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Whether you just adore the idea of sipping bubbling champagne or you just want to get out of Paris for a daya day trip to Champagne from Paris is an amazing experience. Visit vineyards and cellars, taste bubbly exquisite Champagne in stunning surroundings, enjoy a masterclass, talk with wine experts or visit historic sites like the cathedral of Reims… or the hometown of Dom Pérignon. … sounds great, doesn’t it?   


Either you simply reserve a seat on one of the Champagne tours from Paris or you visit the region on a one-day trip from Paris by train. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry! Read on and know everything you need to know for visiting the Champagne by train. How to get there, what to do there, how to enjoy it to the max!



Where is the Champagne region?


The Champagne is a wine region around 160km/100 miles east of Paris, bordering Belgium in the north.  Reims and Épernay are the two commercial centers of the Champagne and also the cities where most Champagne producers are having their headquarters.

The Champagne-Ardenne was an independent administrative region of France. In 2016 it got merged with the neighboring regions Alsace and Lorraine to form the new region Grand Est.

That’s being said, the Champagne is a fairly large region. In order to visit the Champagne houses, vineyards and cellars, you should head to Reims. Reims is the biggest city in the region and the center of Champagne productions – most big Champagne houses – Les Grandes Marques – are having their headquarter and visitor center there.

Then there is also Épernay. It’s a small town 40 minutes from Reims, but nevertheless the second most important Champagne city. The most famous Dom Perignon brand has its headquarter and visitor’s center in Éparnay.  


Why you should make Reims your base – and not Épernay

Even though Épernay is a valid destination when visiting the Champagne, I still recommend making Reims your base. First Reims is easier and quicker to get to from Paris. The regular train to Épernay takes 1h20, while it’s only 40 minutes from Paris to Reims.

It’s not much of a difference, but when you have only a little time, every hour counts. The real game-changer is though, that you absolutely can take a tour from Reims that includes Épernay, hence visit both Champagne centers from Reims, while there is no tour from Épernay that brings you to Reims as well. Click here if you want to visit Reims AND Épernay


Paris to Champagne - how to get from paris to champagne? The best is taking a train paris to champagne
How far is Champagne from Paris? Only a 40 minutes ride by train!


Why you should visit the Champagne Region from Paris

The first reason to visit the Champagne region is obviously to taste Champagne. Even though it’s fairly common to refer to all sorts of sparkling as Champagne, it’s fundamentally wrong.

Only sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region, made from regional grapes and ages in the miles-long underground cave system, can legally be called Champagne. By visiting the Champagne, you’re basically at the source of everything that is good.

Wait, you are more into wine? Take a day trip to Bordeaux instead!


Champagne day trip from Paris - one thing you will quickly learn is that only grapes growing in the region can be used for Champagne
A Paris to Champagne day trip is certainly something to remember!


But the Champagne is also historically a very interesting destination. The biggest city of the new Grand Est region, Reims, had already been a major city in the Roman Empire. Some ruins got preserved until today!

Reims also has one of the most important cathedrals in France! Between the 12th and the 19th century, most french kings got crowned there. Located relatively close to the German border, many battlegrounds of WWI were located in the Champagne region and can be visited today.


And to get back to the fun stuff: you can taste champagne!


What is Champagne?

Champagne is a sparkling wine made from Chardonnay, Pinot noir or Pinot Meunier grapes. Even though the term Champagne is for many a generic label for any kind of sparkling wine, legally ONLY those coming from the region can be called Champagne.



reims champagne - the centre of the famous champagne!
Day trips to Champagne from Paris are of course not complete without tasting bubbly champagne


What you can expect in Reims

• a beautiful cathedral (a world heritage site)

• the Palais du Tau (also a world heritage site)

• Roman ruins, for example, the Mars Gate

• Famous Champagne houses like Veuve Clicquot, Ruinard, Pommery, Mumm, Taittinger and many more.



How to get to Champagne from Paris?

You have several options for traveling from Paris to Champagne.  You can take the high-speed train TGV, a bus, rent a car or book a tour.  As you probably will try quite some alcohol, I strongly advise against renting a car though. Your best bet is either taking a train or booking a tour from Paris.

The most convenient and efficient way to visit Reims is to book a champagne day trip from Paris. It might be a bit more expensive (not necessarily, even)  than organizing the trip on your own, but you can be sure not to miss any highlight. Just lean back and your guide will figure out the rest.

Our Tip: check out this tour it’s the tour that received the amazing reviews and is one of the best Champagne tours from Paris on It includes a visit of Épernay, Hautvillers (Dom Perignon’s home), a vineyard tour, lunch and of course lots of Champagne. Click here for more rates and availabilities.


paris to reims day trip - don't miss the cathedral fo reims
The Cathedral of Reims – one of the historical highlights of a Paris to Reims day trip


Reims by train –  start your Champagne day trip from Paris

If you decide to organize your own transportation and take the train from Paris to Champagne, you’ll be happy to know that Reims is one of the easiest destinations for a day trip by train from Paris. Paris and Reims are connected by TGV, the French high-speed train. It takes only 45 minutes from Gare de l’Est.



If you are traveling by train, and wish to visit Reims and Épernay, I advise booking a tour from Reims though. The train from Reims to Épernay does take only around 40 minutes and it’s theoretically doable to visit both locations independently. However, if you have any champagne tasting tours scheduled, you’ll be very much running from A to B. Check out this all-in-one tour from Paris that includes both cities (click to know more). You also can visit a champagne house in Reims on your own account in the morning and an organized tour to Épernay in the afternoon. This tour is the most popular one.



Gare de l’Est train station 

All destinations east from Paris are usually leaving from Gare de l’Est, hence if you travel from Paris to Champagne, Gare de l’Est is your station. The train station lays in the north of Paris and is reachable by Metro 4, 5 and 7, or RER E. It is also serviced by the Transilien P suburb train that connects communes in the southeast to Paris. If you are worried about taking public transport in Paris, don’t miss our guide about how to use the Parisian Metro!


The cathedral of Reims - just a few minutes from the station if you take the Paris to Champagne Train
The Cathedral of Reims


Quick facts: Reims by train

Paris – Reims

Duration: 40 min

• First train: 6h27

• Price: from 25€


Where’s the train leaving at Gare de l’Est?

Gare de l’Est has 30 platforms. Platform 2-12 and 23 -30 are used by main train lines, for example, the high-speed train TGV

Aim to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure at the train station to be on the safe side. Around 15 minutes before departure, the platform number will be indicated on screens. High-speed trains and trains to Germany are shown on the screen labeled “Départs Grandes Lignes“. 

To be on the safe side, aim to arrive 30 minutes before your train is scheduled.


Purchasing tickets for your trip from Paris to Reims by train

You can purchase your train tickets at the SNCF ticket office in Hall Alsace on the ground floor, or at the ticket vending machines that you find all over the station. However, buying your ticket on the day might be very expensive and you risk that the train you plan to board is sold out.


 Purchase your tickets in advance and online!

To avoid super expensive train tickets, queues, or – and more likely – sold-out tickets, plan your trip to Reims in advance. You easily can purchase train tickets here. Make sure that your purchased ticket is a mobile ticket, so you only need to have them on your phone and don’t need to print them out. However, if you are not sure you’ll have an internet connection, take a screenshot, just to be on the safe side.

Sold-out tickets are not the only thing that could go wrong in Paris! Read more about the most common Paris mistakes!



Visiting the Les Grandes Marques

If visiting Reims with an organized tour is not really your cup of tea, you can certainly visit the headquarters and cellars of the big Champagne Houses, Les Grandes Marques, on your own.

The big houses are offering guided visits that you simply can sign up for online. Below I put together a list of the most popular ones. Just keep in mind that they are not necessarily in the center of Reims and you need to organize your own transportation. There are busses and trams circulating in Reims, or you just get a taxi.

Or you walk – from the center to Veuve Clicquot, it’s around 40min on foot.


The most popular Champagne houses in Reims: 

Veuve Clicquot – located 5km from train station • guided visit from 30€/p
Ruinard- located 5km from train station • guided visit from 70€/p
Pommery – located 5km from train station • guided visit from 25€/p
Mumm – located 1.5km from train station • guided visit from 23€/p
Taittinger – located 5km from train station • guided visit from 21€/p


take a train from paris to champagne - all champagne tours are including a visit to the cellars
The old Romain cellars – Les crayères- are used by the Champagne houses – it’s more than 200km!


Find the best itinerary for your bubbly Champagne trip!

There are quite a few options on how to travel to Reims and how to fill your day. It can be quite confusing but I summed up 4 options that seem to be the most logical.

What you pick depends on your travel style – do you appreciate traveling with a group or are you more the independent traveler? and of course: your budget. 

If you plan to visit the Champagne on a budget, book your train tickets early to get some low-fare tickets. If you reserve only one Champagne tasting and have a budget lunch, your Champagne day trip will be probably around 80€ per person. But that’s really the bare minimum. 



Option 1 – full Champagne region tour from Paris

cost for tour incl. transportation, tastings, masterclass, lunch: form approx. 200€ 

If you’re not up for any hassle or organization, a care-free Champagne tour package is the best you can do. There are a few tours available from Paris but this one has the best rates and the most interesting features:

  • It includes hotel pick up
  • Champagne paired lunch
  • a Champagne masterclass
  • and the visit of at least 2 Champagne Houses including tastings
  • visit Dom Pérignons village Hautvilliers and Épernay
  • taste 8 different Champagnes during the day


Option 2 – Reims, self-organized 

cost for transportation to Reims, tastings, transportation in Reims, and Lunch: from approx. 150€ 

Hop on a train (don’t forget to book your train ticket in advance, especially the morning trains are full) and try to be in Reims early. I like to book tickets with, their page is very easy to navigate and you get the tickets conveniently send to your mobile phone.

After some sightseeing, visiting the Cathedral is a must (!!)  head to the first Champagne house of your choice and enjoy a guided visit and a Champagne tasting.

Depending on where your first Champagne experience took place, you can either have lunch around the Domaine (might be a bit pricy though) or head to the Place Drouet d’Erlon in the center. It’s a pedestrian street with plenty of restaurants. Best to check TripAdvisor to know what eateries are close to your morning Champagne tasting.

Visit a second Champagne House in the afternoon before heading back to Paris. If you can’t decide which are the best Champagne houses to visit, Taittinger and Pommery are very popular ones.


Option 3 – Champagne region from Reims

cost for transportation to Reims, guided tour and Lunch: from approx. 220€ 

This is a great option if you are keen to explore the region to the fullest but save some money on transportation.

Organize your own transportation from Paris to Reims and make sure you arrive around 9 am. To be on the safe side, it’s, of course, best to reserve your train tickets in advance online (I think I might have mentioned that already :D)

Your tour starts at 9.30 and is by far the most popular Champagne tour from Reims. Compared to similar tours, the “Reims and Épernay small-group day trip” is the best value for money, it includes amongst others:

    • Champagne tastings Taittinger and Moët & Chandon
    • visits of Épernay and Hautvilliers, the home of Dom Pérignon
    • a sightseeing tour of Reims
    • transportation and English speaking guide

You’ll be back at the train station of Reims in the late afternoon/early evening to catch your train from Reims to Paris.

click here to get all information about this tour



Option 4 – Reims, and Épernay, self-organized with Champagne tour 

Cost for transportation to Reims, guided tour, and Lunch: from approx. 180€ 

Catch an early train from Gare de l’Est to arrive in Reims before 9.  Start your day off with sightseeing in Reims, visit the Cathedral, have a morning café, and visit a Champagne House of your choice. Don’t forget to reserve your spot in advance though, I linked the tour pages of the Champagne houses just above.

I suggest having lunch at Café de Palais. It has excellent reviews and is not far from the tourism office, the meeting point for your next activity.

You will leave Reims for the afternoon and take a trip through the vineyards of the Champagne region. Visit the cathedral of Reims and a family-run winery. You’ll learn everything about Champagne production and – of course – taste Champagne. Click here to get more information about this Champagne afternoon tour.

You’ll be back at the train station of Reims in the early evening. Just in time to hop on your train back to Paris. To avoid stress, I recommend purchasing your train ticket online.


paris to champagne train - best to travel to Reims
the vineyards in Champagne. Only grapes from here are used for Champagne
Buying some champagne in Champagne (hihi) is a great souvenir! Don’t worry about transportation with those wine transport bags!
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How we spent our wedding anniversary in Reims!

In order to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my husband and I spent a day in Reims. It was a lovely and perfect day!!

We took the TGV from Paris in the morning and started by visiting the Cathedral of Reims. A truly impressive building!

As it was a very special day, we booked a fancy lunch at Racine, a 2-star French Japanese restaurant that I can warmly recommend if you are searching for something extra. Excellent food and great service!

Obviously, we visited as well a Champagne House! We chose Veuve Clicquot as this was the Champagne we had for our wedding and it was a nice experience. After following our guide to the caves and learned about the history of Veuve Clicquot (a strong woman!), we got to taste 2 different Champagnes! I can tell you, they were not greedy when filling our glasses!!

One day in Reims Champagne


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