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Paris is food heaven, that’s for sure! You find tons of amazing restaurants that will guarantee you the ultimate food experience.

But what if sitting down in a fancy restaurant is not really what you’re looking for? Especially if you’re traveling to Paris with kids or teenagers? I know how frustrating it can be to eat at a great (and pricy!) place but rather than enjoying the food and the wine, you are busy entertaining your kids…

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And well, many French restaurants do tend to feel a wee bit… stiff. It’s not easy to find fun and easy-going places in Paris that your kids will love and where you don’t have to compromise on food.

Read on to know where to find fun restaurants in Paris! Places that even your picky eaters or bored teens will enjoy!


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What are the most quirky and fun restaurants in Paris?

I curated a list of places I love – cause you don’t need to be a teenager anyway to like casual and fun places 🙂


La Felicità

Craving Italian food in a location that is perfect for showing off Instagram pictures? Head over to La Felicità!

La Felicità is basically made for being captured. It’s a spacious Italian indoor food market in an old train station. You get delicious Pizza at station F, amazing Italian salads. Pasta and pastry.. and the coffee! The decoration is amazing – it’s full of plants, old carpets, plenty of seating areas, and did I mention that they have 2 full-size train wagons?

Felicità is also a good place to sit down, log in to their wifi, and get some work done.

Where is it? Metro Chevaleret or Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand, not too far from Jardin des Plantes and Bercy

The decoration at La Felicità is one of a kind - a quirky and fun restaurant in Paris
One of my favorite eateries in Paris!


Dernier bar avant la fin du monde

The last bar before the end of the world… This bar is as geeky as it sounds. From Star Wars and Marvel to Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Doctor Who. With film quizzes in the restrooms, a cozy common room with free board games to play, requisites from cinema and TV .. and of course themed dishes and drinks. Perfect to spend a cool family lunch or afternoon tea, while playing some games. Click for more info

Where is it? Le Dernier Bar is right in the center of Paris, Metro Châtelet. Close to Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, and the Rue de Rivoli.

Board games in Paris
Le dernier bar avant la fin du monde – play board games while enjoying your food


Le café des chats – the cat café

It is what it sounds like – a tea house with cats. 11 of them to be precise! Well, the 11 cats are owning the place and they generously let you hang out to enjoy a cuppa.

Le café des chats is a classic Parisian tea house with a good choice on teas and coffees, and of course cake and pastries. However, they do serve as well classic french brasserie dishes like Croque Monsieur or a salad with goat cheese. If that’s nothing your kid would possibly eat – they do serve burgers as well, even veggie burgers!

Where is it? Metro Bréguet – Sabin or Bastille. The Café des Chats is also close to the Place de Vosges.



Gossima Ping Pong Bar

That bar is one of a kind. Have some food, a drink – with or without alcohol, well..  and a ping pong match! The Gossima Ping Pong Bar opens already at 4 pm and you can stay easily away from the nightlife scene.. if you want to! It’s certainly a fun way to end a sightseeing day in Paris!

Where is it? Metro Rue-Saint-Maur or Ménilmontant, between Père Lachaise and Belleville



La ReCyclerie

One of the most people and environment-friendly eateries of Paris. La ReCyclerie serves foods and drinks but is way more than that: an urban farm, a “repair café”, a place of humanity and conversations, room for exploration, nature, and well being. For everyone interested in zero waste and sustainability.

Where is it? Metro Porte de Clignancourt, not too far from Montmartre and the Fleamarket at Port de St.Ouen

La Recyclerie is built over old train racks
La ReCyclerie <3



The Meltdown

Another geeky place in Paris, with a high focus on video games and e-sports. The Meltdown is equipped with several gaming PCs, consoles, and arcade machines that are free to play as long as you are buying a drink or a snack.

Where is it? Metro Ledru-Rollin, close to Bastille

video games bar in Paris



James Bún – Hanoi Street Food

.. and it feels like Hanoi! The place resembles a food stall, including the colorful little plastic stools that are so typical for southeast Asia, the open kitchen, and of course Bó Bún, Banh Mih, and Phó.

They have 3 restaurants in Paris – click here for more info.

fun restaurants in Paris james bun
James Bún, Oberkampf – quirky colorful interior


Hard Rock Café Paris

It’s a classic and shouldn’t be missing on the list of where to eat with your teenager in Paris. The Hard Rock Café in Paris is like any other Hard Rock Café in the world, you get exactly what you expect, plus a gift shop. Burgers, pulled pork, apple pies, music, and the exhibition of original items from the music industry. It’s definitely a safe bet!

Where is it? Metro Grands Boulevards or Richelieu-Drouot, close to Opéra Garnier



Hank Burger (vegan!)

Craving burgers but need a vegan option? Head over to Hank Burger in the Marais! Hank Burger is a vegan-only place, no eggs, no cheese… only veggie products. They even have a gluten-free burger, if that’s what you need! They are delicious and one of the most popular vegan address in Paris!

Where is it? Metro Rambuteau, close to the Centre Pompidou and the Picasso Museum.

the cozy seating area in on the upper floor of Hanks Burger



Dans le Noir 

… in the darkness. You need to take the name of this restaurant literally as you will indeed enjoy your dinner in complete darkness.

It might be a bit creepy but you get a completely new perspective on flavor and tastes. Just know that it’s not that cheap and nothing for fuzzy eaters – it’s an organic gastronomic menu. Check here for their menu and prices

Where is it? Metro Rambuteau, close to the Centre Pompidou and Les Halles.

dans le noir
Dans le noir – that’s the best picture I could take haha

Do you know more unique restaurants? Let me know in the comment section below – I can’t wait to try them!


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