A trip to Paris is pretty easy to organize: search online for “top sights in Paris” and you’ll be busy for a week. But, many of the most interesting things are somewhat under the radar of most visitors, the hidden gems and unusual things that require luck to discover or local knowledge! But Salut from Paris got you covered!

In this section, you find a collection of unusual things to do in Paris and off-the-beaten-track activities. In short: things you won’t find in any guidebook. For example, our alternative Paris Bucket list.

Belleville Street Art Tour
Tip: Join a Street Art tour in Belleville!

80+ inclusive insider tips curated for you!

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I came up with this list by collecting tips from several Paris-based friends and family members, and I keep on updating it whenever I stumble upon something new!

You can easily add a few of the hidden gems to our 4-day Paris itinerary and even to our guide on what to do in Paris in one day.

For a detailed description of lesser-known activities and sights, the following posts might be interesting:

Hotel Dieu Paris
Hotel Dieu Paris – a hardly noticed beauty just next to Notre Dame!

Discover the lesser-known neighborhoods of Paris

If you are searching for walking itineraries in not-so-touristy neighborhoods, browse through our itineraries for Belleville, Batignolles, or the area around the (rather unknown) flea market at Porte de Vanves. They are all safe to go, as well, when you are traveling solo to Paris.

Have a look around and get a preview of what’s to explore in Paris!