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This article about the best pastry classes in Paris was updated on 20 June 2022 by Lena


If you ask Paris visitors about their dearest memory of Paris, many will go into raptures about the delicate pastries they tried during their trip. Colourful Macarons, tender éclairs, creamy Paris Brest, delicious Millefeuilles, and even baked goods as simple as a plain croissant. The pâtisserie and viennoiserie that you find in Paris are better than everything you’ve tasted before. You find some of the world’s best bakeries in Paris.

But instead of craving those heavenly treats for months and months after returning home, simply learn how to make them yourself.

Being taught how to bake French pastries by taking a pastry classes in Paris is a wonderful experience and a great souvenir you can bring back home from your trip. Click here to see all French pastry cooking classes in Paris.


Highlights: The most popular baking courses in Paris

Macaron Class at Galeries Lafayette most popular
2-Hour Baguette Making Class in Paris

Paris Cooking Class: Make Your Own Croissants


learn how to bake croissants in Paris - Croissant making Paris
Croissant Making Class, Paris. Is there any better place to earn how to make croissants in Paris?


When travelling to Paris, you will be surprised by how omnipresent pâtisserie and baked goods are. And how high their standards are!

You can find those delicious treats everywhere, even McDonald’s has a selection of pastry that is relatively decent even. Paris is simply food heaven, and you did not fully immerse in French food if you didn’t dedicate a significant amount of time to French sweets, cakes, pastries, desserts, and viennoiserie.

Join a baking class in Paris and learn from pâtissiers and chefs the secrets of French pastry and baking. Sign up here for a workshop at a baking school in Paris.


Pastry classes in Paris: What do you want to bake?

When you decided on getting filled in the secrets of pastry baking and plan on taking a pastry class in Paris, the hardest part is still to come: Deciding WHAT you want to bake! I looked around and found the most popular and loved baking classes in Paris. Go ahead!


Most popular pastry class in Paris: Macarons! 

Best value for money: Book the popular class at the Galeries Lafayette here

Macarons are one of the most tender french treats and also the most prestigious ones. They are sweet and colorful little sandwiches that come in a million flavors. And they are just perfectly sized to enjoy more than one!

Even though the pastry is basically just consisting of egg white, almond flour, and sugar, Macarons are pretty difficult to prepare. It requires some know-how and finesses to master this classic french pastry.


Learn how to bake macarons in Paris by taking a Macaron baking - baking paris
Learn how to bake macarons in Paris by joining a Macaron baking class


But you are in Paris, the paradise for cooking and baking. Which place on earth could be better to learn how to bake Macarons than Paris? Luckily, there are quite a few pastry classes in Paris that specialized in Macarons.


Find the best Macaron baking course in Paris

Macarons are insanely popular in Paris and if you are searching for a Macaron class in Paris, you will find quite a few to choose from. The offer ranges from budget-friendly classes in the Galeries Lafayette (you can book it here) to exclusive small group or private classes.

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