Taking a Seine River Cruise is both – the most loved and despised activity in Paris. It is of course touristy and so much cliche but truly; it is also SO nice! If you talk to a Parisian about it, they probably will spit out and say “Mais.. non, pas les bateaux mouches, putain!”  but honestly, most Parisians never took that trip and they don’t even know what they’re missing.

When I took a cruise on a Bateau Mouche (that’s how the excursion boats are called), I already lived in Paris for years. I knew the city already quite well back then. But I was enchanted to see my favourite city from such a different perspective and I am still thinking about this wonderful afternoon. Even my Parisian husband admitted that he enjoyed it! It’s for me certainly the most relaxed and impressive way of seeing Paris.

buy Seine cruise tickets and save valuable time. You have several options to buy cheap Seine river cruise tickets online
Taking a Paris river cruise is a great way to see most of the important sights in Paris – you can buy tickets for the Seine river cruise online

We had a great time while taking a river cruise on the Seine an I recommend this activity warmly to everyone who wants to see Paris from a different angle. Lean back and take in the special view on Paris’ most famous sights like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower or the Pont Neuf. It truly changes everything.

Seine River Cruise – practical info

Good news for everyone on a budget: while Paris is generally quite pricy,the standard Seine river boat price is rather reasonable: the 1 hour boat trip costs around 15€ (as at February 2018) and is a cheap way to see most sights! click here to see schedules and to buy Seine rive cruise tickets online

If you buy a standard Seine river cruise ticket online, your ticket is valid on your chosen date but you do not reserve a certain time slot. This means that at very busy times you might have to wait for the next boat. However it grants you also a lot of flexibility when planning your day in Paris.

Class up your Seine cruise

If you are planning to do a lot of sightseeing in Paris, I recommend to purchase a package that includes also a Sightseeing tour and skip the Line tickets.

Some of the Seine River Cruise options. The Champagne Tour is great value!

Tip: don’t underestimate the weather: pack enough water and sunscreen on sunny days, especially for waiting times until boarding. You might stand in the sun for a bit and summers can get really warm in Paris. If you are less lucky and your Paris vacation is rather rainy and grey than bright, don’t worry. Every boat has also a covered or indoors area.

Operation times

The standard Seine cruise runs throughout the whole year with early closing on 24th and 31st December and 14th of July (get more info here)

April to September:
From 10am to 10.30pm every 30 minutes (except 1 pm and 7.30 pm)
October to March:
From 10.30am to 10pm minimum every hour

Due to the late closing times, you can book the Paris river tour also as a Seine river boat tour at night without paying an extra charge.

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