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The Montmartre Grape Harvest Fest 2021 is announced to be happening this year!

After the last La Fête des Vendange de Montmartre had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, it looks good for 2021! From October 6 to October 10, Montmartre will celebrate the harvest season and if you are having a soft spot for wine and delicious French food, you should not miss this event!

Montmartre wine festival 2021
The vineyard of Montmartre is called “Clos Montmartre” and is situated behind the Sacre Coeur

Knowing that France is the world-leading wine-producing country, you can expect vineyards to literally be everywhere – not only in the famous regions like Bourgogne, Bordeaux, or the Loire valley. By “everywhere” I mean even in Paris! Today you can find around 10 remaining vineyards all over France’s capital – the most famous being in the heart of Montmartre, right behind the Sacré Coeur.

The Clos Montmartre is the oldest vineyard in Paris and the location is historic. In Roman times, the north was covered with vineyards, up to the slopes of the Montmartre hill. In the early 20th century the land became wasteland and under the control of the City of Paris, the vineyards were recreated in 1933.

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Paris Vineyards - Where to buy the Wine from the Parisian Vineyards?
Paris Wine Festival 2021 – an event not to miss!
The vine yards of Paris - Pars vine harvest fest in October is one of the most popular events
The vineyards with the grapes for the Clos Montmartre

Considering the urban setting between roads and houses, the vineyard is rather productive: Up to 1000 bottles of Clos Montmartre Wine are produced each year! It is hard to get your hands on one of those, though. They are auctioned off for high prices and the benefits are going to local charities.

Even though you most likely won’t be able to sample the Montmartre wine, you can still celebrate it! Traditionally, the harvest season ends with a big wine harvest fest in October.

The Parisian wine harvest fest tradition started with the first harvest season in 1934 and becomes more popular by the year! In fact, it’s the 3rd popular festival in Paris by now, after the Nuit Blanche and Paris Plage.

Montmartre in the Fall - beautiful foilage
Montmartre in the fall is a good place to see autumn foilage

What to expect at the Montmartre Grape Harvest Fest 2021?

The wine harvest festival in Montmartre transformms the area around the Sacre Coeur into a big food and culture festival. You can be looking forward to exhibitions, themed walks and discussions, concerts, and of course lots of wine and food.

The 2021 edition of the Fête des vendanges de Montmartre is circling around the future with topics such as green cities, science, science fiction, and utopia.

It lays in the nature of the event that you can course ample lots of good wine and local spirits, but also regional French food specialties, including cold cuts, cheeses, all sorts of pastries and sweets, local treats like raclette or oysters and surely some Acras and Rum from the French overseas regions!

Click here to see the full program of the Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival 2021.

Macarons at the wine harvest fest in Paris
food at the montmartre wine fest

Montmartre is the artist district of Paris and you won’t be disappointed in this regard. Many local galleries are using the occasion to exhibit their collection, but you are also in for concerts and activities for children

Covid-19 Measurements

Due to Covid-19, it is certain that there will be adapted measurements regarding hygiene and capacities in place. However, this information isn’t released yet.

popular instagram spot in Paris - visit it at the fetes des vendanges 2021

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