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It’s probable that you’ve never heard a word of the Porte de Vanves flea market. It’s not the world-famous antique market Puces de St.Ouen that you find in the north of Paris, and it’s also not even remotely as big.

However, if you are a vintage Bohemian fan or if you’re searching for an alternative to mainstream sightseeing, I strongly recommend taking a little detour to the south of Paris and visiting the about 300 stalls of the Puce de Vanves.

Historical background: Paris has several flea markets (marché aux puces in French) and, historically, they are all located just outside the city gates. In earlier days, rag and bone men set up their stalls outside town to avoid taxes and fees. They offered items and trinkets found in the trash of the elite and eventually grouped to attract more customers. In the late 19th century, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen became officially the first flea market in Paris.

There are a few more flea markets in Paris. While the Puces de Saint-Ouen can be intimidating by its size and the crowds (up to 180,000 visitors per weekend), the flea market at Porte de Vanves is a valid and laid-back alternative.

If you are shopping for furniture or equally big items, it might not be your place, though. The Flea market in Vanves is more of a place to find knick-knack and hotchpotch: vintage dinnerware, all sorts of collectibles, old photographs, and some vintage clothing.

Old photographs at the Puces de Vanves in the south of Paris - The vanves flea market is a good place for some vintage bargain hunting! Visit the vanves flea market paris
Old photographs at the Puces de Vanves in the south of Paris – The Porte de Vanves flea market is a good place for some vintage bargain hunting

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How to visit the Porte de Vanves Flea Market?

The Vanves Flea Market is located in the south of the 14th Arrondissement of Paris on Avenue Marc Sangnier and Avenue Georges Lafenstre, just between the Porte de Vanves and the tramway station Didot.

How to get to Porte de Vanves?

The Porte de Vanves Flea Market is close to Metro and Tramway station and overall very easy to reach. Check our post about the  Parisian public transportation system if you need help.

By Tramway: Line 3, exit at Porte de Vanves or Didot

By Metro: Line 13, exit at Porte de Vanves 

When is the Vanves Flea Market open?

You can visit the market every Saturday and Sunday from 7h-14h. However, many vendors packing up for lunchtime through and aren’t coming back after. So if you are looking for a bargain or for a special treasure, be there as early as possible.

Knickknack and jewerly at the Flea Market in Paris
findings on the Puces de Vanves

Are the vendors at the Puces de Vanves accepting Credit Cards?

Maybe some do, but to be on the safe side, it’s best to pack some cash.  If you require more, there’s an ATM at Porte de Vanves at the Société Générale bank.

Is the Flea Market at Porte de Vanves a safe place to go?

The area around the flea market is rather residential, and the south of Paris is overall a pretty safe location. However, as with all places with crowds, pickpockets aren’t far. Make sure you keep your belongings close and read my article about the most common scams in Paris, to know what to watch out for.

The flea markets of Paris

Until today, the Parisian flea markets are an institution and famous among antique lovers, bargain hunters, and all those searching for something they know nothing about yet.

The biggest flea markets in Paris are:

  • Puces de Saint-Ouen/Puces de Clignancourt in the north (it’s actually the same market under two names, even if they are often referred to as two different places),
  • Les Puces de Montreuil in the east
  • Puces de Vanves in the south.

It’s hard to figure out the best of the Paris flea markets, though, as they all have different features.

If you want to dive into the jungle of the flea market at St.Ouen, you’ll profit best from it by taking a guided tour with a local. Check out this Paris flea market insider and bargain tour! During this around 2 hours private walking tour you’ll visit hard-to-find stores that only locals know, learn how to sniff out the best bargains, and meet market traders who will tell you their tales

Where to eat nearby the Porte de Vanves Flea Market?

The area around the flea market in Vanves is known as a calm and residential neighborhood. You won’t find any tourist places or restaurants that are trying to rip you off. Restaurants in the 15th and 14th arrondissements around the flea market are places for locals and residents.

Hence, in Restaurants and bars where it’s important that guests are enjoying their food and most important: come back.

Jeroboam Restaurant near Porte de Vanves Coquilles Saint Jacques
Delicious Coquilles Saint Jacques at Le Jeroboam after a morning on the Vanves Flea Market.

French Restaurants near Porte de Vanves

Even though it’s not a central area of Paris, you have still plenty of eateries around. As for French cuisine, I can recommend the following restaurants (I live in the area and ate there often) :

  • Le Jerobam excellent French cuisine with very attentive waiters
  • Le Table 12 My personal favorite! You have to walk a wee bit to get there, but you won’t be disappointed in their menu. I love the Cantal burger and the fries are outstanding.
  • Arthur & Juliette cute Brasserie with a good salad section and a delicious Croque Monsieur

If you just need a break and a refreshment, around the Park Georges Brassens and a little further around the Metro Station Pernety are plenty of nice local Bars and Cafés that are usually open all day.

The Puce de Vanves offers all sorts of antique and vintage goods. Head to Porte de Vanves Paris to find antique items
The Puce de Vanves offers all sorts of antique and vintage goods
even though the flea market Paris in Vanves is not specialized in antiques, you find plenty of old things - photos for example
You find a great Paris feal market at Porte de Vanves

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FAQ Porte de Vanves flea market

How do I get to the Vanves flea market?

You can take Bus 95 or 58, Metro Line 13 (Exit Porte de Vanves) or Tramway 3, exit Didot.

What are the opening times of the Flea Market at Porte de Vanves?

The market is open on weekends from 7am to 2pm.

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