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The Best Cocktail Bars in Paris, if you fancy excellent cocktails, you came to the right place. Say goodbye to mediocre Mojitos and sugar-sweet Piña coladas and find out how good a cocktail really can taste. Explore the best Cocktail Bars of the Parisian nightlife.


Laurent, a Rum and Spirit Expert, took the time to present us with a list of his favorite


Cocktail Bars in Paris. I can assure you that he absolutely knows what he is talking about when it comes to high-quality spirits, mixology, and Paris Cocktail Bars.

Because Laurent is not only a blogger at Les Rhums de l’Homme a la Poussette, he is also a podcaster, published author, journalist, and jury member of several French Spirit Awards. The list is long, and I think you get the idea: Laurent is an expert when it comes to liquors, and I am honored that he is sharing his best addresses with us.


What are the best Cocktail Bars in Paris, Laurent?

Laurent: This list is not supposed to be an objective Top 5 but rather my selection of good and varied cocktail bars in Paris. France is a bit behind the main cities of the world (like London, New York, or Singapore) in terms of bars specializing in mixology. But the taste and interest of French cocktails lovers are growing, and so is the Parisian Cocktail Bar scene.



 6 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris
Nestled in a very charming passage (the Galerie Vivienne), this Parisian bar welcomes you through the Italian restaurant Daroco.  You have to go past a heavy velvet curtain to enter the sort of speakeasy, Danico. Dim light, comfy chairs, and black and white design set the atmosphere, before one of the team members sits you, and brings you a glass of water alongside the menu.

Best Cocktail bars in Paris
If you would rather not enter through the restaurant, you also can take a shortcut through the Galerie Vivienne

A dozen of very inventive drinks – to say the least – playing on unexpected associations, are only waiting for you to try. Fortunately, all ingredients, the method used, and the general taste of each cocktail are described on the menu, so you aren’t lost.

Even more helpful, the personnel itself, which is made of experienced bartenders, can guide you through the various and delicious creations.


Little Red Door

➤ 60 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
You’ll have to head towards the Marais district to find this small red door in the rue Charlot. The queue in front of it may help you find it. There are not many places inside the Little Red Door, but the rather small different corners will allow you to feel in your own cozy private space.

Little Red Door
Photo used with permission of Little Red Door is Nr. 29 of the 50 Best Bars in the World


The real show is of course the cocktail menu! The conceptualization and the products are key here. What about a coffee without bitterness and a bitter cocktail without coffee. Or maybe a lemon drink without acidity, or an acid drink without lemon?

The most recent menu is not only offering you ten cocktails, but it’s also introducing you to the farmers who are producing the core ingredients of each of the 10 new creations. For example, beetroot, walnut, lavender, or strawberries.



Le Syndicat

➤ 51 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 75010 Paris
You must know what you are looking for when searching for this bar located in lively rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis.

The very urban and discreet frontage hides well the exceptional place, although when the weather allows, the simple tables and benches outside are a good hint. The setup inside is quite simple as well, and the highlight is no doubt the cocktail list.

The Syndicat is not easy to spot from the outside-  Photos used with permission from Le Syndicat

The young and creative team will make these drinks in a perfect way, pushing forward the mission of Le Syndicat, the defense of French spirits. Indeed, they are using only French spirits, but all other products are French as well: wine, fruits, cheese, vegetables, herbs… All ingredients are assembled with a remarkable savoir-faire.


Cocktail Craft in the Syndicat
cocktails at Le Syndicat – Photos used with permission from Le Syndicat


Dirty Dick

➤ 10 Rue Frochot, 75009 Paris
It has almost been ten years that this bar warms up the already hot Pigalle neighbourhood. You are up for a direct trip to Hawaii! The Dirty Dick is a Tiki Bar that is decorated with a kitschy tropical vibe that sets up the mood.

On the menu, you’ll find typical cocktails from the Aloha State: Pain Killer, Zombie, Mai Tai. Fruity, boozy, and sexy drinks that might be treacherous but so succulent (both being probably linked).

The new 2021 menu proposes some alternatives that have been conceived by the bartenders. Each of them comes with one creation. Don’t miss the show behind the bar where the team is having a lot of fun making up the visually stunning cocktails with sparkles, flames and… lava!


Le Bar 1802

➤ 22 Rue Pascal, 75005 Paris
Located on the ground floor of the Hotel Monte Cristo, this cozy and very well decorated bar offers one product as the star: rum! Le Bar 1802 is, in fact, the biggest Rum Bar in France.

You’ll be able to benefit from the impressive range of sugarcane spirits (more than 1000!). As well as from the new cocktails list, where one rum origin is associated with one product. For instance, among the ten creations, you’ll have the chance to try coffee and Cuban rum, Jamaican with banana, or tobacco and rum from Nicaragua.

Best Cocktail Bars in Paris
Bar 1802—beautiful interior and excellent drinks. Photo Credit: Agence WEBCOM

What’s very appreciable too is the expertise of the team behind the bar, both in terms of cocktails but also in rum; they can guide you through a nice tasting which will make you travel through the world of rum.

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