Salut from Paris!


As you surely figured, this blog is about Paris. It’s about the city’s little quirks and wondrous features. About secret places, mingling and about insider tips. But also about visiting, strolling, feasting and most of all: enjoying.


I am Lena, Hi, nice to meet you 🙂 


I am the human behind Salut from Paris. It’s been already more than 13 years since I live in France. Since I squeezed all my belongings into a pick up truck and moved from a town in Germany to Paris. I stayed and Paris became my home.

To be honest, I was never one of those francophile girls that would rave about the beauty of the French language or dream about the Eiffel Tower. Rather the opposite. I hated French in school and been to Paris only once for a short weekend before moving here.

But sometimes life is random. I happened to meet a French man in New York and spontaneous moved to Paris.

Retrospectively, it very easily could have ended in a complete disaster, just that it didn’t. I found a job, got 2 children, learned to love Paris and am living here happily ever after.



And now I get to meet you here, reading my blog. Most likely because you are preparing a trip to Paris.


I have been exactly where you are now, about 50 times – literally.  My family took a sabbatical in 2018/2019 to travel, and I organised our around the world trip. Researching a location, finding the good spots, going crazy about hotel options and itineraries, aiming to check off the “must-do’s” without missing the hidden gems… I get it.


I know how it is to visit a new place, to be all excited but also a bit worried if everything will go alright. And I am so glad you’ve found my blog so I can help you.


While planning our big trip, I got most of my information from travel blogs, from experts that have been there, done that. And I feel now it’s my turn to give back. I am the Paris expert and I want you to have the best time. To enjoy your trip to Paris to the fullest and to appreciate this wonderful city with everything it has to offer.


If you have any questions about Paris or need some advice and how to plan your trip, don’t hesitate to reach out!  I created a Facebook group for this matter and I am available to help you out! Click here to join the Salut from Paris Facebook group!


So long, Salut from Paris!