Paris in August 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do!
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Paris in August 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do! 

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Everything you need to know if you spend this August in Paris

August is a great month to visit Paris. The weather is fantastic, with plenty of sun to enjoy the outside areas of the French capital.

Paris in August is made alive by tourists because many Parisians are out of town for their much-needed holidays. Besides, smaller restaurants and stores are closed for annual vacation. Nonetheless, all the main attractions are open so that you can make the best of your time in Paris during August.

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Until the 15th of the month, the crowds in Paris are much smaller than usual. It slowly changes after, when Parisians will gradually return to the city to be ready for the rentrée, the traditional end of summer vacation in early September.

Moreover, 15 August is a national holiday!  The Assumption, when Christians commemorate the Assumption of Jesus’ mother Mary into Heaven. Even though the day is rather detached from its religious background today, it is one of the most important national holidays. Many shops and restaurants are closed, but sights and bigger venues are usually open.

An empty Sidewalk Café in Paris in August with Flowers
Despite the vacation season, many cafés in the center of Paris are open during August


August will give you a rather different view of Paris: more tranquility (thanks to there being fewer people around) but plenty of fun things to do thanks to the spectacular events, picnics in the beautiful parks, river cruises, and museum exhibitions.

No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, the month of August is a fantastic time to visit Paris.

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How’s the August weather in Paris?

Your vacation in Paris in August will likely be characterized by warm, often even hot weather. The average temperature during the day in August is 25 degrees, with a low humidity level.


Heatwaves in Paris: the carnicule

However, sometimes there are heatwaves, called “carnicule“. Even though heatwaves are overall rare, during the past years, Paris experienced at least one per summer.

During a carnicule, the temperature can rise to a whopping 38 degrees and not fall below 21 degrees at night. We speak of a “carnicule” when the extreme temperatures last for at least three consecutive days.

Given the hot temperatures, you will find warnings everywhere that remind you to drink enough water (remember that you can drink tap water in Paris). During a heat wave, you should opt for indoor activities.

me in August in Paris
Me in Paris in August! Not indoor activities but festivals and the Eiffel Tower!


Book a Hotel with AC during August!

Considering the possibility of heat waves, your best choice is to book a Hotel with air-conditioning during August. This sounds like a no-brainer, but AC is not a given in Paris. If AC is not mentioned in the hotel description, there is usually none.

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Despite all the good forecasts and the likelihood of heat, the weather could throw you curveballs: you might experience days of rain with temperatures as low as 15 degrees. Hence, pack a sweater!

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What to wear in Paris in August 2022

In August, you don’t need to dress in layers: the summer attire is perfect for enjoying Paris. However, you should always bring a light jacket or a sweater, as they will come in handy for the chilly nights and early mornings.

Another thing that should be in your purse? A little travel umbrella so that you won’t be unprepared if rains begin to fall!

As always, the best move is to look at the forecast before leaving for your vacation and pack accordingly. But generally, you will have sunny, warm days in August: get ready to show your best summer outfits!

When packing for your trip to Paris this August, ensure you bring the items below to prepare for the August weather.



Dress comfortably, but make it fashion. Accessories are the best way to render your outfit perfect, and summer means wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses.

sunglasses from Michael Kors for traveling to Paris in AugustThere are plenty of options to choose from regarding the right pair of sunglasses. Every fashion brand has its own line of sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Prada, Gucci, and Michael Korrs are only some of the countless options you have.

But if you want to wear something special, Paris is the perfect place to show off your vintage sunglasses! Go for some shopping at the flea market at Porte de Vanves, and gift yourself a brand new (but old) pair of sunglasses!


Comfortable Sandals

Parisiennes are addicted to comfortable flat sandals. So, August is the perfect time to wear a comfy but fashionable pair of sandals. Personally, I am wearing mostly Timberland Sandals or simply Birkenstock. Both are great when doing a lot of walking, and they have enough grip to keep me stable on cobblestones.

black summer sandals for sightseeing in Paris during SummerIf you look for a good pair of sandals for sightseeing AND evening activities: this pair of sandals is what you should pact. Easy to dress up and down depending on the occasion, and the elastic straps and the rubber sole make these sandals stylish and perfect for all-day sightseeing! They also come in different colors if you rather go colorful in summer!


A Sun Hat

Nothing is better than wearing a hat to protect yourself from the heat. So whether you are strolling down the Parisian streets or waiting in line to enter a museum, a fedora hat like this one is what you need to avoid a painful sunburn, or worse, a sunstroke.

A sun straw hat to protect yourself from the sun during august in ParisThe wide brim will cover your face from the sunshine, and the classic fedora design with light colors will suit all looks.

If you are worried about how to transport a hat to Paris as they are usually not the most packable items, don’t. Just buy one there, you find hats everywhere!



A nice summer dress

A beige and black summer dress, perfect for a trip to Paris during the month of AugustLight and pretty dresses are summer essentials, and most Parisian women have a selection of fashionable summer dresses to show off during the day and at night. The best dress you can pack is a casual dress that, properly accessorized, could also be worn for a night out.

Remember that Parisians tend to dress conservatively. If you want to blend in, avoid anything too short – knee-length or just above is best.  This dress will make the perfect outfit for your August in Paris for both: sightseeing and the restaurant afterward!

a light and loose shirt dress for every occasion you might encounter in Paris

With its shirt-like design and neutral colors, you can wear this dress on any occasion! Dress it up with high-heel sandals and a pair of earrings, or just wear it with flat sandals and a fedora hat to be ready to explore Paris at any moment!

If you are not feeling like wearing black or beige dresses in summer, don’t you worry! Flower prints and colorful dresses are always a way to go among Parisians!

Best things to do in Paris in August 2022

If you are visiting Paris in August, you’ll be in town at the peak of the tourist season. While in August, the city empties because Parisians leave for holidays, tourists fill the streets of the French capital instead.


» Must-Do: Book your tickets in advance! 

The streets are emptier, the traffic is relaxed, and the Metro won’t be as crowded, but the sights are! Hence, one of the best decisions you can make is to plan ahead and reserve as many tickets as you can in advance.

Here’s precisely why:

  1. The main attractions are in high demand in August.
  2. Popular sights like the Eiffel Tower are usually booked out weeks in advance, especially during July and August.
  3. Some sights require pre-booking due to some Covid-19 measurements still in place (this might change, but better safe than sorry).
  4. Buying tickets on-site might require queuing for hours and a huge time loss!

To avoid not finding spots available or wasting time queuing, you really should book your entrance tickets in advance.

Catacombs in Paris - it's always 14°C down there
The Catacombs in Paris – it’s always 14°C down there, perfect to cool down and always in high demand

These sights are in the HIGHEST demand!

For your convenience, here’s a list of sights you need to reserve beforehand.

You can always (try to) buy tickets on the attraction’s webpage. However, most of them don’t have a cancellation policy and/or are sold out quickly. If you need to be flexible, I recommend booking your Paris tickets with get your guide.

Get your Guide grants you a 24h cancellation and full reimbursement policy, their website is easy to navigate, in English and the tickets are very conveniently mobile tickets.

Visit the Eiffel Tower

Quick Access: Book your ticket to the summit right here

Nothing screams “Paris” more than its steel symbol: the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is one of the best places to enjoy a magnificent view of Paris.

 You can either visit the 2nd floor or opt-in to take the elevator to the summit. Both platforms are granting you breathtaking views, but for many, the summit is the real bucket list item!

two days in Paris itinerary
The Eiffel Tower as seen from the Palais Tokyo


The cheapest option to enjoy the view is by using the stairs. However, tickets are only sold on the homepage a couple of weeks in advance or with a bit of luck (and lots of queuing) on the day of your visit directly at the tower.

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If a visit to the Eiffel Tower is not negotiable for you, I advise you not to gamble and buy a ticket for the elevator in advance. Compare prices here: Get Your Guide and Viator.

Especially this year, the Eiffel Tower is insanely busy, and many struggle to find tickets at all. Grab them while you can! If the official ticket online sales point has no tickets available anymore, check here:

Direct Access to the Eiffel Tower Summit by Lift

2nd Floor & Seine Champagne Cruise Bundle

2nd Floor, direct access by Elevator


Escape the Heat:  Day Trip to Normandy

see more day trip destinations to cool you down from the burning hot city

If you run out of options to escape the heat in Paris, why not consider a day trip to Normandy? Catch a bus or a train, or get ready to drive your car for 2 hours to reach the beautiful and history-loaded beaches of Normandy.

Book the best-rated Tour: Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches Full-Day Tour

Beach in the Normandy by the Mont Saint Michel
Little Abbey on the foot of the Mont Saint Michel, one of the best destinations in Normandy

Visit the landing beaches and the WW2 memorials, but also relax by the seaside, taste a local cider, and enjoy an authentic Norman-style lunch in a charming restaurant to have an incredible day outside Paris!


Enjoy the Breeze on the Seine River

Book your tickets for an unforgettable Seine Cruise here (for as little as €15!)

Whether caught by a heatwave or just experiencing the regular warm temperature of August, doing activities along the Seine River is always a fantastic idea. You can spend wonderful hours doing a cruise on the Seine River. There are plenty of different cruising options suitable for all budgets.

→ Budget Option: simple but stunning: 1h Seine Cruise

→ Best Value for Money: 3-Course Dinner Cruise 

→ A Special Treat: Gourmet Dinner à la Carte Cruise

two days in Paris
A lunch cruise on the Seine is perfect to take in the beautiful panorama

The cruise on the Seine allows you to admire Paris’s main attractions from an unusual perspective while giving you some relief from the hot temperatures.

Whether during the day or at night, cruising the Seine is one of the best activities to do in Paris in August. You won’t be surprised to hear that the cruise on the Seine is one of the most popular activities to do in Paris in the summer. Booking your spot in advance is highly recommended!


Have a picnic in a Parisian park

A picnic in the park is the perfect way to experience Paris in authentic Parisian fashion. Having a picnic is almost a national sport for Parisians during the summer months! So find some shade and bring with you lots of food (and wine!) to have the best picnic of your holiday.

Paris has plenty of parks where you can enjoy a wonderful picnic! If you wonder what might be the best spot for a picnic, head to the Seine! The river banks are the most popular hang-out place during summer, especially around Apéro time. If you fancy an outing with more greens, read my post about the nicest parks in Paris.

Coulé Verte in Paris
The Coulé Verte or the Promenade Plant is similar to the Highline in New York and a good spot for some fresh air


Explore the incredible Parisian Museums

know what the 16 best Museums in Paris are!

Every so often, the best idea you can have is to visit a museum. Especially when outside is incredibly hot. And even more, if you are in Paris, one of the cities with the best museums.

The Louvre is probably the most renowned museum in the world. There are more than 35,000 works of art and artifacts to see, including the world-famous da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Don’t miss: 20 most famous paintings in the Louvre

Incredible artworks and air conditioning make museums fantastic spots to spend a warm afternoon: Musée D’Orsay, The Centre Pompidou, and Musée de l’Orangerie are only some museums you can decide to visit.

Eugene Delacroix - Liberty Leading the People
The Louvre is a good spot to escape the sun and the heat. “Liberty Leading the People” is just one of the famous painting that you can marvel at


Paris Summer Festivals

Spending time in Paris in August means only one thing: going to summer festivals. Paris in summer is animated by countless occasions to meet new people in the outdoors. Lots of music brought to you by the Fnac Summer Festival and Rock en Seine. But also movie screens in the park thanks to the Free Cinema Screenings at La Villette, and numerous fun activities on the banks along the Seine created by the Paris Plage, will make your August in Paris remarkable.

What’s going on in Paris in August 2022

August is the last month of the summer, and it is the last chance you have (until next year) to participate in the events that Paris offers during summer vacation.

Discover all the best events that will take place in the city of Paris in August 2022.


Until 14 August – L’Eté du canal, l’Ourcq en Fetes

This traditional festival full of dances, water sports, concerts, cultural activities, river cruises, parties, walks, and cinema en plein air awaits you.


Until 21 August – Paris Plage

Every summer, the city of Paris is transformed into a seaside resort. The Paris Plage initiative brings into the city the “beaches” and a seaside area’s recreational and sports activities.


Until 21 August – Open Air Cinema Festival in La Villette

Have you ever considered visiting Paris and seeing a movie on the big screen, comfortably sitting on a lawn? This is what the Open Air Cinema Festival is all about! Enjoy the screening of French and international movies for free.

Open Air cinema in Paris
Open Air Screenings in Paris


25 – 30 August – Rock en Seine

The 18th edition of Rock en Seine will host concerts by artists from a diverse mix of styles, from indie to punk to pop music.

The Festivals take place in a big and shady park and is as laid back as it gets, and as French as it gets as well! It is the only festival that serves next to beers and fries also Champagne, Wine, and even Fois Gras!


26 August – 3 September – Silhouette Festival

The fantastic Parisian end-of-summer event is dedicated to short movies in the Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge (19th arrondissement).


Until 29 August – Exhibitions at the Fondation Louis Vuitton

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the renowned abstract painter Simon Hantaï (1922-2008), the Fondation Louis Vuitton presents an original retrospective exhibition with more than 130 works from the artist.


Throughout august – Exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo

Among the many exhibitions, one stands out:  the one from the Tunisian queer artist Aïcha Snoussi, who presents a reflection on desire, nostalgia, and collective memory, evoking the nights she spent at the Tunisian club Le Plug.


Throughout August – Les Extatiques art exhibition

This year is the fifth edition of Les Extatiques, the contemporary art exhibition organized on the Esplanade de La Défense and in the gardens of La Seine Musicale. Let yourself be stunned by the incredible sculptures and installation of French and international artists.


Throughout August – Classique au Vert Festival

The Parc Floral comes alive with this classical music festival: avant-garde, entertaining, original, and surprising shows will delight your holiday in Paris.


Throughout August – Tréteaux Nomades

Parisian summer’s end is marked by this traveling festival which annually presents a series of music, poetry, and burlesque performances.

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FAQ Paris in August

Is August a good time to visit Paris?

Yes, overall, it is a good time to visit. You can expect rather high temperatures and emptier streets because many Parisians are on vacation. However, it’s peak tourist season.


Does Paris shut down in August?

Because of school vacation and bank holidays in July and August, many Parisians leave in August for their annual leave. While sights and bigger stores are open, you will find some smaller restaurants, bakeries and shops closed for vacation.


Is Paris empty in August?

While the streets are emptier and the traffic less dense, sights such as museums and landmarks are rather crowded because it is a peak tourist season.


Why is Paris closed in August?

French children are on summer vacation during July and August and many Parisians are using this time to travel or spend time with their families that are living in other French regions.


Is the Eiffel Tower closed in August?

No, the Eiffel Tower is open 365 days a year.


Are the Museums in Paris open in August?

Yes, Museums are open in Paris during August. The only day when you can expect closures is the 15th of August, a national bank holiday.


Is Paris too hot in August?

On average, temperatures are around 25°C (77°F), but every summer, Paris sees one or two heatwaves (carnicule), where temperatures rise over 35°C (95°F) during day time.

If you have further questions or need some help, click the link to join the free Salut from Paris community on Facebook! 

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