eating and drinking in Paris

Food is not only food in Paris, it’s an attraction. A “must taste” sight that should be on everyone’s Paris list.

It’s easy to find a Croissant or a Crêpes, they are sold basically everywhere! But what else is there that you should definitely try on your trip to Paris? In this section of Salut from Paris I am showing you some of my favourite places and loads of delicious food!

Have a look at our Paris Food Guide and learn more about the best dishes and treats you get in Paris!

The following posts will give your more detailed information and ideas on how to please your foodie heart:


For drinks, check out our post about the Parisian speakeasy bars! Especially the one about the Mabel!

speakeasy bars

And if you are in Paris in summer, maybe the roof top bar Le Jardin Suspendu is something you might like!


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