You booked your tickets to visit Paris but you don’t want to add extra fees to check in your luggage? Or you’re wondering about the Paris dress code to dress appropriately in fashion city without being the spot on tourist? Either way – I strongly advice to travel to Paris with a carry-on luggage only. You wonder why?

  • Paris is everything but barrier free… if you ever dragged an over size luggage up and down the stairs in any Metro station, you’ll even leave that extra pair of shoes and the spare jacket at home. Trust me
  • Transports are often very full and sometimes it’s even difficult to find a teeny tiny spot for you’re feet to stand on – imagine yourself with an gigantic suitcase… it would be a hopeless mission to take that ride

If you can travel with a back pack, that’s even handier than a regular cabin-sized hand luggage (and gross plus: you’re not risking to roll your bag through stuff you’d prefer not to)

Paris in early spring - if you wonder what to wear in Paris in spring, don't forgot to take a down jacket; it can be still pretty chill! Dress like a Parisian!
Paris in early spring – if you wonder what to wear in Paris in spring, don’t forgot to take a down jacket; it can be still pretty chill!

Spring is the best time to visit Paris – the city awakes back to life and you can feel it at every corner, in every café and on the extra portion of joie de vivre. It’s finally getting warmer and the days are long enough again to take an apéro on a terrace or an afternoon café outside in the sun. It’s also the time where it’s getting easier to look awesome, where you’re carefully assorted outfit is not hidden anymore under winter coats and hats. But the big question is: what to pack

about the french style
The french style is very natural – effortless even. The look apears like as if you simply put on some clothes and off you go. It’s an elegant and classy look, but not uncomfortable or overdressed – rather laid back and relaxed.

Parisians are dressed classy but not overly styled. Did you know that most are not even wearing much Make-up? Pack Mascara and a lipstick and you’re good to go girl! But let’s do some straight talking: What to really pack to look great in Paris?

What to wear in Paris?

First of all – noone cares what you’re wearing. Really. f you decide to go full sporty with running shoes and sweat pants: please do if it makes you feel good and if this is your style. No-one will look down on you, but most likely spot within a wink that you’re a tourist. This post is not supposed to tell you how you HAVE to dress when you’re in Paris – it’s rather a suggestion based on my daily observations and experiences on how to move around “under cover”, how to mingle best. How to dress like an every day Parisienne.

Items that should stay home
  • uncomfortable shoes and high heels
  • bling bling jewellery
  • clothes with bling bling application
  • half of your make up
  • sports wear – unless you wanna go for a jogg

Which shoes should you pack that are great as walking shoes and look stylish?

Good news: Paris is a pedestrian town – folks walk: to the metro, to the bar, to the supermarket and to job. Many Parisians don’t even own a car or got a driver’s license! Hence, it’s perfectly normal and appropriate to wear flats or sneakers and very convenient if you’re off to do some sightseeing. If you’re wondering which are the best walking shoes for Paris, well, that’s easy: you’re good do go with any fashion sneakers. Just do not wear running shoes – unless you’re running. For real.

As good as you can wear any fashion sneaker in Paris during the day, you can completely wear them in the evening as well. Especially if you’re going to bars, pubs and midrange restaurants. If you’re agenda is a little bit more fancy, flats are still appropriate (isn’t that awesome?!)



You can’t do anything wrong with a pair of skinny jeans and cropped pants. Both are very versatile and can be easily up – or down dressed depending on shoes and accessories.


If you’re not traveling in winter, you are good to go with an oversized blazer or a cardigan. However, it can be a bit chilly from time to time and if you’re traveling in mid-season I recommend you pack a down jacket – just in case. Personally I love my Ultra Light Down Jacket – it’s not taking much place in your luggage and it keeps you nicely warm if needed. If you don’t have one already, you really should think about getting one, they are super handy – not only for Paris. Click here to see all down jackets on Amazon


Parisians aren’t fond of flashy colours – black, white and grey are always a safe bet and they are making a perfect choice for capsule packing. Pack a shirt per day plus one or two fancy tops if you want to go out. Pack also a simple pullover, it can always get a bit chilly and windy, especially if you are packing for Paris in March or April.


You won’t see much bling bling in Paris – neither in jewellery nor clothing – Parisians like it classy and simple. Necklace, ring, belt, handbag and fancy sunglasses and you’ve got the perfect accessories for your Parisian wardrobe.

This should be in your luggage:

Do you like an item from the pic above? Click on it or find out where to get it here:

Vince Grey Sweater
Madewell – Basil Striped Cotton-blend Velour T-shirt – Navy
Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee
H&M Lyocell Top
Woven Gauze Mix Henley Top
Equipment – Layla Washed-silk Camisole – Black
H&M V-neck Blouse
Jana Classic Black Dress
Eileen Fisher Elastic-Waist Wide Cropped Pants
ALLSAINTS Grace Skinny Jeans in Fresh Blue
Articles of Society Mya Ankle Skinny Jeans
American Vintage Cardigan with Wool and Mohair
Oversized Double Breasted Blazer
Express colorblock blanket scarf
Leather Zip Boots
Adidas Stan Smith Classic Sneaker, White/Green
Sam Edelman – Brandie Dupion Point-toe Flats – Antique rose
Hanky Panky Women’s Signature Lace Racerback Bralette
Ray-Ban – Clubround Acetate And Gold-tone Sunglasses – Black
Sole Society Carly Slouchy Faux Leather Backpack
Express chain strap fold over shoulder bag
Ralph Lauren Collection Alligator Buckle Belt
H&M Necklaces
Covet Simple Signet Pinky Ring – Size 4

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How to dress in Paris? How to pack for Paris? Check out our travel essentials for your next Paris trip

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