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If you are in Paris and have a bit of time for a side trip, visiting Monet’s Garden in Giverny from Paris is an excellent idea. Especially if you’ve seen already all the art galleries in Paris, that are displaying Monet’s masterpieces.

Monet is known to be the founding father of French impressionism and spent big parts of his life in Giverny, where you can visit his house and gardens today.  Even if you are not an art enthusiast (I am certainly not), I promise that you’ll have an enjoyable time anyway.

visit Giverny from Paris - great day trip from Paris to discover the French countryside
The famous waterlily pond in the garden of Monet

I have been to Giverny for the third time last summer, and it was beautiful as always. However, if you are curious and want to know why I made it only twice into the garden, continue reading!


Highlights – most popular day tours from Paris to Giverny

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transfer by minibus, guided visit of Monet’s house, garden, and tomb, drink at a coffee shop
transfer by coach, entrance to the house and garden of Monet, entrance to Versailles, Lunch


Why visiting Monet’s Garden?

Monet’s Garden in Giverny is a great spot for a day trip from Paris. The garden is beautiful, and you probably have never seen anything like it. Monet lived in Giverny for 46 years and created the Gardens as a vivid inspiration for his paintings.


Did you know that Monet actually created 2 gardens? 

He first created the “Clos Normand” in front of his house. The one-hectare big property is made surprisingly symmetrical, yet wild, with colorful flowerbeds, orchards, and rose bushes. The famous water garden with its pond and waterlilies is located on the other side of the road, built on an estate that Claude Monet purchased roughly a decade after moving to Giverny.

He was a fond admirer and collector of Japanese Art, which inspired him when creating the water garden. Hence, the appearance of a Japanese bridge.

But even if you are not overly keen on exploring the marvelous real-life botanic of Monet’s masterpieces, maybe you are interested in seeing how he lived? You can visit his house with plenty of artifacts and replicas of his legacy, but also admire his collection of Japanese art that is exhibited in his home.

visit the house of Monet, who lived most of his live in Normandy, a 1h ride from Paris
The house of Monet in Giverny

Also, Giverny is a lovely village in Normandy and actually – after the stunning Mont Saint Michel – the 2nd most visited place in the region. If you have a bit of time, I strongly suggest taking a walk in the pretty and Normand village.

Editors Tip: Have a look at the best walking shoes for your trip to Paris 



Where is Giverny?

Even though Giverny lays only 70 km ( 43 mi) west of Paris, it’s already in another region. In Normandy. By choosing Giverny as your day trip from Paris destination, you will not only explore the beautiful garden, you also will discover a region, that is entirely different from what you’ve seen in Paris so far. Hence, Giverny is a great choice as it allows you to discover more of France than just the capital.

To fully immerse into the Normandie region, consider taking a guided bike trip through the villages and countryside around Monet’s House. You find more information on this excursion here.


Planning your trip to Giverny

Visiting Giverny is actually not very complicated. It is so close to Paris that you could even squeeze it in a half-day train trip from Paris. It is also very accessible by various transportation methods. After reading this article, you’ll know when it’s the best time to visit Giverny, how you’ll get there and how you are making the most out of your day trip from Paris.


What’s the best time to visit Monet’s Garden?

As for all gardens and parks, the best time to visit Monet’s Garden is definitely spring, but summer is beautiful as well. However, the site is closed from November to April anyway.

If you travel to Giverny in Spring, you will find most flowers and trees in full bloom. Especially the orchard is beautiful during this time of the year. During late June and July, you’ll find the water lilies in full bloom – certainly a highlight if you are an admirer of Monet’s waterlilies series. Monet’s garden is also a good destination if you like to see fall foliage.


Lavender fields near Paris - in the garden of monet in giverny
The garden of Monet samples some beautiful lavender bushes


How to get to Giverny from Paris?

The first thing to decide on when planning your day trip to Giverny is, if you want to go there by your own means or if you feel safer in the comfort of an organized tour. Personally, I don’t see any strong selling point of one way over the other. Each travel means has its strong points, however, joining a tour is certainly the most stress-free way. You can see your tour options right here. 

But overall It really depends on how many resources (time, budget, nerves (!)) you have to organize a trip to Giverny on your own. When doing my research for this article, I was surprised though to find that in many cases joining a tour is actually the low-cost option to visit Giverny as the price for trains depends on availabilities.

You can compare the costs of a self-organized trip by train with an organized tour in the table below:

Train Paris ↔ Vernon – from 30 €
Transfer from Paris to Giverny  – included ✔️ kräftiges Häkchen-Emoji
Shuttle Vernon ↔  Giverny – 10 €
Admission to garden – included ✔️ kräftiges Häkchen-Emoji
Admission to garden – 11 € p/P
Audio guide  ✔️ kräftiges Häkchen-Emoji
Audio guide – not available
24h cancellation possibility✔️ kräftiges Häkchen-Emoji
Total per Person: from 51 €
Total per Person: 69 € (79 € with audio guide)

train prices from 



How to visit Giverny by car

Click here to find the cheapest offer to rent a car in Paris

The most independent way of traveling to Monet’s garden is certainly by renting a car in Paris and drive out to Giverny.

Due to COVID-19 and ongoing restrictions, it is absolutely recommended to purchase your entry ticket in advance. To control the visitor flow and access during these times, ticket booths at most sights are closed, and it is necessary to reserve your ticket and your time slot in advance. You can do this either directly at the Foundation Claude Monet or you book your ticket as part of a guided visit to Monet’s House and Garden. 

However, the journey by car is not complicated – just join the A13 and the Monet House is not far from the exit. The journey takes around an hour.



Note that rush hour traffic can easily double the travel time. Giverny also lies on the way to the Normand coast, a region that many Parisians head to over the weekend. You can expect heavy traffic direction Paris on Sunday afternoons.

A good page to compare different rental car companies is autoeurope. I booked with them several times already and never had an issue. When renting a car in Paris, I recommend choosing a pickup location in the east (or north) of Paris, to avoid navigating through Paris after enjoying the French countryside.

The orchard of Monet - one of the two gardens of the famous impressionist
The orchard and flower garden at Monet’s house in Normandie.


How much does the highway from Paris to Giverny cost?

I know that several websites are warning visitors of insanely expensive highways in France. One site even mentions that it can be up to €100 to go to Giverny. DO NOT WORRY!  Maybe that’s what they spent on an Uber trip but the highway toll from Paris to Giverny is certainly not that high.
I have been to Giverny in the summer of 2020, and we paid around €20 for the return trip. Also, parking in Giverny is free!



How to visit Giverny by train

Click here to see available train tickets for your Giverny trip

Knowing, that driving in France, let alone Paris is intimidating for many travelers, you also can get to Giverny by train. You easily can book your train tickets for Giverny here online. The closest train station is Vernon, from where you could either walk  (it’s an hour though!), or take a shuttle to the house and garden of Monet.

Trains to Vernon are leaving almost hourly at the train station Saint-Lazare and the journey takes around 50 min. Expect to pay at least €30 for the round trip and another €10 for the shuttle.

You can directly check for prices and train availabilities by using this search form:


Organize your day in Giverny

When arriving in Giverny on your own account, you still need to make sure to have purchased your tickets in advance. As you know, I once did not follow my own advice and given the queues to the ticket booths were more than 200m long, we decided not to visit the garden after all.

In times of Covid-19, things are worse. To control visitors’ flow and guarantee that visitors can maintain their distance, only a limited number of guests are allowed to enter the site. Hence, ticket booths on site are likely to be closed and the only way to obtain a ticket is online and in advance. You can do this either directly at the Foundation Claude Monet or you book your ticket as part of a guided visit to Monet’s House and Garden. 

The house of Monet - you can visit monet's house and gardens in Giverny
You can visit Monet’s workshop and atelier, but also his private chambers.


If you are interested in Monet’s life, the history of the place, and curious to be filled in in some secrets and insider knowledge, I recommend booking a tour. I visited Giverny last summer without booking a guided tour and was indeed a little disappointed due to the lack of information. There are close to no displays or information boards.

However, if you just want to stroll around the gardens, you are completely safe to book just a ticket at the Foundation Claude Monet and enjoy your time. It’s worth it either way.


» Take the hassle-free option by joining a tour from Paris to visit Giverny  

follow this link to compare all tours from Paris to Giverny 

If you don’t want to bother with travel planning, you can easily join a tour to Giverny from Paris. It’s certainly the most hassle-free way of visiting Monet’s Garden and the most efficient as well. It’s also the option where you can profit the most, as tours always include either a live tour guide or an audio guide.

you can visit the garden from Monet in a few hours - enough time to admire his beautiful pinds
The famous pond in Monet’s garden. The waterlilies inspired him to many of his most famous paintings


Take a half-day trip if you are short on time

If you have only a few days in Paris, Giverny is a great destination. As it’s very close to Paris, you can visit it very efficiently in only a half-day. Check out this half-day trip from Paris to Giverny. It’s the best value for money and your very best option if you are not having much time at hand.



Combine Giverny with an excursion to the Castle of Versailles

You have quite some options to choose from, but if you want to make the most out of your day trip from Paris, I suggest combining your trip to Monet’s Garden in Normandie with a visit to the world-famous Castle of Versailles. Click here to see all tours with both highlights. 

Visit the gardens of versailles and the gardens of Monet in one day - day trip from paris
Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

Both destinations are located west of Paris and Versailles lies actually on the way to Giverny. Visiting both on the same trip is a rather logical thing to do. The table below shows a quick overview of the two most popular tours that combine Versailles and Giverny, click the links to get additional information.

transportation in coach


Entrance to Giverny & Versailles


Hotel Pick up & Driver


Entrance to Giverny & Versailles

Visit Tomb of Monet

Coffee and Lunch

Guided visit of Versailles Gardens

Versailles Castles audio guide




How to get to Monet’s Garden in Giverny from Paris?

The closest train station to the Gardens of Monet is in Vernon, a short shuttle ride away from Giverny. There are several direct connections between Paris and Vernon per day. You also can drive to Giverny or take a guided bus tour from Paris.

How long is the train ride from Paris to Giverny?

The ride takes about 50 minutes from Paris to Vernon, the closest train station. From Vernon, a shuttle service connects the train station with the gardens of Monet. The shuttle ride takes roughly 10 minutes.

Is Giverny worth visiting?

Yes, if you like gardens, impressionist art, and/or want to explore the French countryside and parts of the Normandy

Where are the gardens of Monet?

The garden of Monet is located in Giverny, a village in the French region of Normandy.

What is the best time to visit Giverny?

To see the flowers in bloom, it’s best to visit in spring or early summer. The waterlilies are in full bloom from late June until July.

How far is Giverny from Paris?

Giverny lays approximately 70 km west of Paris.

Do I need to book tickets to Monet’s Garden in advance?

Yes, due to COVID-19 it is necessary to purchase times entrance tickets in advance. On-site ticket booths might be closed. Outside the health crisis, it is still advisable to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long waiting times.