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There are plenty of of option if you want to take a day trip from Paris by train. But If you are interested in wine, food, and want to see one of the most beautiful cities of France, take a day trip to Bordeaux from Paris!


Paris to Bordeaux – you’ll be there in just 2 hours !!!

Paris to BordeauxIt sounds a bit like a crazy idea, considering that Paris and Bordeaux are almost 600km apart, but: France has the TGV! The high speed train that manages the distance between Paris and Bordeaux in just a little more than 2 hours! which makes Bordeaux perfect for a day trip from Paris! If you are wondering about the time in Bordeaux, it’s the same time zone as Paris 🙂 

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Why you should visit Bordeaux from Paris

Many are saying that Paris is not France. And it’s kinda true!  The french are understanding France as consisting of two areas: Paris and not Paris, also know as “La Province”, not to be mistaken with “Provence”, a region in the south of France. 

That’s being said, if you wonder which places to visit in France, Bordeaux should be on that list. Bordeaux is a great and easy-to-reach destination from Paris. Plus, it’s so far away from the capital, that it grants a completely different experience and will complement your impression of France.  




Paris to Bordeaux – visit for the wine!

Bordeaux is one of the leading wine regions worldwide and nothing is better than enjoying a wine tasting locally, with the folks that actually produce it, that put their heart and soul in it. As you can guess, there are plenty of wine tours in Bordeaux. Did you know that no wine is actually produced within the city limits of Bordeaux? But don’t worry, the famous wine regions St.Emilion and Medoc are just outside town and most wine tours from Bordeaux are aiming for exactly those to regions.

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Catching a Paris to Bordeaux train brings you in no time to the famous wine region
Paris to Bordeaux by TGV – you’ll be in the Bordeaux vineyards in no time


Bordeaux – a world heritage site

Bordeaux is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The historic part of the city got included in the list of heritage sites as one of Europes biggest 18th century urban and architectural areas. After all, Bordeaux is the city in France – after Paris, again – with the most preserved historical buildings. 

Did you know that Bordeaux was voted the top destination in Europe in 2015?


TGV Paris Bordeaux - makes a day trip from Paris to Bordeaux possible
Distance Paris Bordeaux: 600km .. but with the TGV Paris Bordeaux line your’re there in 2h15



How to get to Bordeaux from Paris?

Bordeaux lays roughly 600 km in the southwest of Paris.  Paris to Bordeaux by train will take you only a bit more than 2 hours though. Thanks to the famous french high-speed train TGV, long-distance traveling in France is super convenient and easy. 

You can of course also rent a car or take the plane, but those options will definitely take longer, cost you a pretty penny, and spoil your carbon footprint.

In case you’re not comfortable booking a trip from Paris to Bordeaux on your own, you also can book an all-inclusive package here

If you are traveling on a shoestring budget and the good train deals are already sold out, you also can take a bus to Bordeaux from Paris. However, this will take significantly longer and you need at least one overnight stay in Bordeaux. The best value for money if you’re on a budget offers the hotel Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide


Quick facts - Paris to Bordeaux by train

Trip duration: around 2h15

first train: 06:09am

train frequency: at least every hour

ticket price: from 25€ 


St. Emilion and Bordeaux are one of the best places to visit in France - you have enough time to catch the last train bordeaux to Paris


How to take the train to Bordeaux from Paris

The TGV is the french high-speed train that connects french major cities with up to 320 km/h (200 mph) and transports more than 110 million passengers per year. The TGV is also one of the safest way of traveling. 


Paris Montparnasse Train station

If you are traveling from Paris to Bordeaux by train, you need to head to the Montparnasse train station in the south of Paris. The station is reachable by Metro lines 4, 6, 12, and 13. It is also serviced by the Transilien suburb train that connects communes in the southwest to Paris.


Where’s the TGV leaving at Montparnasse?

When arriving at the train station, head to the train platforms on Level 2. The TGVs are leaving usually from Platform 1-9, on the very left. Please make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the train departure and have your mobile vouchers ready for the ride. If you are not sure you’ll have an internet connection, simply take a screenshot of the QR code


Purchasing tickets for your trip from Paris to Bordeaux by train

You can purchase your train tickets at the ticket office on Level 2, directly next to platform 1, or at the yellow ticket vending machines that you find all over the station. However, buying your ticket on the day will be very expensive and you risk that the train you plan to board is sold out.


Purchase your tickets in advance and online!

To avoid super expensive train tickets or – and more likely – sold-out tickets, plan your trip to Bordeaux in advance. You easily can purchase train tickets here. Make sure that your purchased ticket is a mobile ticket, so you only need to have them on your phone and don’t need to print them out. However, if you are not sure you’ll have an internet connection, take a screenshot, just to be on the safe side.


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Itinerary 1 – Full day wine tasting in Bordeaux


This is your perfect itinerary if you are traveling to Bordeaux because you are a wine lover and want to visit one of the best wine regions of France!  

You will leave Paris early in the morning. Take the first train direction, Bordeaux, at 06:09h to arrive at 08:48h. Click here to book your ticket for the lowest price

This leaves you enough time for breakfast or a walk, as your wine tasting experience starts only at 10:30. You will kick this day off with a wine tasting masterclass lead by a professional wine educator. You will even create your own cuvée. After a nice french lunch, you’ll visit the beautiful St. Emilion region and the famous vineyards. You will learn about the wine-making process and visit 2 chateaus, not without enjoying some more wine tastings of course!

The tour lasts in total 9 hours and you’ll be back in town to catch one of the late trains. However, the last train from Bordeaux to Paris leaves at 21:04h.


click here to know more about this wine tasting activity


Taking a St Emilion wine tour is the highlight of every trip to Bordeaux
What to do in Bordeaux? Taking a wine tour to St. Emilion of course!

If you prefer Medoc over St.Emilion, you also can take a full-day tour to the Medoc region from Bordeaux. Just note that the tour starts already at 9:30 am and you might have to take a taxi from the train station to the meeting point in order to arrive in time. Check here to get all the information!





Itinerary 2 – Half day wine tasting and sightseeing in Bordeaux


If you want to see Bordeaux but you also don’t want to miss the occasion to taste wine in Bordeaux.. I mean, if you are already there, right? Then this is your best plan for the day.


Morning and Noon 

For this itinerary, you still should leave Paris early, but it’s not necessary to take the very first train. Click here to check the prices for the train on your travel day! All wine tastings and wine tours I am suggesting are offering afternoon starting times, and you can spend the morning at your own rhythm without fixed schedules.

After arriving in Bordeaux, you can spend the morning sightseeing or stroll around. There are many things to do in Bordeaux!  I suggest you head over to the Place de la Bourse, the world’s biggest mirroring pool, and then take a walk through the historical part of Bordeaux. 

The last train Bordeaux to Paris leaves at 9pm - that leaves you plenty of time to spent a full day in Bordeaux

Alternatively, you could join a walking tour to make sure not to miss anything on your one-day trip to Bordeaux! I like this walking tour, not only because it’s including wine – again – but it’s also pretty affordable 🙂 




Afternoon and evening

After you spent the first half of your day in Bordeaux sightseeing, it’s time for the wine now!  The most popular tour from Bordeaux is this half-day trip to the St. Emilion region. It includes transportation from Bordeaux to St.Emilion, a guided tour through the village of St.Emilion, and a wine tasting on a Chateau. 


click here to know more about this wine tasting activity




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Did you take a trip to Bordeaux already? Share in the comments if you like it! Don’t miss our other day trip itineraries from Paris!

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Paris to Bordeaux


How to travel from Paris to Bordeaux?

Best by train. The TGV connects Paris and Bordeaux and takes just a bit over 2 hours

How far is Bordeaux from Paris?

The distance between Paris and Bordeaux is 600km

Is it worth to visit Bordeaux from Paris for 1 day?

Yes, absolutely. The train ride takes only 2h15 and the first train leaves Paris at 6h09am

Can I take a wine tour when visiting Bordeaux for one day?

Yes. Wine tours and wine tastings in Bordeaux last from 1.5h for simple tastings to up to 9 hours for the full day tour, including vineyard and chateaux visits.

Where do I buy the train ticket for Bordeaux?

You can purchase you train ticket either at the train station or online in advance. I advise to buy it in advance as the prices tend to be more expensive closer to your travel date, and you risk that no tickets available anymore.

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