When traveling abroad, there are always many questions about all those little things that can create certain insecurities. How do I get to my hotel? Where do I buy a Metro ticket? Which shoes should I packDo I need a converter for my devices?


In this category, I cover everything that will assure you a smooth trip to Paris. The key is to know about the tweaks beforehand and to gather info before you go!


Public Transportation

Most travelers are having difficulties figuring out the Parisian public transport system and honestly, it’s not easy! Especially if you also have to figure out which ticket you need to buy and what is the most beneficial ticket option for your stay! Check the following guides and learn everything you need to know!


How to get around in Paris is an often asked question


Packing Guides

Packing for Paris can be tricky – the season in Paris might be an entirely different one than at home, and the fact that Paris is the world’s fashion capital is adding an extra layer of pressure. And this is without talking about potential converters or visas!

Check out the following packing guides to know more about what you need to bring to Paris!


Know before you go!

If all this is a bit too overwhelming, I get it! If you feel this way, read the following 2 posts, and you are good to go! These are the essentials everyone should know before traveling to Paris, and not much can go wrong anymore!

Blog Posts


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Know before you go

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Packing guides

Best walking shoes for Paris in 2022 

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