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Updated August 2020 

“There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.” Ernest Hemingway

We all have this one friend. The one that is all about Paris, that will correct your poor attempt to pronounce Croissant correctly, that most likely prefers wine over beer and is basically french – inside.

If you are searching for the perfect Paris inspired gifts for her (or him!), you will very soon stumble upon kitsch plastic Eiffel Towers and low-quality Paris labeled canvas bag – in short: things that are absolutely not Paris. But don’t worry, we put together a Paris inspired gift guide for gift ideas that your friend will thank you for. Authentic french brands, items, and Paris must-haves that will bring Paris right to your friend’s home – or make them book the next flight.

Here you go, the best Paris themed gifts:


50+ Paris themed gifts – great ideas for everyone


High-Quality Tea from Paris

Kusmi and Mariage Frères are 2 of the most valued french tea brands when it comes to exclusive high-quality tea. Both tea manufacturers are looking back on a long tradition and are producing tea for more than 150 years. If your friend appreciates quality tea, this is a perfect gift!

Occitane – The Nr.1 brand if you need french gift ideas

L’Occitane  (pronounce lox-ee-tahn) is a famous french brand for fragrances, cremes, and shower gels. It is known to be from Provence but it’s a brand that is omnipresent in Paris and that just smells SO GOOD!

French gift ideas - occitane

I personally love, love, LOVE the L’Occitane verveine series – it’s lemony fresh fragrance,  like a summer vacation in the south of France. Click here for more products from L’Occitane. L’Occitane is also a  good option if you don’t know what to get as a Souvenir from Paris for yourself – just visit one of their stores and I am sure you find yourself a little gift from Paris.

If you search French gifts for “him” – L’Occitane has products for men as well!


Longchamp le Pliage – the cult bag from Paris

If you are visiting Les Galeries Lafayette and come across a big queue and security guards, you are probably close to the famous Longchamp store. It’s a must-have for many Parisians and Paris lovers alike: the cult bag Longchamp le Pliage


Lampe Berger – the classic French fragrance lamp

Chances are high that you never heard of a Lampe Berger (pronounced “lamp ber-zjay”). A Lampe Berger is a luxury air purifier and perfuming lamp of very high quality. It’s pretty much a french thing that only slowly becoming popular outside France. Offering a Lampe Berger means offering something very exclusive. The fragrances are amazing by the way. I have a Lampe Berger myself and can testify that it eliminates all bad smells within an instant.


Paris decoration ideas: Wall art

If you can’t go to Paris, bring Paris home! Themed wall art is a nice gift for Paris lovers and everyone who likes french themed room decor. If you want it classy, check out the framed Paris prints below:


Candles – the universal Paris present

You can’t do much wrong with candles – especially not if they coming from a nice Parisian brand. Candles are a great gift idea if you can’t think of anything real or if the beloved person has kinda everything already. Offering Paris themed candles is not random though – you know they like Paris, so it’s still very personalized and thoughtful 🙂


Paris coffee table books

Coffee table books are always nice to receive. The item itself is beautiful. However, nothing works better to revoke memories than amazing photos – or to increase anticipation!


Paris Travel Guides

Guides are THE best gift for someone traveling to Paris, the classic amongst the Paris themed gift ideas! Especially the Paris walking guide is worth bringing along when traveling to Paris – the city is extremely great to explore by feet and offering a walking guide of Paris makes sure your friend is not missing the hidden gems. The newest addition to the best Paris walking guides is “Paris in stride: an insider’s walking guide” and a must-have lecture for every Paris fan!


Paris gifts for men

Searching a gift for men is often a bit tricky, but I found a few Paris related gifts “for him” that will certainly be a success!


Paris coloring books – a Paris gift idea to relax and dream

Colouring books for adults are very popular. From my own experience, I can confirm that it’s very relaxing to have something handy to do, focus on lines and colors, and forget about everything else.


Fun stuff – Paris gift ideas for everyone

Paris related gifts don’t need to be always fancy – we have fun ideas, too!


Paris gift ideas for kids

Are your kids traveling to Paris soon or do you need a little something to remind them of a past trip? Check out our ideas to keep those memories vivid!


Ideas for soccer fans

For everyone interested in soccer, what about some merchandise of Paris Saint Germain?


Paris travel guides for kids

Kid travel guides are great to let a kid enjoy a city trip. Many of the adult activities are just… the average for kids, at best. If you plan to visit Paris with your children, kid guides are making a great gift!


Paris themed gifts for babies and toddlers

Petit Bateau is THE french brand when it comes to baby and toddler wear. The quality is really nice (experienced mom talking here) and the designs are typically french: classy and simple. Check more items from Petit Bateau here.

Don’t be surprised if you find in this list a Parfum. This is not a mistake but something that is actually a thing in France: Baby fragrance! Especially “Tartine et Chocolat” from Givenchy..  It seems odd, I know.. but honestly: it smells so good – like a baby! I got the Givenchy fragrance offered when my children were babies and as soon as I get a whiff of it somewhere, it brings back so many sweet memories.

A french cult item for babies and toddlers is also Sophie la Giraffe. Sophie is the evergreen amongst the french baby gifts. It’s the must-have item for every french baby – basically, you can’t have a baby in France without having a Sophie as well – if you are not buying one yourself, you will get one as a present for sure.


Paris gifts for foodies 

Chances are high that a Paris lover has also a strong affinity for food. Offering a French cookbook might be a bit old fashioned in a time where you get great receipts on youtube, but french cooking is very traditional, and learning french receipts from a cookbook is so way more classy than just checking a tutorial online.


Macarons… it’s all about Macarons!

If your friend loves cooking as much as Paris, then something related to Macarons is the best french themed gifts. What about a book about the famous Macaron from Ladurée or Pierre Hermé?


A french gift basket ..yummy!

If you don’t know what to offer to your Paris loving friend, you absolutely can’t go wrong with a gift basket. Never.


Paris themed stationery

If you are searching for a Paris related gift for a scrapbooking or stationery lover, there is SO much choice! The items below are my favorites!


Traditional French Candies

Are you thinking about packing a Paris gift basket? French candies shouldn’t be missing! But you can also add gourmet salt sel de fleur, some classic french jam from bonne maman, and pastries from St Michel.


For bookworms – Novels that are set in Paris

The classic novel that plays in Paris is surely from Ernest Hemingway “A Movable Feast”. If your Paris loving friend is more up for a crime, I can warmly recommend the books from Fred Vargas. Her novel “Have mercy on us all” is the first part of a series about the Parisian  Commissaire Adamsberg and his quirky and suspenseful cases. Click HERE to see all books from Fred Vargas!


Movies about Paris

A movie about Paris is the perfect gif to get your friend in the right Paris mood. Great for every Paris lover and also for everyone who likes to have a bit of Paris home.


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