Paris in June 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do!
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Paris in June 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do! 

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Everything you need to know if you spend this June in Paris

If you are lucky enough to visit Paris in June, you hit the jackpot. It is not too hot yet, but warm enough to enjoy all the wonderful outdoor activities Paris has to offer. It’s the transition between Spring and Summer, with lush gardens, and greenery everywhere. The air is filled with a sweet, yet still fresh summer scent. You can be looking forward to long and sunny days, with mild temperatures.

Perfect for lingering on Parisian terraces, exploring the many parks, or even taking a day trip from Paris to the sea. It’s the perfect weather for all sorts of activities, in and out.

Good reads for your next trip to Paris:

June is also a busy month in Paris, as the good weather is attracting many travelers from all over the world. In addition, you have Pentecost at the beginning of June, and long weekends are always the high season in Paris!

Pentecost is not affecting the opening times of stores and sights though, but clearly the crowds in Paris in June.

The Seine in Paris in June
The Seine is THE most popular hang out spot during the warm days of June in Paris

June in Paris means lovely summery days. It’s likely that most of your stay will be covered in sunshine and only a few occasional showers, if it all. Perfect for planning picnics and apéros by the Seine or in one of the beautiful Parisian parks and gardens.

The temperatures are mild, and the days are as long as they get. This means you have more time to visit sights and enjoy Paris, especially as the Parisian attractions and sights are running on the summer schedule. There is always plenty to do and see in Paris, but in June, you will have significantly more time available to fill your schedule.

No matter what you are interested in when visiting Paris:  museums, food, sightseeing, music festivals, or strolling the many streets in Paris: June is a fantastic time to visit Paris.

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How’s the June weather in Paris?

June is the first month of summer, and it is almost certain that you’ll find yourself granted with great weather.

Temperatures are warm, often even hot. The max high is 24 °C  (ca. 75° degree Fahrenheit) and you will seldom encounter temperatures below 14 °C (ca. 57° degree Fahrenheit) on average.

However, despite all the summer vibes and good predictions, it is still possible that you’ll have a bit of rain as well.  On average, there are 8 days with drizzles and showers in June in Paris.

But even so, you should not worry too much about the rain in Paris. It rarely rains an entire day in Paris. So, even if you see a bit of rain, it’s usually followed by sunshine. Or at least the rain will cease quickly.

Weather in June in Paris
A few years ago, me in Paris during the month of  June. As always, not an example of fashion but weather. 🙂

During May, June, and all the other warm months that follow, you can be looking forward to one of the most laid-back things to do in Paris:  Outdoor picnics and apéros by the Seine.

You even might want to search for a shady spot because the sun is burning by now. Definitely use sunscreen when spending an afternoon in one of the beautiful Parisian parks.

It gets warmer as June progresses, and you will get a few hot days for sure. Especially if you are in Paris by the end of June.

Terraces in Paris in June
Terraces in Paris during the summer months

Travel Basics for your Trip to Paris

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» Book your airport transfer here to arrive stress-free in Paris

» Consider Travel Insurance  with COVID-19 coverage

» Know how to use the Metro in Paris

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» Know which Paris Mistakes to avoid and how not to fall for Popular Tourist Scams

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What to wear in Paris in June 2022

For your trip to Paris in June, you don’t have to bring many warming items. It is the first month of summer. Expect lots and lots of sunshine, a wee bit of rain, and maybe fresh mornings and late nights, but nothing that requires more than a sweater or maybe a light jacket.

In June, it is not required to dress in layers to fight weather changes anymore. If you plan to stay out late to enjoy the Parisian nightlife or leave your accommodation early, you might want to take a cardigan or light sweater, but you won’t have massive weather changes during the day.

In any case, I advise keeping a close eye on the forecast before leaving. You might experience temperatures around 18 degrees on average, but it’s also absolutely possible that it’s rather 26 degrees, and you can come in a full-on summer outfit!

June in Paris
Jardin Royal in Paris

However, you should still pack either a rain jacket or a little travel umbrella. This one is tiny and fits in every bag. A stylish raincoat like this one works as well. It has a fantastic name, don’t you think!? Personally, I would favor an umbrella because even if it rains, it’s still warm.

When packing for your trip to Paris this June, make sure you bring the items below to be ready for the June weather.


Light Pants to dress up and down

These pants are the best travel item for early and late summer. They are light and insanely versatile. Wear them with sneakers and a t-shirt during the day when sightseeing, and dress them up with sandals and a blouse for dinner.

The elastic waist and the wide leg make them comfortable to wear, too. A perfect asset to your wardrobe when traveling to Paris. They exist in many colors, but when traveling to Paris, black is always a safe bet. See here how affordable they are.



June is a summer month, and no outfit is complete without a nice pair of sunglasses. Especially not in Paris. Parisians often don’t even take their shades off when riding the Metro! Honestly, though, it doesn’t really matter what kind of sunglasses you wear.

However, sporty glasses are rather uncommon in Paris and most Parisians fall back on the big brands: Ray-Ban, Prada, Gucci, or even Versace. But also Persol or Michael Korrs are popular brands. Otherwise, check the flea market at Porte de Vanves, they sell many vintage sunglasses!


Comfortable shoes or sneakers

Of course, comfortable shoes during a city break are an absolute must-have. However, there is a very persistent rumor that  Parisians are not wearing sneakers. Let me tell you: It is absolutely false, everyone is wearing sneakers in Paris. If not all the time, then at least in leisure times, when going for a walk, meeting friends or shopping.

While there are thousands of different sneakers to choose from, Vans, Converse, or white sneakers like these ones are always a good choice. You can dress them down or up, and they are even suitable for a casual restaurant after a long sightseeing day. A very popular sneaker brand in Paris is Veja, especially for folks 35+.

Best things to do in Paris in June 2022

When traveling to Paris this June, you are hitting high season, especially with the first weekend of June 2022 being Pentecost. It’s a long weekend for many French and European travelers, and Paris will be significantly busier than the rest of the (already busy) month.

I strongly recommend planning ahead and reserving as many sights as you can in advance, Here’s why:

  1. Paris is getting very crowded during the bank holidays and high seasons. Attractions are in high demand and spots are selling out quickly.
  2. Popular sights like the Eiffel Tower or the Catacombs book out weeks in advance, especially in the high season like Pentecost and during summer.
  3. Covid-19 and social distancing measurements may still limit visitor numbers in some of the sights. Hence, most sights require prebooking.
  4. Some ticket booths on site are closed or require you to queue for hours

You see now, why I am insisting that you book your entrance tickets in advance to avoid disappointment or wasting time in queues.


To make it easier for you and save you some precious time, you find in the following a list of sights that you definitely need to reserve before you come to Paris. For your convenience, I added links to my most trusted ticket provider for easy booking:

The Seine in Summer in Paris
The Seine in Paris is a good spot to start your night in Paris

You also can purchase tickets also on the attraction’s webpage. However, the downside is that most of them don’t have a cancellation policy. While securing your Paris tickets with get your guide grants you a 24h cancellation and full reimbursement policy.

A strong point in times like these, but it also puts you in a safe spot when booking in advance: you remain flexible if your plans change.

Explore the Hidden Gems of Paris to escape the crowds

Paris has thousands of hidden gems and secret attractions that are well worth exploring, especially in June. It’s a great month to stride non-touristy neighborhoods to see some rather unknown areas of town. Especially as many of them are far from the buzz and allow you to get some air and breeze in some local vibes. Here are a few of my favorite activities far from the touristic center. To see more, see my post about unusual things to do in Paris.

One of the many hidden gems you can explore in Paris: the Square de Montsouris


Head up the Eiffel Tower

Click here for Eiffel Tower tickets and options

Of course, THE most popular activity in Paris and Number 1 on everyone’s Paris bucket list. Thus, if you are visiting Paris this June, visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must.

As June is one of the busiest times in Paris, certainly plan ahead and reserve your tickets in advance. The school vacation (Pentecost) in many European countries plus the nice weather makes Paris an even more popular destination than it already is and of course, almost everyone wants to visit the Eiffel Tower.

Hence, the Eiffel Tower is very regularly booked out weeks in advance, especially if you plan on taking the lift to the summit. I suggest checking with a ticket provider like GetYourGuide.

Their booking page is in English and very straightforward to navigate. You will be going to the top of the Eiffel Tower with a tour guide to learn all about the famous construction, and most important: The tickets are fully refundable up to 24h before the activity.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a must-visit every season

If your trip is a bit further ahead, check the official online sales page. Just keep in mind their tickets are not refundable and are booked out often weeks in advance. But it’s definitely a good place to look as they tend to be a bit more affordable.


Enjoy a fresh breeze on a Seine River Cruise

Click here to see all offers and options for Seine Cruises

When planning your day by the Eiffel Tower, you might want to take the opportunity to include a scenic cruise on the river Seine because most cruises’ departure point is right by the Eiffel Tower. 

A good thing to know when planning your trip to Paris, especially if you are only for a short time in town!

Below, you find an overview of the most popular Cruises on the River Seine: 

• Seine Cruise & Eiffel Tower bundle
• Seine Cruise & Crêpe Tasting
• 1h Seine Sightseeing Cruise

The River Seine in Paris at Sunset
Keep in mind that the sun sets late in Paris during June when booking an Illumination sightseeing cruise!


However, if you don’t intend to combine your Seine Cruise with a visit to the famous Eiffel Tower, the boat tour on the Seine is one of the most enjoyable activities in Paris. It is touristy, certainly, but you are given fantastic sights of Paris and the whole change of stance is simply breathtaking.

As a plus: a boat tour is pleasingly relaxing, and you get a fresh breeze when cruising. However, the sun can be burning still. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen while marveling at the Parisian sceneries.


Take a Day Trip to the D-Day beaches in Normandy

click here to see which of the landing beaches you can easily visit from Paris

The D-Day Landing Beaches on the shore of the Normandy region are a site of immense historical significance.  It’s on Juno, Omaha, Gold, Sword, and Utah beach where the allies landed on the continent, and which marks the beginning of the end of WW2 and the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

Today, Normandy is known for its remembrance tourism and many museums and landmark are honoring the events in June 1944.

From the end of May on and during all summer, the D-Day Festival hosts many events to commemorate the 78th anniversary.

Tip: If you set off for exploring the Normandy region, take a jacket and potentially a rain jacket. The Landing Beaches are lying by the channel and the region is known for ever-changing weather, drizzles, wind, and clouds.

If Normandy is nothing that interests you, browse through these day trip destinations from Paris:


Take an Apéro by the Seine

If you read a few of my articles, you know by now that I am a massive fan of Apéro. In case you are not familiar with the concept, it’s basically pre-dinner drinks with snacks and nibbles, that can be extended to a full dinner.

It’s one of the nicest things of the Parisian summer: meet friends outside, everyone brings snacks like cheese, fruits, tomatoes, hummus, olives, cold cuts, baguette, and of course wine and beer, and you are all set for the best of all evenings.

Seine in Summer
The Seine in Paris in Summer

I know I am not alone in my love for this cheerful French tradition. Just take a walk in one of the many Parisian parks or along the Seine in the early evening, and you will see that EVERYONE is having an Apéro.

What is going on in Paris in June 2022?

You’ll never get bored when in Paris. From exhibitions, concerts, and seasonal events to holidays and traditional festivities—the Paris event calendar is not letting you catch your breath.

02 – 05 June – We Love Green

The We Love Green Festivals take place in Bois de Vincennes. But while music is the main reason that people get together at this festival, it also has a strong environmental focus with workshops, panels, and exhibitions.


Festivals in Paris in June
June is the month of music festivals in Paris

05 – 06 June – Pentecost

Pentecost (Pentecôte in French) is a public holiday in France, but a “working public holiday” for most employees. This means that many people are working on this day and shops, restaurants, and sights remain open.


03 – 05 June – Rendez vous aux Jardins

“Meet in the Gardens”! An event that takes place in the Parks and Gardens of Paris. The theme of 2022 is climate change and the effects it has on our green spaces.


until 05 June – French Open

This major tennis tournament is held each year in the stadium of Roland Garros in Paris. It’s quickly sold out but check here if there are still tickets available.


from 18 June – Chopin Festival

If you are a fan of piano concerts, you shouldn’t miss this festival. Especially as it takes place in the beautiful setting of the Parc de Bagatelle. The festival is a tribute to Frédéric Chopin, the Polish composer, and pianist.


21 June –  Fête de la Musique

One of the most popular music festivals in France, mainly because everyone can participate, and because it’s mostly free. On this day, you find concerts everywhere in Paris: in bars, in restaurants, in music venues, but also on the streets, squares, and gardens. Everywhere.

It became so popular that many other cities all over the world adopted the concept. Maybe there is a Fête de la Musique in your hometown?

Fête de la musique in Paris
if you are in Paris on the 21st of June, you hardly can miss la Fête de la Musique

21 – 27 June – La Defense Jazz Festival

More info here

21 – 28 June – Champs Élysées Film Festival

The annual film festival that features French and American films and where most of the French films are with EN subtitles! More info and program here.


from 22 June – Summer Sales

Shortly before summer break season comes sales season. Bargain hunters should mark June 22nd red on their calendars, as this is when the sales start. There is no store that doesn’t participate, and you find excellent reductions on, regardless of what you are looking for: shoes, designer fashion, bags, kitchenware, decoration, .. Everything.

best things to do in Paris in January
Shop until you drop in summer sales in Paris in June

The Sales are running from June 22nd to July 19th, with new reductions each week.


24 – 26 June – Solidays

Solidays is one of the big Music Festivals in Paris, that manages every year to bring some big names to the Parisian stages. It’s also a solidarity concert that donates its proceeds to organizations fighting AIDS.


25 June – The Marche des Fiertés LGBT (formerly Gay Pride)

The Gay Pride Paris exists for 40 years, and it’s a festive and fun parade with the aim to defend equal rights. For information on the route, see here.

Gay Pride in Paris
La Marche des Fiertés


30 June – Jazz Festival Parc Floral

An annual Jazz Festival, located in one of the nicest parks in Paris. More Information here

If you have further questions or need some help, click the link to join the free Salut from Paris community on Facebook! 

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