Paris in October 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do!
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Paris in October 2022 – What to See, Eat, Pack & Do! 

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Everything you need to know if you spend this October in Paris

You’re lucky if you get to travel to Paris in October. The summer crowds are gone, the Parisians are more relaxed after the busy back-to-school vibes of September, and you are likely to be granted some of the last warm sun rays of the year. 

So if you are planning your trip to Paris in October, here’s your perfect guide for France’s Capital! Know what to expect, what to pack, how the weather is in Paris in October, and what are the best things to do in October in Paris. 

Paris in October - terrace in Paris with fall foliage
The terraces are open in October in Paris

How are the crowds in Paris in October?

Even though the days are shorter, and it can be chilly, October is still high season in Paris! The big crowds of the summer are gone, but Paris is far from being empty or tourist-free. Quite the contrary, actually, expect Paris to be buzzing.

Visitors that are not tied to school holidays are flocking to Paris at the beginning of October to enjoy the lovely combination of mild weather and lesser crowds. And families are filling up the Parisian streets by the end of the months when schools in Europe are on autumn break.

Hence, if you intend to visit Paris this October, plan ahead!

The most popular sights are quickly sold out and you better make sure to get your hands on tickets in time. Taking care of tickets ahead of time also saves you from queuing and wasting precious time in line.

Below is a list of landmarks that have either the longest queues or are sold out often weeks in advance:

Prices can vary, it’s best if you compare!

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Paris in the fall
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Paris in Autumn 2022 – Your Complete Guide! 

This article may contain compensated links. Please read disclosure for more info. Last updated on 13th of September 2022 by Lena Did you book your trip to Paris in autumn and are now looking for things to do? Or are you maybe still hesitant…

An empty Sidewalk Café in Paris in August with Flowers
Despite the vacation season, many cafés in the center of Paris are open during August

October is a wonderful time to travel to Paris. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, without the paralyzing heat of the summer months, but you also are mostly spared the rainy and cold winter months. Your chances of mild weather are good.

October is also the best month to take a walk through the beautiful parks of Paris to see the fall foliage. It’s also lovely to take a river cruise or spend time in museums and exhibitions. Early Autumn in Paris is also a high season for foodies, with many events and festivals.

No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, the month of October is a wonderful time to visit Paris.

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How’s the October weather in Paris?

Your vacation in Paris in October will likely be characterized by a mix of sunny and chill days. When the sun is out, it’s still pleasant and noticeably warm, but the evenings are chill. 

October is also breezy, and you always need to be prepared for showers. It rains for about 8 days in Paris during October. But complete rain days are rare.

Temperatures range on average from 9°C (49°F) and 16ºC (61ºF) so you can easily spend your day exploring the city without freezing, but you should look for indoor activities during the evening. 

As the month progresses, it will get noticeably cooler though, but you can still expect sunshine and pleasant temperatures.

October in Paris with colorful trees along the River Seine
The Seine is a great place for a stroll in Autumn

Despite all the good forecasts and the likelihood of sunny and mild weather, it could still throw you curveballs: you might experience days of rain, wind, storm, and temperatures below 10°C degrees. Hence, pack a sweater and a scarf!

Where to stay in Paris in October?

If you haven’t booked your hotel in Paris yet, you better take care of it at the earliest! Many European visitors are using the last mild days to visit Paris during school vacation, and October is generally a busy month!

From a sightseeing perspective, the best hotels in Paris are in the 1st to 9th arrondissements. If you stay in these areas, you can expect to have at least one of the major sights of Paris nearby, likely more.

The central arrondissements are also very safe and convenient with many shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars.

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What to wear in Paris in October 2022

In October, you’re best dressed in layers while leaving your summer attire at home. The sun is still pleasant, but overall, it’s rather fresh. The evenings and early mornings are even cold.

Hence, you should bring a jacket and a sweater. A light scarf and a hat can be useful as well.

Another thing you should have in your purse? A little travel umbrella, just in case the rain starts falling!

Stairs in Montmartre with autum foliage and sun
In October, Paris has a beautiful Autumn flair

As always, the best move is to look at the forecast before leaving for your vacation and pack accordingly. But generally, you will have more pleasant than unpleasant days in October, with some sun and fresh mornings and evenings.

When packing for your trip to Paris this October, ensure you pack the items below to be prepared for the October weather.

Comfortable sneakers

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There is this very steady rumor that you would stick out like a sore thumb if you wear sneakers in Paris. Once and for all: No, you don’t. Not at all!

In Paris, simply everyone wears sneakers! Some Parisians wear more fancy models like these from Michael Kors, others more sporty ones like Stan Smiths. But sneakers are the way to go!
If you really want to blend in, get yourself a pair of VEJA. The sustainable French brand is a Must-have in Paris. (Especially for people 30+)

A lightweight Down Jacket

Personally, I think a down jacket is one of the most important travel items if you are traveling in any other season than summer. Because a city trip to Paris usually means, that you leave your room early and come back late.

A down jacke for early spring is good to have

Being well-equipped for all sorts of weather is crucial! But you obviously can’t carry a heavy packsack with you all day.

The temperatures in Paris in October are a bit fickle, with potentially considerable differences between day and night. A quality lightweight down jacket like this one fits even in your small day pack or purse! It is truly indispensable for unsteady weather.

A scarf

There is rarely an item so versatile as a scarf. Whether you wear it around your neck to keep you warm or around your shoulders to replace a jacket if when enjoying the October sun.

A scarf absolutely belongs in your bag if you travel to Paris in October. A lightweight scarf also takes no space up in your purse, you can have it with you all day and just take it out when needed. As a strong plus, a scarf is also a fantastic accessory to dress up your outfit.

A small Travel Umbrella

Honestly, you shouldn’t travel anywhere in Europe without a little umbrella in your purse.

This one is just the perfect size to do both: fit in your purse and keep you dry. It also comes with a little pouch, so you are not flooding your bag when putting the umbrella back, wet after usage.

Best things to do in Paris in October 2022

For your trip to Paris in October, you need to know that you’ll be in town during the high season. It is not as packed as in Summer or even September but still crowded.

Paris sees many tourists in October, but also French tourists are traveling to Paris during autumn vacation, eager to enjoy dinners, culture, and shopping.

Depending on what you want to do, tickets for sights and exhibitions might be a rare good.

» Must-Do: Book your tickets in advance! 

Like everywhere in high season, many people want the same thing: to visit the most famous sights and enjoy Paris. But tickets to most attractions are indeed limited.

To spare you from disappointment, plan ahead and reserve as many tickets as you can in advance.

Here’s precisely why:

  1. The main attractions are in high demand in October.
  2. Famous sights like the Eiffel Tower are often booked out for weeks, especially during high season and vacation times.
  3. Buying tickets on-site regularly includes queuing for hours, which is a huge time loss!

To make sure you get tickets but also not waste time standing in line waiting, you truly want to secure your entrance tickets before you arrive in Paris. The earlier, the better.

The Eiffel Tower in October - book your tickets in advance!
The Eiffel Tower is – like always – one of the best things to do in October in Paris, but plan ahead! It’s getting crowded

These sights are in the HIGHEST demand!

For your convenience, here’s a list of sights you better book beforehand.

You can of course also (try to) get tickets on the attraction’s website. However, many of them don’t offer a cancellation or refund policy and/or sell out superfast. If you want to remain a bit of flexibility, I advise booking your Paris tickets with get your guide.

Get your Guide offers you a 24h cancellation and full reimbursement policy, their website is easy to navigate and in English, and the tickets are very conveniently mobile tickets.

I use them for my bookings as well and never had any issues.


Paris in October is a great time to visit the Castle of Versailles and the wonderful garden
Fall Foliage in the Garden of the Versailles Castle

Enjoy the last mild days on a Seine Cruise

Book your tickets for an unforgettable Seine Cruise here (for as little as €15!)

No matter the season, you will enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Seine either way, but I dare to say that a cruise in October is especially nice.

With a bit of luck, you catch a sunny day, and it is still warm enough to enjoy the outside deck to the fullest. But it is also gorgeous, to see the many trees along the Seine shine in their brightest autumn colors. This, mixed with the golden fall light… unforgettable!

You can spend a fantastic time doing a cruise on the Seine River. You can pick one of many options, suitable for all budgets.

→ Budget Option: simple but stunning: 1h Seine Cruise

→ Best Value for Money: 3-Course Dinner Cruise 

→ A Special Treat: Gourmet Dinner à la Carte Cruise

River Seine in Paris
Île-de-la-Cité in Paris in early October

You can take in Paris` beauty from an unusual perspective while relaxing and sailing down the Seine.

Alternatively: Take a Cruise on the Canal St. Martin!

If you want to combine the Seine Cruise with something exceptional, add the locks of the Canal St. Martin to your Seine Cruise!

It’s a very captivating tour, that I took actually in August this year myself, and can heartily recommend it.

I booked this tour with GetYourGuide, but is also available through Viator for the same price.

As a plus, the commentary (in English) was superior. Despite living in Paris for almost 2 decades, I’ve learned many interesting new things about Paris, and I am sure you’ll love it too.

The Canal leads from the Seine, through a tunnel under the Bastille, to the North of Paris. On your trip, you cross many locks that balance the height difference throughout Paris.

The street cafés are open most of the autumn and until late October it is mostly mild
The street cafés are open most of the autumn and until late October it is mostly mild

See the Fall Foliage in Paris

Click here to know more about the best Parks in Paris

Paris is a wonderful place to admire the fall foliage! It might not be the first thing you associate with France’s Capital, but there are so many beautiful parks in Paris, that it’s even hard to pick where to go first.

The classic choice would be the Tuileries, the Jardin du Luxembourg, or even the Palais Royal. But if you are in for a rather off-the-beaten-path experience, head to one of the lesser-known parks of Paris. For example:

  • Jardin Albert Kahn with its Japanese section, the orchard, or the rose garden
  • The Butte Chaumont, with its astonishing landscapes and amazing views
  • Or the Park Georges Brassens with its book market

Another excellent location for fall foliage is the Cemetery Père Lachaise by the way!

October is a good time to cozy up in the Parisian Tea houses and enjoy pastries from the best bakeries in Paris

Visit the Eiffel Tower

Quick Access: Book your ticket to the summit right here

Nothing screams “Paris” more than its prominent iron lady: The Eiffel Tower. It was built in 1889 for the Universal Exhibition. Today, the Eiffel Tower is one of the best spots to appreciate a splendid panorama of Paris.

You can either tour the 2nd level by climbing the stairs or opt-in for taking the elevator. You can also head up to the summit, by elevator only, of course. No matter which level you chose, both platforms are rewarding you with breathtaking views. However, for many, the summit is the real Paris bucket list item!

two days in Paris itinerary
The Eiffel Tower as seen from the Palais Tokyo

The most budget-friendly way to visit the Eiffel Tower and enjoy the view is by using the stairs and climbing to the 2nd floor.

However, tickets for the staircase are only sold on the Eiffel Towers homepage a couple of weeks in advance or with a bit of luck (and lots of queuing) on the day of your visit directly to the tower.

Interesting articles if you are traveling on a budget to Paris:

If a stop by the Eiffel Tower is not negotiable for you, I suggest you better don’t risk it and buy a ticket for the elevator in advance. Compare prices here: Get Your Guide and Viator.

Especially this year, the Eiffel Tower is insanely high in demand, and many visitors have trouble finding tickets at all. Get them while you can!

If the official online ticket booth has no tickets anymore, you can get them here:

Direct Access to the Eiffel Tower Summit by Lift

2nd Floor & Seine Champagne Cruise Bundle

2nd Floor, direct access by Elevator

Take a day tour to the magnificent Loire Castles

Book your day trip to the Loire Castles here 

If you have a spare day, and you are keen on venturing outside of Paris during your trip, I recommend considering a day trip from Paris to the beautiful Loire Castles.

Also interesting: 21 Easy Day Trips by Train from Paris

Loire Castle in September
Visiting the Castles in the Loire Valley is a fantastic day trip from Paris in September

The Loire castles are only a 2.5h hour’s ride from Paris and perfect for a day trip, especially in October: It’s wine harvest season in France, and if you are a wine lover, you’ll know that the wine from the Loire Region is very famous.

The easiest way to visit the Loire Castles: Book a Tour from Paris

Viewing the time it takes to organize a day trip, plus the costs of a rental car, your best choice (value, time & price) is simply booking a tour from Paris.

One of the most popular tours to the Loire Valley from Paris is this one. It covers transportation from Paris, admission fees to 2 lovely castles, a visit to the town of Blois, and a wine tastingBook this magical trip here.

Paris in Januar, a good time to take a day trip from Paris
The Chenonceau Castle – one of the most beautiful castles in the Loire Valley

If you’d love a day trip from Paris, but wine isn’t too much your thing, take a look at our article about the best and easiest day trips from Paris by train to get more ideas.

Explore Montmartre in Autumn

Take this Budget friendly walking tour to best discover this charming neighborhood.

Montmartre is frankly one of the most wonderful, but also unique districts of Paris. Once, the iconic area was nothing more than just a little settlement outside the city gates of Paris. But even though Montmartre is a part of Paris for more than 160 now, the neighborhood kept its village charm and strong identity.

Rue de l'Abreuvoir in Monatmarte - a street that is usually very crowded
Rue de l’Abreuvoir in Monatmarte – a street that is usually very crowded

Walking Montmartre is obviously great at any time of the year, but during fall, the neighborhood has a special charm. It’s an excellent place to see the fall foliage. The many ivy-covered walls shine in wonderful colors, a perfect frame for the cobbled stones alleys and cute houses.

If you are in Paris in early October, absolutely don’t miss the Montmartre Grape Harvest Fest! A food and wine festival on the parvis of the Sacre Cœur, on top of the hill.

Strolling Montmartre on your own is already pretty awesome, but you will after all miss half of the magic, that lies hidden in anecdotes, stories, and legends. Montmartre has so many mysteries that it is definitely valuable to spend the extra penny and join a guided walking tour.

If you are traveling to Paris on a shoestring budget, consider this tour. It is the most budget-friendly but also the most popular walking tour in Montmartre.


What’s going on in Paris in October 2022

Discover all the best events that will take place in the city of Paris in October 2022.

Until 04 October – Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion Week is back! Until the 4th of October, you have the chance to see the latest trends for the coming season.

Paris Fashion week
This one time, when I was invited to Fashion Week.

01 October – Nuit Blanche (white night)

The Nuit Blance is a fantastic event if you are interested in art and culture. Throughout the night, many events are taking place all over Paris, celebrating emerging and established artists of all genres: music, dance, theater, and exhibitions. As a plus, many museums are free during this event, and the Metro extends its operation hours.

From 01 of October – Halloween at Disneyland

If you are a Halloween fan, Disneyland Paris is the place to be. The festivities are lasting all through the month of October.

For more information on Disney, don’t miss our guides

disneyland paris
Halloween at Disney

05 – 09 October – Montmarte Grape Harvest Festival

The Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre is an annual event to celebrate the wine harvest season and sample the new wines. It is a very popular food festival on top of the hill of Montmartre, around the Sacre Cœur, a must for every foodie in Paris.

from 05 October – Claude Monet & Joan Mitchell Exhibition

This side-by-side exhibition takes place in the emblematic Foundation Louis Vuitton in Bois du Boulogne. (Another great location if you are looking for Fall Foliage, by the way!

07 to 22 October – Jazz Sur Seine 2022

If you are into jazz, this is your event! During 2 weeks you have the chance to see more than 150 concerts spread over more than 20 different jazz clubs in Paris. Click here for more info.

17 to 23 October – Paris Motor Show

This massive event at the Paris Convention Center is held every other year and attracts more than a million visitors from all over the world. If you are keen on taking a peak at the latest models and innovations, don’t miss this show!

From 28 October – Salon du Chocolat

Are you having a sweet tooth? Then head to the Porte de Versailles this October to visit the Salon du Chocolat. Until the 1st of November, the best chocolatiers are showcasing their creations, and you sure get to sample a few.

Bars and Terraces are open in October
Maybe the last chance of the year to enjoy the Parisian Terraces

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FAQ Paris in October

How warm is Paris in October?

Temperatures can rise in the afternoon into the mid 60°F (18°C-19°C) but also be as low as 50°F (around 10°C). The nights and mornings are significantly colder and can fall well under 50°F (around 10°C).

Is Paris crowded in October?

October is still high season in Paris, even though crowds are lower than in September or Summer. However, the 2nd half of October is usually quite busy due to school vacation in France and many European countries.

Is Paris better in September or October?

September is warmer and more crowded, and October is colder with fewer crowds. Both months are good to visit Paris.

What should I wear in Paris in October?

October can be a bit chill and your best dress in layers. Pack a (light) jacket and potentially a down jacket, a light scarf, and waterproof shoes or sneakers.

If you have further questions or need some help, click the link to join the free Salut from Paris community on Facebook!