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When your Paris vacation calls for an excursion to Disneyland Paris for some fun and magic, getting there is the first thing you have to plan. There are many modes of transfer from Paris to Disneyland, but it’s hard to tell which one is the best. It really depends on your individual travel style and situation.

For families, a private transfer is usually the most convenient, while budget travelers are rather up for hopping on the next train. Before I go into the pros and cons of each transfer to Disneyland Paris, you find a short overview of the most popular travel modes below:

Good for
families and convenience
€75 (4 pers.)
budget travelers
€10 RT
Magic Shuttle
no-frills but fun


There are many modes of transportation that you can take that are both affordable and convenient. However, each comes with pros and cons that come with each. Look at each option and determine which transportation you want to take to get your family from Paris to Disneyland easily and conveniently.

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Paris to Disneyland by Train

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The public transportation system in Paris is comprehensive and allows you to travel conveniently through the city and offers a direct line to get you to Disneyland Paris. The train that connects Paris with Disneyland is the RER A, the red line. It runs every 15 minutes and services several stations in Paris.


To get to Disneyland Paris by Train, take the train to the Disneyland station, Marne la Vallée /Chessy. The station is directly at the entrance of the park. The map provided at the train stations in Paris indicates a little Mickey Mouse head to help you easily find your way.

Cost: 5€ for adults and 2,50€ for children under 10. Kids under 4 are traveling free.

Travel Time: It depends on which train station you board, but it’s usually around 60 minutes from Paris to Disneyland


Paris to Disneyland by Private Transfer

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One of the most convenient and comfortable ways to get to Disneyland from Paris is by taking a private transfer. The private transfer provides an easy and relatively low-cost option to pick you and your family up from wherever you are located within Paris. It takes you directly to your next stay or straight to the park, depending on your itinerary.



No complicated connections, no dragging around luggage or strollers. Just a stress-free door-to-door transfer.

Welcome Pick-ups: a good choice for your Paris transfer

Booking a private transfer with Welcome Pick-ups from Paris to Disneyland is especially a good option if you are looking into getting a taxi for your trip:

  • Fix prices without surprises (contrary to a taxi)
  • you can book Welcome Pick-ups in advance online for a more relaxed trip
  • your driver speaks English
  • the cars are sanitized between each ride

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The private cars are driven by professionals who know the area best and keep their cars clean to the highest standards, so you never have to worry about sitting in a grimy seat. The drivers are English-Speaking to help easily communicate and facilitate your ride and ensure a smooth transition. You get to sit back and let the drivers do the hard work.


Cost: comparable to a regular taxi, but at a fixed rate. No surprises due to heavy traffic or hidden fees.

Travel Time: 40 minutes with light traffic, but it depends heavily on your pickup location and the time of the day

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Paris to Disneyland by Magic Shuttle 

book your seat on the Magic Shuttle from Paris here

If you are keen on starting your Disney Adventure already with the ride to Disney, the Magic Shuttle might be a good option for you. You can book a Magic Shuttle that leaves from one of the many departure points in Paris, but also from the two airports, CDG and Orly.

Departure Point
Disneyland Ticket
Orly Airport
not included
CDG Airport
not included


When considering the Magic Shuttle for your trip to Disneyland Paris, keep in mind that only the Shuttle leaving from the Airport is serving as well the Disneyland Hotels. The Magic Shuttle that comes from Paris heads directly to the parks, without any extra stops.

Traveling by shuttle can be a low-cost option to get directly from the airport to your hotel or the park. Especially if you are traveling alone. If your group consists of 3 or 4 people, booking a Welcome Pick-up is the better option.

The Magic Shuttles are having clearly many strong points. They are relatively cheap, booking is straightforward, and they bring you right to the gates of Disneyland Paris.

Prepare your Magical Trip to Disneyland Paris


However, they do have a few downsides. The shuttles are often fully booked, and you have to expect waiting times to load and unload, which can add time to your trip.

The Magic Shuttle is also not great if you plan to stay late or have dinner in the Park. The Magic Shuttle heads back to Paris at 8 pm. 

The average travel time depends of course on your pick-up points and destination, but on average, it takes about an hour of travel time plus additional time for waiting and unloading.


Cost: €23 is the cost to take the Magic Shuttle from the Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports to Disneyland. The entrance ticket for the Park is not included in the airport routes.

Travel Time: It’s about an hour of travel time to Disneyland, plus waiting and loading times.


Disneyland Entrance - how to travel from Paris to Disneyland
Photo by Frédéric O. Boulay from Oaktown Productions


Drive from Paris to Disneyland by Car

If you happen to be in Paris with your own or a rental car, it is of course as well an option to drive out to Disney on your own. If your hotel is having a parking place, it is certainly convenient. Especially if you are traveling with children to Disney or have a lot of luggage.

But! If you go to Disney on a day trip from Paris by car, you need to park in the parking place of Disneyland Paris and this will cost you €30. Hence, it is not worth renting a car to visit Disneyland.

Cost: The current cost of gas plus 30€ parking (yes, thirty)

Travel Time: 40 minutes with light traffic, but easily much longer depending on departure point and peak times.


Taking a trip to Disneyland Paris is a memorable and magic experience where you want to make the most of your time. Choosing a mode of transportation that provides you with a worry-free experience is the best way to kick off your adventure from the start.

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