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Disneyland Paris can be an exciting vacation and fun for the whole family for days on end. Knowing that traveling from Disneyland Paris to Eiffel Tower is a pretty easy feat with how close the monument is. Thus, it’s hard not to take a quick trip over to see the most-recognizable Parisian landmarks. The monumental tower was built, preparing for the 1889 World’s Fair. This iconic landmark is a must-visit with over 7 million tickets sold annually and is only 43 km away.

Note: to avoid queuing and sold-out tickets, I strongly recommend purchasing your tickets for the Eiffel Tower in advance! 

Visit Option
Eiffel Tower Summit
Eiffel Tower Summit
+ Seine River Cruise
Eiffel Tower 2nd Floor
Eiffel Tower 2nd Floor
+ Seine River Cruise
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a good day trip destination if you spend a few days at Disneyland Paris
The Eiffel Tower in Paris – just a quick ride away from Disneyland Paris


There are quite a few different ways you can get to the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris, from public transportation to driving a rental vehicle or private transfer. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but this guide will help you weigh all the options to help you choose which transportation mode you want to take on your day trip to the Eiffel Tower.



Visit the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris – How to get there best! 

Essentially, you have 4 options to visit Paris during your trip to Disneyland Paris. Booking a private transfer with welcome pickups or joining an organized day trip to Paris is the most convenient way to visit the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland. If you are traveling on a shoestring budget, the train is the cheapest way to see the Eiffel Tower.


Best for
 Private Transfer
families and comfort
budget travelers
10€ round trip
Day Tour to Paris
hassle-free experience
by Car
not recommended
parking ∼ 6€/h

From Disneyland Paris to the Eiffel Tower by Private Transfer

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The most convenient and most direct way to get from Disneyland Paris to the Eiffel Tower is by private transfer. You can easily arrange a pick up from the location of your choice at a time that works best for you. You can sit back and let the drivers handle the traffic.

One of the best transfer services offers Welcome Pickups.

The cars are cleaned and sanitized to the highest standards and between each ride, and drivers are professional, courteous, and English-speaking. They provide you with a sense of comfort and class for your trip to the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland.



The best advantage when booking a private transfer is that you don’t have to share the ride with anyone else, so you can enjoy a fully private ride from Disney to the Eiffel Tower. It’s a great and very convenient option for families and hauling strollers.


Private driver for your daytrip from Disneyland to Paris
Hire a private driver for your family to visit the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris


Cost: fixed cost, no need to worry about gas or paying for parking.

Travel Time: 50 minutes with light traffic and no need to deal with stressful Paris traffic during peak times.

Book your ride to the Eiffel Tower here



From Disneyland to the Eiffel Tower by Train

Read our post about using the Metro in Paris for more information

A train connects Disneyland Paris with central Paris. However, this train, the RER A, does not go all the way to the Eiffel Tower. Nevertheless, it is a great option to visit Paris by train if you are traveling on a budget, especially if you are familiar with Parisian public transportation.

You have several ways to get from Disney to the Eiffel Tower, the easiest is this one:

  1. Disneyland train station Marne la Vallée/Chessy to Nation RER A (red line), 35 minutes ride
  2. transfer to Metro Line 6 direction Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, get out at Bir-Hakeim, and walk 10 minutes to the Eiffel Tower


view from Bir Hakeim Bridge on the Eiffel Tower
You’ll be granted this view when you travel from Disneyland to the Eiffel Tower by Metro


Since March 2022, the train ride costs only 5€ one way and is a great option to save money, but it can be a little complex if you are unfamiliar with the area and is not convenient for small kids and strollers.

Cost: 10€ for adults and 5€ for kid’s roundtrip

Travel Time: 1.5 hours one way, so expect at least 3 hours by train for the day total.


Book a Day trip from Disneyland to Paris



Disneyland to Paris center by Car

Driving by car to get to the Eiffel Tower is an option if you already have a car you can take, but it’s by far the least favorable way to get there. While it can be a convenient option, and you can leave from just about anywhere in Disneyland, you will have to deal with Paris’ heavy traffic. Not to mention, finding a parking spot, can take some time as it’s incredibly difficult and expensive.  It’s about a 60-minute drive with light traffic, so prepare to be in the car for some time if you head there during peak traffic.

Cost: The current cost of gas plus parking prices

Travel Time: 60 minutes with light traffic


Travel to the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris is made easy with the availability of public transportation, private transfers, or getting there on your own with your car. Personally, a private transfer is a way to go for the moderate price and the most convenient, especially if you are traveling with children and strollers.

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