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Visiting a cemetery in Paris is a popular activity and even though it might seem odd at first glimpse, Père Lachaise is absolutely worth the detour.

The Père Lachaise cemetery is located in the east of Paris and has a whopping 3.5 million visitors per year.  But what makes this place so special?

Foremost, most of the famous people buried in Paris have their last resting place within the walls of this cemetery: Frédéric Chopin, Édith Piaf, Molière and of course Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison!

While the graves themselves are interesting to see, the biggest adventure is to find them, though. Scattered all over the place, it’s truly a challenge, especially when it comes to the ones that are located in the old part of the cemetery.

I recommend joining a walking tour of the Père Lachaise cemetery because the place is so history loaded, impossible to discover it by yourself.

The lanes and alleys are often rather suggestions than planned paths and the maps that are displayed at every entrance of the cemetery, often they just don’t help. It’s a maze left for you to discover.

“Not all that wander are lost” probably fits no place better than the Père Lachaise cemetery. Each grave tells a different story. From mausoleums, simple stone plates, family graves, some so old that you barely can read the writing, some sunken, some forgotten. Many are representing the ethnic diversity of Paris, some unexpectedly even Voodoo.

For an exclusive experience, you can even book a private tour of the famous cemetery to make sure all of your questions and interests are covered.

The Cemetery is especially nice during autumn. In October, it’s an excellent place to see the fall foliage in Paris.

How to visit the Père Lachaise Cemetery?

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise or the Père Lachaise Cemetery is located in the east of Paris, in the 20th arrondissement. Reserve at least 2 hours for your visit. The entrance is of course free and there are a few entrances all around the graveyard.

How to get there: Metro lines 2 and 3, and get out at either Père Lachaise or Gambetta.

Opening times: 8:00 – 18:00 (Saturdays 8:30 and Sundays 9:00)

What else to do in the area? If you are in the area, don’t miss Belleville!

Pro Tip: Download the Pere Lachaise Map here to have it handy when you’re there. There are no paper maps available at the sight itself.

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Jim Morrison is the most famous person buried on Père Lachaise
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The Père Lachaise cemetery is one of the biggest cemeteries in the world
Famous cemetery in Paris: Père Lachaise, where many famous people are burried
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Père Lachaise is the famous Paris cemetery where Jim Morrison is buried
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The grave of Edith Piaf
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Oscar Wilde’s grave on Père Lachaise

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