanese bakery at Rue St.Anne, the Japanese Quarter in Paris.. it’s also the place in Paris to have the best Ramen

Aki Boulang
Aki Boulanger – hidden gems in Paris

Ξ Have wine on the Seine river banks

A very popular – and low budget – activity for basically everyone. Beer works as well 🙂 The Jardin Tino Rossi is a good place for it.


Ξ Get some chocolates at Patrick Roger


Pro Tip


Ξ Have some yummy treats at Lafayette Gourmet

The food court of the Galeries Lafayette is great to have lunch or just to stroll around and enjoy some free samples. Click here to know more!


Ξ Enjoy cocktail at a speakeasy bar in Paris

There are a few secret bars in Paris, hidden behind stores, launderettes or restaurants. A really cool experience.. read more about secret bars and speakeasies here


Ξ Eat a Currywurst at Café Titon

This is probably one of the least Parisian things to do (and eat) in Paris but if you are fond of Germany (or soccer matches or Jägermeister or said Currywurst), you should check out this charming little Bar


Ξ Buy some cheese at Fromagerie Quatrehommes

our secret Paris tip: get some cheese in Paris from Fromagerie Quatrehomme Eatin cheese in Paris is not one of the hidden things to do in Paris - but finding a good fromagerie is like finding the secret of Paris - get to know the hidden Paris for cheese lovers
There can’t be too much cheese, right? Paris is cheese paradise!

Ξ Have a drink at the Petit Bain

A rather unique place in Paris; the Petit Bain is a barge on the Seine that got converted to a bar and little concert venue.


Ξ Enjoy an outdoor apéro at Le Pont des Arts


Ξ Eat Asian food in Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement

Paris Chinatown is rather an Asian town as it has a very high Vietnamese and Laotian population. And also excellent Pho. Our Recommendation: try the Vietnamese sandwiches from Tang Frère, they are the best you can get in Paris! If you are more up for a seated lunch or dinner,  try the Thai restaurant Lao Lane Xang – it’s our favorite!


Ξ Eat a real Crèpe bretonne or Galette at Rue du Montparnasse

Montparnasse is the train station that serves trains arriving from the west of France. Hence, folks from Bretagne arrived here back in the days and settled down within the area. That’s why it’s the best place in Paris to eat authentic Breton Crèpe and Galette!


Ξ Drink some really good coffee at Hexagone Café

This coffee house is a truly hidden Paris gem if you like coffee. Besides the excellent brew, it’s a nice work café with a good internet connection, a real offbeat tip if you are in for coffee.


Ξ Have some Ramen at Rue Sainte Anne

The Rue Sainte Anne is famous for the best Japanese restaurants in Paris! You can easily find the best restaurant by just checking the lengths of the queue!


Ξ Have some Macaron at Pierre Hermé

Besides Ladurée probably the best Macaron in Paris. They are insanely popular and you most likely have to queue a bit to get some … however, they are as expensive as delicious.


Ξ Have a drink at Rue Mouffetard

A cobbled stone street with about a trillion bars and restaurants.

Secret Paris attraction: Have an apero along the Seine - like many Parisians do in nice summer nights - great secret gems paris
There are trillions of places to have an Apéro in Paris – either in a bar, on a terrasse or picnic-style along the Seine or in one of the many parks

Ξ Have some rhum at La Rhumerie

Apart from a huuuuge selection of rums of all origins and kinds, they serve very good food as well – don’t miss the Accras!


Ξ Attend the Salon des Vignerons Indépendants 

Each year in November winegrowers from all over France is gathering in the Paris Exposition Centre at Porte de Versailles to present and sell their grape juice. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, you can taste A. LOT.


Food Related events in Paris 2020

  • Mer et Vigne 31. January – 3. February
  • Taste of Paris 14. May -17. May
  • Salon d’agriculture 22. Feburary – 1. March
  • Rhumfest 25. and 27. April
  • Salon de Chocolat 21. October – 25. October
  • Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre – 7. October to 11. October


Hidden Gems – Shops and Markets

Ξ Stroll over the covered book market at Parc Georges Brassens

This is one of the best-hidden treasures of Paris. If you are searching for old books, that’s your place! The little covered book market is next to Parc Georges Brassens, a nice place to have a walk or relax in the sun.

Also, if you want to discover the 15th and 14th arrondissement more in-depths, check our post about the Vanves Flea Market and the Petite Ceinture.

hidden gems Paris - visit the covered book market at Parc Georges Brasses
Hidden things to do in Paris: Visit the covered book market at Parc Georges Brassens


Ξ Get to know France’s agriculture at Salon de Agriculture

A big trade fair where producers from all over France are presenting their goods. It’s mainly a big feast of cold cuts, wines and sweets (to buy and to sample for free), but also a big exhibition of animals, machines, and merchandise.


Ξ Visit the Vanves flea market at Porte de Vanves

This lesser know flea market is an excellent offbeat location to explore the lesser-known south of Paris – especially if you use this occasion for a walk around the area – check our recommendations and get more info about the Puces de Vanves here


Ξ Stroll over the flower market at l’Ile de la Cité

This every day and all-day market is famous for flowers – and birds! The latter are only sold Sundays though.


Ξ Shop some vintage fashion in one of the kilo shops near the Mairie de Paris

The kilo shop is probably the most known vintage store, but there are plenty! Check out the Marais! Or head over to the famous Galeries Lafayette: they have a decent vintage section as well!

hidden treasures in paris: visit one of the pedestrian cobbled stoned street and discover hidden places in Paris and food paradise
visit a pedestrian streets in Paris with fresh product stores left and right – usually those streets have nice Bars and Restaurants as well

Ξ Buy your lunch on one of Paris many markets

Check this link to get a list of opening times of all markets in Paris


Ξ Explore the covered passage

Probably one of the nicest walks you can have in  Paris – especially if you want to see a Paris with the flair of past times. The covered passages are all in about the same area and it makes as well a great destination for rainy days.

Hidden places Paris and unusual things to do in Paris -visit the covered passages and discover a secret Paris on your way from one to the other - Paris secret tips: they are all worth a visit!
The covered passages are a great tip if the weather isn’t great and are a nice secret Paris attraction


Ξ Enjoy some village shopping flair at Rue de Commerce


Ξ Check the market and stores around Rue Montorgueil

another cobblestone street with a lot of delis, bars, and restaurants. A good place to either have lunch or to buy lunch to take away and have a picnic somewhere.


Hidden Gems – Museums and Exhibitions

Ξ Visit the Museum of Modern Art 

With more than 11000 œuvres the MAM is one of the biggest museums in Paris and: it’s free! However, you are kindly asked to donate 5€.


Ξ See a photography exhibition at Galerie de l’Instant

A tiny gallery with impressive photographs. The admission is free.


Ξ Visit a museum for free on the first Sunday of the month 

Wanna see art for free? Check out our post about free museums in Paris!


Ξ Visit the Vampire Museum

The Parisian Vampire Museum is run privately by a vampire enthusiast. You need to book ahead to get access.


Ξ Discover the Sewers of Paris (note: due to renovations it’s closed until mid-2020)

That might sound odd, but you can actually visit the Sewers of Paris!


Good news for holders of the Paris Museums Pass: Admission is free for Paris Museums Pass owners! Click here for more info on the Paris Museums Pass and learn what are the more than 60 Museums in and out Paris are included! (Spoiler: priority access to the Louvre and Versailles are in, and so is free public transportation)


Ξ Admire street art at la Butte aux Cailles

The elevated area just next to Place d’Italie is covered with street art. The Butte aux Cailles is also great for having lunch, dinner or drinks and is not as expensive as many other areas in Paris.


Ξ Get your cultural input at the Nuit Blanche

La Nuit Blanche is a cultural event in Paris with installations and events all over town. Most of it is free – as is public transportation that evening!


Ξ Dive into the arts of theatre and circus at the Musée des arts forains

The museum can only be visited with a reservation, so better plan ahead!


Ξ Visit the museum atelier of the sculptor Ossip Zadkine

→CLICK here and find out how to visit the most famous museums in Paris for FREE


Ξ Visit the heart of Parisian street art at Belleville

One of the nicest and most authentic villages in Paris – a bit rough around the edges but with a lot of charm. Also with lots of bars, restaurants and street art wherever you look. Check our guide to Belleville to know more about this gem!


Hidden Gems – Walks an Itineraries, discover the secrets of Paris

Ξ Have a walk at the Berge de Seine

The riverside promenade is a relatively newly opened park between the Musée d’Orsay and the Ponte d’Alma near the Eiffel Tower. It’s also great for skating and biking.


Ξ Walk along the Coulée Verte

If you want a see the 12th arrondissement from an unusual perspective, get up the Coulée Verte and walk from Bastille 4.7km. until the Parisian city limits on the elevated promenade on top of the Viaduct des Arts. Click here to know more!


Ξ Take a walk along the Petite Ceinture

Alternatively, check out the Petite Ceinture in the 15th – the old railway around Paris got newly reopened for public and a must-visit for everyone who wants to see a different side of Paris. Read more here


Don’t miss our itinerary for a walking tour through the completely non-touristic areas of Monceau and Batignolles – click here to know more!


Ξ Have a walk on Île Saint Louis

The Island on the Seine lays just next to the Île de la Cité, location of the famous Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris.


Ξ Walk up Belleville and enjoy the fabulous view 

Read our complete review and guide to the wonderful Belleville area here and make sure not to miss the amazing street art that is covering the quartier. Are you rather have a local show you around and get valuable insider views? Click here to see all available Street Art Tours in Paris! 


Ξ Rent a Vélib and have a ride along the Seine

That’s one of the nicest things you can do on a sunny day – you can either rent a Vélib (or another bike-sharing service) and cycle on your own or you take a guided bike tour as a sightseeing trip – check out our post to get the exact itinerary and see the video to get an idea of how beautiful it is!


Ξ Have a walk at Canal St.Martin 

The canal in the northeast of Paris is a perfect place to enjoy an outside Apéro or just to have a walk-in a less touristic area.

Paris hidden treasure: The Canal St. Martin in the North east of Paris belongs to the rather hidden things to do in Paris
Canal St. Martin in the North East of Paris – definitive a hidden gem in Paris – especially in summer

Check out this walking tours in 2020


Hidden Gems – more unusual things to do in Paris

Ξ Enjoy the view over Paris from the roofs Galerie LaFayette

Get up to the rooftop on the 7th floor and enjoy one of the best views over Paris – for free! If you’re visiting during summer 2019, you can even get a bite or enjoy a sunset cocktail at the pop-up vegetarian restaurant Créatures.


Ξ See the Statue of Liberty at Allées des Cygnes

But it’s not the only Statue of Liberty in Paris!  There is at least one hidden in the Jardin de Luxembourg … can you find it?


Ξ … or the Flame of Liberty

You probably know by now that the Statue of Liberty was built in France by no one less than Gustave Eiffel (the name rings a bell, right? :)) and then shipped over to New York City where the lady got assembled.. however, a replica of the Flame of Liberty can be visited in Paris until today – close the Métro Station Alma Marceau!


Ξ Take a picture of l’Arc de Triomphe from La Défense

La Défense is a nice spot to take pictures from the Arc de Triomphe, but also has a great Mall and it’s own arch!


Ξ Play some board games at “le dernier bar avant la fin de monde”

Clearly one of the geekiest places in Paris. Apart from playing board games, you can take a seat on the Iron Throne or take a selfie with R2D2. If you’re into E-Sports and gaming in general, pass by the Meltdown Bar


Ξ Sit on the stairs at Sacré Coeur and watch street performer and artists

Just grab some beers (or buy some from the guys walking around selling them), have a seat, enjoy the view over Paris and life itself. Check out our complete Montmartre guide for more off-beat tips!


Ξ See the oldest houses of Paris in Rue de Montmorency


Ξ Read a Manga in Fnac

Their book department has a quite good Manga section and even though it’s probably not intended,  you always have plenty of people just sitting around on the floor and reading their favorite books.


Ξ Visit Paris’ famous university La Sorbonne

well.. you can’t just walk in unless you are a student, but you can try to get into one of their tours that are held almost daily. However, even if you just walk around its walls, it’s a nice promenade thought the Latin Quarter, a quirky area with typical student vibes. Fun Fact: La Sorbonne is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1253!

Paris secret spot near la Sorbonne: find the Banksy Graffiti in Rue Victor Cousin



Ξ See the painted houses at rue Crémieux

Paris secret tips - little cobbled stoned alleys and colorful houses are some of the many hidden gems of Paris. Check them out if you want to discover offbeat PAris
Colourful houses in Rue Crémieux – perfect for your instagram profile 🙂

Ξ Visit the vineyards in Montmartre

Did you know that there are vineyards in Paris? The most famous one lays just beyond the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. If you are in town in September, make sure to visit the annual vine harvest festival. It’s basically a big street food festival with loads of wine. Sounds great, right? Click here to get more information on Montmartre – we wrote a massive guide!


Ξ Find Point Zero

Supposedly in the epicenter of Paris. The plate in the ground is close to Notre Dame and can be easily overseen as it’s .. well just a round plate in the ground. However, it’s traditionally the point that functions as a reference to anywhere else around France. It’s also one of those spots that are known to be granting wishes 🙂


Ξ Paris hidden places: arènes de Lutèce

Who would have thought that you can find a real roman arena in the middle of Paris?! Well, you can! check this guide to get more offbeat tips for the Quartier Latin


Ξ Enjoy a summer in the city at Paris Plage 

Summer in Paris means Paris Plage! During July and August, the Seine river transforms into a laid back urban beach scene … with changing cultural and sportive offers, pop up bars, music, and all sorts of animation. Click here to know more about it! 


Ξ Search Simone de Beauvoir’s grave at the cemetery du Montparnasse

And while you’re at it, Jean-Paul Sartre rests just next to her!

Everyone is searching for grave of Jim Morrison, but the unusual thing to do in Paris is to search for Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir tomb - Secret things to do in Paris
Everyone is searching for the grave of Jim Morrison, but the unusual thing to do in Paris is to search for Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir tomb

Ξ Visit la place de la Sorbonne 

check also our posts about the best locations to stay in Paris to find out why the Quartier Latin is in!


Ξ Sneak into the Hotel Dieu

Just next to the famous cathedral Notre Dame lays a truly hidden place. Most people just walk by, not knowing what they’re missing! Curious? Check here to know more!


Ξ See the modern Paris around Bibliothèque François Mitterrand and avenue de France

The new 13th arrondissement is nothing like Paris as you know it. It’s rather a business and student district with modern glass facades, hip coffee, and Bagel stores. If you visit Paris and would like to get it as a total; you shouldn’t miss this are


Ξ Visit the l’hotel de Sens

Watch out for the cannonball that is still stuck in one of the walls – a souvenir from the French Revolution!


Click here to get to our selection of the most romantic budget hotels! 


Ξ Go for a swim on the Seine at the swimming pool Piscine Josephine Baker 

Don’t worry, you’re not swimming IN the Seine, but in a pool that is installed on it!


Ξ Visit Rue des Thermopyles

This half-hidden street and very green alley in the 14th arrondissement makes a perfect motive for an Instagram post!


Ξ Take metro line 6 from Trocadero and Bir Hakeim 

and have a special Paris-Metro-moment while crossing the Seine just next to the Eiffel Tower. It’s probably the nicest Metro track section of Paris, with a stunning view especially at night. It’s the best way to approach the Eiffel Tower – read more about it here


Ξ Enjoy the sun in the Tuileries

Discover Paris off the beaten path. See the secret Paris and experience Paris like a local
Enjoying the last rays of sun in autumn in the Tuileries



If you have any questions about Paris or need some advice and how to plan your trip, don’t hesitate to reach out!  I created a Facebook group for this matter and I am available to help you out! Click here to join the Salut from Paris Facebook group!

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